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Friday, July 22, 2011

An easy summer cathedral window!

I love the look of cathedral windows!!!!! I do not have the extra time it takes to stand and iron so I found a great and super easy tutorial that has a LOT less ironing and still has a great look! April over at Making Ends Meet has a great tutorial :o) Thank you so much April, you have made my lazy days of summer not too lazy!!!!!!

Measure out 10 inch squares

Fold in half and sew the two ends (1/4 inch)

Press seams open and line up the other side ( leaving a small opening to turn in the middle) and sew.

This is how it will look. Do not forget to press that second seam. Guess who did :o)

After you have turned it the right way out press the points to the middle. This will cover the small hole you had to turn the square.

Add a few stitches across to secure the ends

I forgot to take a pic of this next step...sigh...summer senior brain...

You take the squares and secure them but zig zaging them together. Just put them side by side and zag!

(This is what the back will look like after you have sewn the pretty fabric in the center)

Choose your fabric and for this one I cut a 3 inch square. Fold the sides of the squares over the center fabric and pin it down!

I machine sewed mine because I have no idea how to hand stitch *blush* I used the center of my foot as my guide. 

Let me just say...I LOVE Amy Butler fabric!!!!! Perfect blues and greens!!!!! I am only making a pillow or two using this method but it is a great way to get your feet wet in the windows without having to commit time for those that do not have any extra!!!!

This method is super fast and easy and thank you again April!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My secret surprise!

This box came for me yesterday. I had my family from Florida visiting and there were special instructions on the top so I decided to wait until this morning to open it. Please excuse the crazy hair and general first thing in the morning look!!!!!!

This morning Katy finally awoke (the pre teen sleeping in is starting) and these are the photos she took of me and the box...

Yup, those are tears! I am so overwhelmingly touched!!!!

This is what was in the box!!!!! I want to take more photos later when the light is better and I can see through the tears...

This is what makes it so special!!!!! Sara, Jodi, Amy and Nicole...you are amazing people are wonderful friends...I LURVE YOU!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are very good at keeping a secret!!!!!!!

Sara blogged about it here for better pictures!!!!!

My dream rooms

I was blog surfing this morning with my coffee and visited one of my favorites at 320 Sycamore and she had a pic of her penny tile kitchen cabinet backing and a link to the idea in House Beautiful by Designer Tom Scheerer. I looked at the other photos presented and I am in love with the bright rooms!!!!!  Talk about a happy place...I am there!!!!!

I am still doing chairs so the BIG room makeovers will have to wait for a bit. Here is some little progress on the chairs.

The basement workshop where it is nice and cool!

The outside workshop that is slightly sloped :o)

All three chairs were sprayed with Heirloom White

I am very near to completing the harvest gold chair! The back cushion and the hem are the final tasks!  

Things are still slower than usual with kids being out of school, family visits and just the normal nice pace of summer...

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying out of the heat!!!!!

Kim :o)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cooking with gnomes ( not Adam...really)

This is my new friend that came home with me from Georgia :o) He is my kitchen gnome to be named later. He stays with  me in the kitchen and it is always good to have the company when I am cleaning up since that is the time the entire family disappears. I am pretty sure that mine is the only house this happens.

Katy has been asking for zucchini nut bread for quite some time so I promised that when it was zucchini season I would make it and is really zucchini season according to my friend Mrs. Page who has zucchini coming out of her ears. So much so that apparently people are literally going on vacation so she cannot dump anymore of her zucchini at their doorsteps.

I took my grater out and started grating away...

Then I decided to add a pretty/ nutrition factor to the muffins :o)

I chose a recipe from food.com and changed it a wee bit  by taking out all that oil. Too much for my family.

Wrote down what I needed and made a huge mess...the blender in the pic is my green smoothie( YUM)

Mixed it all up

When adding the cinnamon I was thinking about my cousin Rick (who is Portuguese) and what allspice would taste like in this recipe. From what I can tell, Portuguese add allspice to everything and successfully too :o) Rick even started a blog to share his family recipes with everyone. So if you have a chance and are interested in some good Portuguese cooking go check him out at Three Fat Portuguese Cook For You

Rick also started my Pyrex addiction! He has gifted to me some beautiful Pyrex, including these, that was my husband's grandmother's. Thank you so much Rick...I love ya!

Amy, I know you love the blue :o)

The colors look so nice in the pan!


The smaller people in the house are ready to try them

They disappeared! Nom nom nom...

Now the gnome to be named later and I need to clean up the mess...sigh...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Instant gratification with cording

There are few things in sewing that give you instant gratification. There are even fewer that are easier and give you a more finished professional look than cording or piping. I decided to give it a whirl with the slipcover project and it is so much easy fun I had to share!

Measure out (for my project) 2 inches of fabric. I mostly used along the selvage  since it will be hidden and then there is no waste of fabric!

Use your zipper foot to get right up close and personal with the cording. This is one time that invading a space is a good thing.

Remember to set your needle to the right or in my case the left side so that you do not end up with broken needles. It took me FOUR needles to remember  *eyeroll*

This is what your zipper foot looks like in case you have never used one.

Take your cut fabric and place the cording in the center and pinch it shut.

Shot from the side. I personally need lots of visual help when sewing ;o)

Get the foot as nice and cozy up next to the cording. No pins needed!!!!!!

When you are sewing make sure the edges of the fabric stay lined up along the way.

That is it! It is very easy and looks so good when you are done.

Some updated photos of the chair slipcover

This back section is an "I meant to do that" sewing moment. I had cut the back too small but with an extra strip of fabric and some of my handy dandy cording I like that it looks planned. 

Kim :o)
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