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Thursday, September 1, 2011


It is true!!!!! For realz!!!!!!! I have my all time most favorite pair of jeans I have had for years ( and years...and years...) that you cannot buy anymore, of course, that developed a sad rip right by the back pocket ( did I mention that I went on a diet a few months ago).

My favorite pair of super perfect, I cannot live without them, Kelly jeans ( Ralph, if you are reading this can you please bring these back).

The tear that ruined them. And I am not the kinda girl that could or would ever be able to pull off the showing skin through my jeans thing ;o)

 DENYSE SCHMIDT to the RESCUE!!!!!! Bright ,beautiful and super power functional!!!!

Everyone needs a little bit of color and DS in their life :o)

So Denyse, Ralph and I were able to go out and clear some trees for stacking firewood for the winter!
Adam found a tree, more like a sapling, that he was using for a bouncy ride.

I love my boy!

Thank you Denyse for saving Ralph so that I can continue to be comfortable and get things done!



Leslie said...

good save!!!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

What a great idea...looks like you bought them like that. ;-) I am *always* getting holes in my black work pants right on top of my butt cheek (and having to have someone point it out to me) ::blush:: This has happened more than once.

Teje said...

Hi! Your dear jeans look now really great! It's difficult to apart our favourite jeans!

Wendy said...

Oh wow, that makes me want to go and rip my jeans!!

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