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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sneak peek or peek a boo for Sew and Tell Friday!

Yesterday was rough, not gonna lie, but I had to have something to show for Sew and Tell Friday :o) The Heather Ross quilt was not going to be completed with sick little man working overtime giving me more laundry.

I remembered I had some of these left over from the p.s. i quilt quilt a long and had an idea ...


Can you tell I watched TOO much TV yesterday.

This is what I had on hand. I just cannot get enough of Katie Jump Rope. It is colorful and fun and makes me happy...really happy when I look at it. These are 2.5 in width of fabric cuts.

The groups together for the quilt I made.

This is my UFO quilt top that I will be getting to someday when I decide how to quilt it. Sometimes I think that is the hardest decision when quilting...HOW!?! I do not take many chances and do a lot of straight lines but they always seem to turn out nicely when complete. Any thoughts on this quilt would be helpful and very welcome :o)

Back to this project, I had this left over from the  above mentioned quilt. Aren't they just too happy!

Adam was right across from me giving me the okay to sew. He actually slept through the quilting which is amazing since it is very loud. Poor guy :o( He felt so poorly he was out of focus.

This is the part Katy liked. She wanted me to just have this be the final project but only if I added some green...or blue. She is so funny. This is the back but do not look too closely since I am still learning how to free motion and having almost NO sleep for the past two days did not help either.

Well, that is the sneak peek :o) Any guesses as to what I made ?

Kim :o)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

All systems stop when there is a sick little one in the house and that includes sewing.

Poor dear sweet Adam.  He had a bad case of the YUCK yesterday! He is still somewhat off today but feeling much better thank goodness. Nothing is worse than a sick child. 

He is a very responsible boy and wanted to monitor his own stats.

Mom and Dad looked over him all day long and into the night. If you know us in person you will be laughing out loud right about this portrayal acted out by the Fisher Price people!

I was able to get the quilt sandwich together yesterday morning and started quilting during his nap that he very much needed. All the doors were open to air out the fumes from the spray basting. Please pay no attention to my two-toned walls, I am in the process of working up the courage to get up on scaffolding to finish the foyer. The color will be that of the section under the rail when I get up the nerve!

This one makes me dream of summer and going to the beach with well kids!!!!!

It is a beautiful morning and Adam is resting on the sofa so I think I will do some more work on his quilt and maybe I will be done by Friday’s Sew And Tell :o)

Have a wonderful and well day!
Kim :o)


Monday, March 28, 2011

Finishing up an unfinished quilt.

Awhile back I started a Heather Ross Quilt along started by Sara at I had to finish some other projects so it was started very very late. The quilt I had chosen was the wonky block but when I made it it did not feel right somehow to me, I needed to make it my own.

I added some solid frames around the squares.

Then put the rest of the block together.

I had everything ready to go and then thought I would make the larger block wonky too :o) I used my omnigrid square to help so I could easily off center the square  and get the effect I liked.


So, I cut a pile of them.

I learned about this great tool in January while doing the  postage stamp quilt a long on The quilt a long was great but this tool is amazing!!!!! It is a Shape Cut rotary tool and helps out so much.

It looks like this and you can find it at your local Joann's. Wait for a sale or use a 50% off coupon that they always have online.

You simply line it up and see the ends? They are for your rotary blade to fit right in and straight cut all the way down. Makes fast work of just about all projects!!!! 
You end up with perfect cuts every time.

Using these as sashing, I had my photo of the block layout next to my sewing machine to make sure I did not place them incorrectly.

And this is how it turned out.

I will be hopefully making the sandwich today and starting the quilting.

Kim :o)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Almost there...I hope.

This was last Friday at my house...

The birds were singing, the sky was blue and all the people were HAPPY! Happy because Spring was here and we could be outside again. Planning gardens, running in the sunshine and not be wet or cold.

This is this morning...

Cold, wet and a great day to stay inside. I could be sad or grumpy but I thought about the things I can be doing inside ( other than cleaning of course).

A beautiful stack of Amy Butler for my daughter's quilt. Katy must be a kindred spirit with Miss Amy at who loves blue and green Amy Butler :o)

Some Fandango circles for a toddler quilt I will be starting for a little princess I know.

And my friend Sara at sent me these and they are begging to be used so I found the perfect tutorial for them.

But first I am going to enjoy a cup of tea and relax since I will not be going anywhere for the rest of the day.

Have a lovely day!!!!!!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Cooking with the younger human!

Adam loves to cook! He would rather be on a chair in the kitchen with me than anywhere else. He will even turn off Animal Crossing to come in the kitchen with me ;o) So I decided to try a Moosewood gnocchi recipe and asked if he would like to help. It is from the Lowfat cookbook that I have an use a lot.

If you look at the very first ingredient you can clearly see it calls for baked potatoes. Please remember that when making gnocchi because it will not, I have to repeat, will not form a dough if the potatoes are raw no matter how much flour you add. The lesson I learned here is to read recipes only while wearing my now necessary glasses.

Little Mr. Man helped me gather all the ingredients and we placed them together to make certain we had everything needed. We did which was a pleasant surprise.

We had everything chopped and ready to go into the food processor and that is when I knew something was not quite right. It was very wet and not setting up as a dough at all.

Then it just turned into a hummus looking mixture that looked neat in the processor but not what I was looking for as dinner. It did have a wonderful aroma with all the garlic and basil so all was not lost!

After baking some other potatoes we started over and we were able to get to the point where I can show you my favorite bowl. This is a Pyrex bowl that was given to me in a set from my cousin in law Rick. It was my husband's grandmother's set and my first vintage Pyrex. I look for them all the time and have a few. This set is and will remain my favorite.

Adam was hard at work making sure the cheese was taken care of in the making of dinner.  Adam is part mouse and will eat any cheese you put in front of him. This one is the very delicious romano.

He did teach himself how to grate the cheese to make it useable. I was very proud of him.

We finally made the dough and this is what it should look like.

We then threw together a Pomodoro sauce with olive oil, red onion, garlic, tomatoes, sugar, salt and some basil...

When all was said and done the result was amazing. Gnocchi are little pockets of heaven and I know we will make them again. Taking all precautions and wearing my glasses!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The replacement of missing items

In my house things seem to sprout legs and walk away. I used think it was an unusual occurrence until I read Tom Robbins Skinny Legs and All.

I was not mystified any longer. So when I walked outside yesterday and saw this in the play structure area I was not shocked in the least. I have been missing many spoons to the point that the spoon to fork ratio is way off!

There have been other things that have left too, the latest has been my pot holders and oven mitts. I did have scads of them and I am down to one pathetic and tired one.  I decided they had left to find their fortune elsewhere and so I have to come up with something new or burn my hands! I found lots of tutorials online ( thank you google). I decided on these two.

They were easy to follow and made it super easy peasy to pop these out! Now I just need to finish the second ones so I have two of each.

I like the idea that even inanimate objects have some life to them.

Kim :o)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The first of many...I hope :o)

I think everyone I know has a blog.  They all have interesting lives, beautiful children and fab photos to share. This is not that blog although I do have beautiful children!

I am a mama with four children, two grown and two still not grown. I love to sew and collect fabric.  I will be sharing my sewing and fabric addiction on here and hope that you will share some too.

This is something I did last week when my son needed to have a bag to carry his cars in. The ziploc bag was not very stylish.

He was very happy with the outcome!

Thank you for stopping and looking. Hope to see you again :o)

Kim :o)
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