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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The chairs in blue :o)

I have two chairs I bought about 6-7 years ago in CA at a thrifty  for $1.99 each! They have great lines and came complete with super cool gold crushed velvet fabric. I have covered the fabric with other fabric over the years and decided it was time to do the job properly. When I say properly I mean as properly as I can given I have ZERO skills in doing this but I am willing to give it a go and see what comes of it :o) 

I am in the process of learning that this is dangerous work which makes me want to do it even more!!!!

I have to redo the webbing. We were all sinking in the seat. I could not find the kind shown here but did find some jute that I am sure will work just as well.

The curviness is what attracted me to the chairs. I like curvy stuff!

More danger!!!!!

The fabric Katy chose for the chairs. It did not photograph well. It is really lovely!

All the choices in fabric for PILLOWS!!!!!

Please wish me luck!!!!!!

Kim :o)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun in the sun!

The family and I took a jaunt down to Atlanta and Orange Beach, Alabama to visit with family and it was so lovely! Lots of food, fun and sun. Missed you all here :o)

The only photo of the kids that turned out :o(

Beautiful clouds!!!!

Too many of these buggars!

Sunset on the last day...

My mom and me :o)

Hope you all have a fun vacation planned this summer!!!! Now that I am home I am ready to start the projects!!!!!!

Kim :o)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sewing to get excited about!!!!!

TA DA!!!!!!

After my long bout of inactivity, I found some sewing mojo (or sewjo) from  Sara and her new Naughty Secretary Bag. Who would not find interest in that!?! I do not normally sew bags but this on is ab fab! It has great details and should be on everyone's short list for the summer!!!! Thank you Sara for a great tutorial!

I did make a couple of changes...I added a zipper to the interior and I did not add a snap, I wanted to give it more of a tote feel :o)

Inside pockets

Lovely detail

Love this bag!!!!!

The fabric I used was Michael Miller Zazu Zinnia.

Again, thank you to Sara for sharing such a great bag, Love you!!!!!!

Kim :o)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gloom despair and agony on me...

Sorry I have been so absent :o( Life stuff ( sciatica and wisdom teeth) has gotten in the way of my life's joy of sewing and the fun I have sharing it all with you guys. I was supposed to go visit my son, his beautiful wife and my grandsons too but that was cancelled due to airplanes being damaged by the intense weather they were having. I am thrilled that they are all okay but sad that I did not get to see my babies. I will try again in July.

Until I get back on my feet I would like to leave you with my song that gets me through these times:

Kim :o)
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