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Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby girl fluffy!!!!!!

I had posted about sewing for girls and here are the fluffy cute and fun bibs that will be heading to NY to be placed around two of the cutest girls ever!

These are my three favorite, the one on the left is so much fun, I made two :o) The middle is Moda Sweet and the right takes my breath away...Alexander Henry Lou Lou...swoon!

There are ten total and that is a difficult number to take one shot of so I broke it up.

Set one...

Set two...

All backed in minky. Squishy goodness that I now need to go get  my backpack leaf blower and blow out my sewing room!!!!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year or at least the busiest! ( winner announced)

A belated Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! Very busy days around everyone's homes I am sure!!!! It was a quiet but super busy day here! Cute turkeys to color :o)

I ran my first 5k in 13 years!!!! I finished but my finishing time was listed in the 5yr old section,LOL! I am thinking of a half marathon but we shall see...

SCADS of bib sewing! A sweet mama that I sewed for years ago had TWIN girls and I cannot even imagine how many bibs she goes through a week *headsmack* so I  have lots of lovely Lou Lou, Swell,  Japanese prints and some others (not shown) these will be finished sometime today!!!!!! AND my beautiful and super sweet neighbor asked me to make some bibs for a friend of hers that is having a little bundle of blue, I will show those later...just super CUTE with Heather Ross involved ;o)

Onto the winner... and thank you everyone for joining in on the fun!!!!!

I will be sending you an email :o)

81. supersara20 said...

I am a follower and I love green bean casserole or my grandmother Rose's stuffing! Sad, I won't make it home this year to have the stuffing though.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daisy Mae Giveaway!!!!!! ( Closed to new entries)

This has to be one of Denyse Schmidt's best lines ever! I know I think that every single time but I really mean it THIS time ;o) The colors are beautiful and rich and just AAAAAAHhhhhhhhhh!

The giveaway , thank you VERY much Denyse Schmidt Quilts, is a fat quarter set of the entire Daisy Mae line!!!!


I will be making this a follower only giveaway since this is super special!!!!!!  If you want to become a follower that would be lovely :o)

The giveaway will end Saturday November 26 and I will announce the winner on Sun November 27, sometime after my coffee :o)

The winner will be chosen by

To enter ( one comment only):
Please comment on your favorite Thanksgiving dish :o)

The favorite in this house is made once a year only at Thanksgiving. It is Southern Sweet Potato Casserole. My Katy Mae BEGS for it year round!

Good Luck!!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Really addicting pockets of lovely

I was straightening my fabric closet this weekend and ran across something I had completely forgotten about...Liberty of London squares!!!!!! First of all they should rename this Liberty of LOVELY! It is lovely, everything from the color to the feel is lovely. I will start the petition Monday first thing :o)

I bought these to make a cathedral window quilt months ago but somehow never had the motivation to actually start.  I started looking at these again and I was curious just how hard could it be?????

I cut, folded and ironed and they look like little pockets!!!!

This is some of the LOL I am choosing from!!!

Sewed the LOL into the pocket...

This is what I have so far but I cannot seem to stop!!!!! I am sure this will take some time but I cannot wait to see what each window looks like. They are all so beautiful in their own way.

The other thing I was able to accomplish was cutting in to the new Denyse Schmidt line so I will be announcing a SWEET giveaway in the next few days fi I can pull myself away from making these cute things :o)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Major destruction and a new bundle of joy ( Denyse Schmidt style)

I hated our Master Bathroom before we even moved in our house. It was dated and out of shape to say the least. Day before yesterday I decided it was time to fix that issue and this is what I did...a girl and her hammer, that is all I am saying ;o)

My sewing will be minimal this week unfortunately since the shower has to be completely ripped out before I get to put a new one in. This is especially difficult since this new bundle of joy showed up at my door yesterday from Denyse Schmidt !!!!!!!!

THANK YOU DENYSE SCHMIDT!!!!! You rock my world!!!!!!!!

Who could not ENJOY this!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Snoopy happy dance combined with the Scooby Doo snack happy dance!!!!!!!

I see a giveaway in the very near future...

But for now, I have more tile to bash!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

When NOT to quilt!

It was one of those days alright (or all right is that is how you roll), one of those I should have gone back to bed days that was met with folly after mishap. I should know not to quilt on those days but I went against my own better judgement, added in a few words mamas should never say and pressed on.

Thursday morning  started off with the internet deciding to shut down unannounced!  In my little world I had a giveaway post to complete and make to sure that my guest post was good to go. I called the in house engineer ( who was not in house but on his way to work) and his response was " I noticed that"...WHAT!!!!  I was then instructed to play with wires I really had no business touching and still nada!

I wanted to call my geek helper that is the master of all things IT related but it was too early in the morning and although this was an emergency to ME I am pretty certain he would have not seen it as wake worthy.

Then the engineer called back with a better solution that bypassed all the crazy ass stuff he was having me do before and it worked! Hurrah for ME! or so I thought...

I will skip ahead to the part where I should NOT be quilting.  I wanted to finish my mini quilt for the mini quilt challenge.   After all the excitement before 7am and not intaking my full dose of morning caffeine I started a headache. One of those OMG I am gonna puke headaches.  It continued through the day and I thought I could sew through it...WRONG! I had to rip my stippling  three times!! I finally gave up.

I finished the quilt this morning and I love it even with all of it's issues. I am happy to keep it as a reminder that sometimes it is just better to walk away to quilt another day :o)

I am linking this to Sew and Tell Friday


Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Winner, a pattern and a mini challenge ( mini quilt that is)

Another busy week here mostly because the little man has yet another cold. Trying to accomplish regular life stuff AND give extra love is very time consuming but well worth the effort!

I was asked by Jennie at Clover and Violet to do a guest tutorial on baby stuff!!!!! I LOVE sewing for babies, everything about babies is cute ( minus the puke and poo). The offering I have is a boutique style bib that is easy to sew and so much less expensive than buying one! Thank you so much to Jennie and CONGRATULATIONS on your newest little bundle of joy!!!!!!

Here is the pattern for the bibs:

Part A (jpeg)

Part B (jpeg)

The second exciting  this week is Amy is having a mini quilt challenge! Personally I adore mini quilts, they are fun, easy, and a super quick sewing fix when you do not have the time for a full project or happen to have a few extra scraps laying around BEGGING to be sewn together into a new piece of art!

Did I mention there are PRIZES!!!!!! One of the prizes is from my scrap pile of Heather Ross! Come check out the challenge and let's have some fun!!

Finally, WHEW, the winner of the three Cluck Cluck Sew patterns!!!!!

Thank you

Cindy said...

Popped over after seeing the journal cover on the Moda Bake Shop. I do love Allison's patterns. Thank you for the giveaway.

Congratulations Cindy! I will be sending you an email later today :o)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pay it forward ( a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern Giveaway)

Back in October I participated in the 100 Quilts for Kids event on Swim Bike Quilt. It was great to make a quilt for donation but there were prizes too! You cannot get more win/win than that situation!!!!

I was fortunate enough to receive ALL of  patterns from Cluck Cluck Sew. Did I mention ALL of them!!!! There are so many I thought I would share in hopes that someone will make one of these lovely quilts to donate next year to a cause close to their heart.

Many thanks to Allison for her generous gift to such a worthy cause!!!!!!!

One giveaway winner will win all three of these awesome patterns!!!!

Daisy Gate Cover

Sugar DishCover

Juice Boxes Cover final edit

( All photos are from Cluck Cluck Sew) 

To enter the giveaway:

1.  Leave a comment saying howdy :o) 

2. You have a second chance by leaving a comment if you are a follower ( love you guys!!!!) or a new follower ( I have lots of love to give!!!!)

The giveaway will be closed on Wed November 9th and a winner will be chosen on Thursday November 10th
 I will be choosing the winner using 

Good Luck!!!!!!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Falling Leaves quilt top on a very windy day

I am doing a happy dance!!! My foyer floor is clear ( for the moment) since I finished the quilt top this afternoon. The quilting will have to wait for me to finish a super cute baby project :o)

It was so windy Katy had a super hard time holding it!!!!! She is such a trooper :o)

The colors are amazing! I am hoping there will be a reprint of this fabric. It is beautiful!!!!

I had some scraps on my cutting table and made either a new mini quilt  for the mini quilt challenge on Amylouwho or a block for the back of this quilt ...decisions...decisions...

Linked to Sew Modern Monday

Hope you are having a fabulous and productive weekend!!!!!

Kim :o)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Funky Monkey personal journal tutorial ( Moda Bake Shop)

When I first made this journal  a little over a month ago you all had such great ideas for it's use that I made a tutorial for Moda Bake Shop. It went up TODAY!!!!!!! Adam loves his and uses it almost everyday!!!!! I hope that you have as much making it as I have :o)

Thank you  so much  Moda Bake Shop !!!!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where is my pattern for random??????

Random is kicking my butt! This is my progress for the Falling Leaves quilt. I am hoping the top will be done this weekend but that is what I thought was going to happen last weekend :o)


The NEW beautiful Denyse Schmidt fabrics for Joann's is out!!!!!

I need a bigger fabric budget!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Día de los Muertos ( Day of the Dead) quilt

My #2 son wanted me to make a quilt for him . I have had the Alexander Henry fabric for a bit and he asked for a Day of the Dead quilt. With such beautiful fabric how could I say no?

The festival celebrates and honors those who have passed in a very colorful fashion. There are sugar skulls and marigolds.  My children have always enjoyed the meaning and who would not like to make and eat more candy,LOL!

I decided on a simple strip quilt to be able to show all of the beautiful colors and dancers and musicians. I used Riley Blake, Michael Miller, and Marcus Brothers for the strips and Timeless Treasures black roses for the backing.

The back

I am sure this not quilt is not for everyone, I was even a little unsure when making it but the colors are so amazing ( it is one of those irl quilts). I am pretty certain my guy will be really happy with it!!!!!

Now back to my falling leaves quilt :o)

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