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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some people AMAZE me!!!!!!!

Have you ever had someone in your life that simply amazes you in all the right ways? Someone that really gets you without you even having to try? What if that person were someone you had never met in real life?

I am lucky enough to have just such a person. Her name is Sara and we met on a cloth diapering site years ago. She was selling fabric and I was buying fabric ( if you know me this not unusual). We starting chatting back and forth since I am an Oma and she has an Oma. Things just got better from there and we have been online friends ever since.

We laugh and giggle and whine and complain to each other and share our thoughts and sometimes dreams. I am so thankful I have her in my life and do not know what I would do without her.

Today I am trying really really hard to finish quilting my Weece's quilt when Adam runs into the room and hands me a package. I have not been ordering anything since I have been placed on a very strict fabric budget (BOO HISS) so this was very surprising to me. I opened the box and this was inside...

I have had my eyeball on this book for a good long while, how did she know!?!?!



THIS IS THE ONE!!!!! I think this is the one I will commit to first!!!!

Dang it! Maybe this one...so hard to decide!

And this is what she sent me just out of the blue a few months ago...


I hope I am half as good of a friend to her as she is to me!!!!!

Thank YOU Sara!!!!!! You amaze me!!!!!

Did I mention she is super pretty too!!!!

Kim :o)

First, many thanks!!!! And then a Winner!!!!!

Holy Moley!!! Thanks so much for all the responses for the quilt and the fabric :o) Thanks to all the new followers!!!!! I wish I had TONS more to give away, this was too much fun!!!!!

I am sure you are all just waiting to find out the winner...

 Indianna said...

I'm a new follower - thanks to Quiltstory :o)

I will be sending an email to you and


And many thanks  to Quilt Story!!!!!!! 

Heather and Megan, I simply adore you and all of your support!!!!!!

Please stay tuned I will be doing  another giveaway as soon as I finish my grandma's quilt ( and I am almost done!!!!!) since after doing this one I feel like the girlies got a bit slighted :o)

Thanks for playing everyone!!!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

A quilt for my grandma

I am very blessed that I still have living grandmothers. One will be 92 in May and I thought it would be nice to make a quilt for her. She is a tiny ( I think she may be 4-11 in her heels) real Southern lady that growing up would have tea with me and run me out of the formal living room. She is now in a care facility and I thought a bright colorful quilt on her birthday might be nice.

I bought these charms a bit ago not knowing what I would use them for. 
My original idea for her quilt  was to use my Dado's  flannel shirts. 
He had passed some time ago and I thought there might still be some in the house somewhere. 
Sadly, they are all gone. I thought this would be a good alternative and my sister said as long as it is pastel she will like it!!!!! My sister is older and always right so I went with it.

I was able to finish the quilt top this past weekend and I am really liking the colors. 
Very simple and lovely. 

I was working on the quilt back this morning and then I noticed something kinda funny... my breakfast shake looked like the fabric. Strawberries, banana, spinach and whey protein... 
I knew it was a  good sign ;o) 

I was able to get started in on the quilting and then my arthritis kicked in :o(  
I am hoping tomorrow it will be gone and I can finish and have this off to my Weece in time!!!!

I think it is so pretty in the light!!!!!

When I was shooting it outside, an inchworm decided he liked it too :o) 
Who knew inchworms had such good taste????

Kim :o)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What you have been waiting for!!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!!!! I finished Adam's summer quilt and I get to do another giveaway :o) For anyone who guessed Heather Ross, that would be CORRECT!!!!!!

First, the finished quilt, I know you would rather get to the goods first but I have to show it off some ;o) I tried to get fabulous pictures but it is rainy and overcast again.

Poor Katy is about to fall over!!!!

The back

 I love the scrappy binding!!!!!!


Four half yards !!!!!! Aren't they pretty!!!!! Two and a half yards of Heather Ross goodness!!!!!

Closed to new entries

Good Luck everyone!!!!!!! 
Kim :o)

Friday, April 22, 2011

A guessing game ;o)

I am finally finished quilting Adam's quilt and am working on the binding!!!!! I thought I would never get finished going around all those blocks :o/

Sorry about the bad photos, it is raining and gray today.

I should be done tomorrow and I will take more photos and then as promised...


It has something to do with this quilt, what do you think it will be?????

Cheers!!!!! Kim :o)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two exciting things:o)

My first very exciting thing is that I am being featured on Quiltstory today for the sock monkey blanket I made Blake!!!!!! I am so flattered and happy that Heather and Megan decided to feature Blake's blanket :o) Thank you so very much!!!!! Go check their site out it has lots of beautiful quilts and other inspiration too.

The second thing was yesterday we decided to round up the troops ( all two of them) and heard down to the Children's Museum in Short Pump. There are two Children's Museums in Richmond and if you have a child over the age of 4, I would bypass the Short Pump version. We made the best of it and had some fun.

Adam quickly found the digging area with some special surprises in the box.

Katy found the Art room

My beautiful girl

This is how she makes her flowers look almost look like Picasso's I love this method, it is very personal.

The favorite is the water area!

And this was my FAVORITE part of the trip!!!! Whole Foods is across the street!!!!!

Tonight is Quilting Guild and tomorrow is the National Zoo!!!!! Spring Break may be the end of me! 

Kim :o)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And we have a WINNER!!!!!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sometimes it is just too hard to resist:o)

I could not resist cutting into the Picnic/Fairgrounds fabric. I have to say, I really am impressed with it. It is not the usual thin sandpaper feeling fabric that I seem to always find in Joann's, which is why I do not buy Joann's fabric lines. This has a nice quality feel and weight to it. Bravo Denyse Schmidt and Joann's!!!!!

I ended up making the Sprockets Pillow on Cluck Cluck Sew. It was a great way to get a quick sewing fix except for two things...

I did not think of the direction of how the pieces would connect after I sewed them together *head smack* so I ended up with a bunch of pieces that did not match up. I was having a bad sewing day! 

I decided that visual clues (and more coffee) might be needed. 

I had some help doing the sewing. Adam sat on my lap and helped his Mama quilt the entire top. What a sweetie!

The second issue I had was the covered button. I had to go to Joann's to buy a larger one and bought the kit that needed no tools shown below. My advice,never buy these. No tools my Aunt Fannie! There were pliers,hammers and all sorts of other things involved and I was unable to get even half the thing in. Then I ended up breaking it!

Off to Joann's I went again, and I came home with these. If you are going to make the larger pillow the one on the left is the perfect size. I bought the one on the right for some I am going to make for Heather Ross pillows for Adam's be to match his quilt (whenever that gets finished).

I also came home with these. They are right at the front of the store. At eye level, just like the Swedish Fish that the kids cannot resist went we are leaving the store. 

The finished pillow that I love and Adam is already wearing as a hat! 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Submitted for Sew And Tell Friday!!!!!!

Kim :o)
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