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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A quick pencil bag for school

Every year I make a new pencil bag for Katy for school. She is not an over the top girly type so It is usually something in either green or blue. This year is her first year of middle school so it needed to be cool and not elementary too. I think I checked all the right boxes with this one.

I used Monaluna Circa50 that I think is fun and funky, denim, pul on the inside and I tried a plastic film that I had never sewn with before on the front to protect the outer fabric. 

The PUL inside will keep any pen breaks in the bag!

 This is the thin plastic I used to protect the front. I found it at Joann's and it is really cool. Not terrible to work with ( the pul is harder...very slippy!) and it seems to be just what is needed. There was no name on the paper but here is a photo of what it looks like.

Whew, I finished just in the nick of time ( read 10pm the night before the first day of school).

Kim :o)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bouncing beach balls with pebbles (ocean not included)

I am very happy to have finished the ball quilt last night! This will be my first project that is all mine!!!! WOO HOO!!!!
Adam and Katy have fallen in love with this quilt and are now begging for their own. 

Adam was sweet enough to hold up the quilt for me.

The cute Malibu Beach monkeys laying out in the sun on the back

The binding is Malibu Monkeys beach balls. Cute little toes peeking out ;o)

A little bit of me on the quilt with love attached :o)

This was my first time trying the pebble quilting and I really love the look. It was very calming to do. I will be using this again.

On the fence since that is where all my quilts tend to end up.

All rolled up and someplace to go! Now to get this baby to Project Linus for 100 Quilts for Kids on Sept 15th :o)

Kim :o)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Go! Baby giveaway at Sara's house!!!!! I mean on her blog :o)

I stole Sara's blog post for today since it is so exciting to share a giveaway!!! Go to Sew Sweetness to enter to win a Accuquilt GO! BABY and three dies to make amazing quilts :o)

Ya can't win if ya don't play!!!!!! I know I am *giggle*


You may have seen my kitchen/dining room chair cushion tutorial here, which I made using my new Accuquilt GO! Baby! I also made this pillow (another free tutorial!) with the GO! Baby!

Well, now it's time to win a GO! Baby machine, complete with 3 dies of your choice!

22 Free Patterns - Download Now


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Earthquakes, hurricanes, the start of school and a finished quilt top ...oh my!

It has been an interesting week here in Virginia. An earthquake, a hurricane and the start of school. With all the tizzy surrounding the first two the last one tugged at my heart strings an awful lot. My sweet baby girl started middle school. Big step for my little girl.

My heart goes out to all the people that had damage to their property from both of the natural disasters and for the loss of life in the hurricane. I hope my friends in the northeast will continue to take cover and stay safe!!!!!!!

Since I was housebound yesterday, I was able to get some work completed on the ball quilt for the 100 Quilts For Kids. If you have not checked it out please do, it is a great cause!!!!!

Yesterday I was able to complete my color blocks

Do the applique and placement

And finish the quilt top!!!!

 I think I will add sashing and start the quilting today :o)

I hope that everyone stays safe!!!!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beach ball block tutorial !!!!!!!

I have had beach on the brain which, at my age, is WAY better than baby on the brain ;o)

This is the excitement with the dots!

The DC Modern Quilting Guild is doing a great thing by trying to collect 100 quilts for kids!!!!! You can read more from Kate at Swim,Bike,Quilt. And I *think* there is a giveaway involved too :o)

So, that is what started me thinking about baby blankets and how cute beach balls are and how much babies LOVE beach balls so I am going to make a beach ball quilt to donate to this very worthy cause!!!!!! 

I hope you all enjoy this and feel inspired to make one to donate too!

I started with a 5 inch square

Cut it in half

Matched up some colors

Choose two and sew down the side of the triangle

It should look like the top one not the bottom

Match up two sides that you like

Sew along the bottoms of the triangle. It should look like a very colorful square now :o)

Now cut that square in half both ways

Now you should have these cute guys!

Match two up and sew

Place them so that it looks like two bird beaks

Sew the beaks together

Pretty!!!!!!! Do not worry if the center is not perfect it will be covered. This is not a sew perfect quilt.

The back will look like this

Next, make two 2 inch circles, I used my Accuquilt but they do not have to be perfect either!!!!! I used two different colors to show the front and back.

Sew around the circles

Trim the excess

Pinch them apart

and cut an X in the upper side . Turn inside out and press.

Pin the circle to your square

Use your zig zag to applique your center to the ball

This is how it looks now

This is how the back will look

Pinch again to separate the center from the back

Trim the bulky from the center

The ball is about the size of a cd

Or if you have an accuquilt is is the largest circle

Cut your ball out

Then pin the ball to a ten inch square of your choice!!!!!!

Now how easy was that one!!!!!????!!!!!

 I am hoping to be done with the quilt top by this weekend to share next week.

I hope this is clear. If not please ask and I will try to help. I started a Bouncing beach balls Flickr group in hopes that you will share your blocks with me :o)

Linked up to W.i.p Wednesday at freshly pieced

Kim :o)

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