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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The winner is...and some hexi love

Thank you everyone and I am sorry I did not have time to respond to all the warm wonderful congratulations and really good suggestions. I will be working on those this week after some more painting. With guests coming next week, I am on a MISSION to have some things done before the arrival of the Lou Who clan and Katie is trekking out to my neck of the woods so we can all have a little sewing day!!!! How excited am I !?!?!!! VERY!!!!!! 

Not to mention that I have found the hexi LOVE! For {FREE} templates check out this fab site *Snippets and Blabbery*

Here is some of what I have made so far. Perfect project for taking along somewhere when you have to wait! I am becoming a convert of the hand sewers *gasp* These are pretty dang easy and cool :o)

Back to the winner. Sorry, I am easily distracted today *giggle* 

Again, thank you and HUGE HUGS to everyone for being so lovely and supportive this past year!!!! You are all AWESOME!!!!!


I will be sending you an email to get all your info so I can send this little package off to you this week!

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I am a follower :)


Friday, March 30, 2012

My first Bee blocks

I had been curious about Bees for  about six months. I was not sure how they worked or how you found them or if they just found you. I mentioned to Amy that I was interested and being the CAN DO gal that she is, she told me about one the very next day.

I was accepted to join the Bee a {modern} Swapper  group of  hives! The first thing was the pincushion swap {super fun} and now it is actual blocks! I got caught up  in the courthouse steps quilt and then painting and the blocks are due to be mailed before Sat!!!! Eeeek!!!!  I really did not intend to wait so long to start but I did finish in time :o)

My Queen Bee asked for trees and I found this tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew. It has been bookmarked forever as one of those I must try someday projects. It was fun to go through the scraps and play with the size of the leaves and the colors. I decided on the light blue background. It is from Harmony Arts and is my favorite go to fabric, this color goes with everything!

I used wonder under and then zig zagged the leaves down and on the trunks I used a blanket stitch.  I hope my Queen likes them!!!!  Katy is in love with them so it looks like I will be making some more in the near future :o)

I finished off the day by laying in the hammock just looking up...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little changes

I have not been sewing as much as I normally do this week. I usually grab my coffee, go to my various online drooling points and then head to my machine. I did do this little bit of sewing with the Cosmic Burst. Stars seems fitting :o) I will be finishing that project up this week.

On Monday, my vacuum started making a funny smell, YUCK!
Like something was burning so I stopped using it and went into the garage to look for my tool bag to take it apart to look for the issue.  I saw something I had forgotten about...a can of $5 Lowe's mystery paint! There has been much debate on the actual color of the paint. It is either gray, blue or purple. Whatever it is, we like it!

The vacuuming was quickly forgotten and I jumped right into the new project!

This is  laundry room that is just inside my side door, it is the room that everyone sees first when entering my home and it looks AWFUL!!!!! Blah...boring and may as well be the garage...

So for the past two days I have cleaned, rolled sprayed and this is how it turned out...

This is a side view from the little window. I made a chalkboard using a $7 clearance frame from Marshall's and Krylon chalkboard paint on the glass. The poppy prints were Target clearance for $12!

I sprayed the handles and hinges that were awful  to bring them up to date.

The finished {almost finished, I need a new sink and light fixture} laundry room!!!

Now that this is done or close enough to being done, I can go back to showing my Bernina some love!!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A new day filled with inspiration

I am always looking for inspiration, when I drive, when I run but mostly on the internet {HELP, I've logged into pinterest and I cannot get off}.  I found a new site when the super sweet Roseann from Rosebud's Cottage submitted the NYB block 0 to to be added to their collection   {thank you Roseann}. It is an amazing resource with more FREE quilt patterns than I could make in a lifetime! Go check it out for lots of free patterns. 

And WOW so many cool Bloghopping Quilt Alongs happening!!!! Get your Spring cleaning out of the way so you can make sure to be at your sewing machines!!!!!

There is the Zakka Style Sew Along that looks to be AMAZING

and announced this morning is the Festival of Half Square Triangles

Lots of inspiration to keep me busy for the next couple of months :o)

Also today is the new New York Beauty block {number 8} on from the blue chair...and it is a beauty!!!!!

{ photo from Kati@fromthebluechair}

So many projects...too little time! I think my kids need to learn how to cook ;o)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The OMGosh, I have been blogging a year giveaway

THANK YOU so much everyone for making this an amazing year for me!!!! It has been an honor and so much fun for me to share my adventures in sewing (and in some cases unsewing) with you.  I have learned that online support of sewers and quilters is very open, caring and educational (and that I really need to quit biting my nails!). I could not have done this without you guys...THANK YOU!!!!!  I went into my stash and picked out a few items that I hope one winner will enjoy very much!!!!! It is a Spring/Summer theme :o)

One Moda Chrysalis jelly roll

One charm pack tin of the oop Summer In the City
 One sampler pack of Aurifil thread
 And finally one Omnigrid Half-Square Triangle template set.

This giveaway is for followers only , if you would like to be a follower...join in :o) The more the merrier!!!!!!

To enter the giveaway there are two entries for each follower:

1. Tell me what you would like to see more of in the next year on this blog.
2. Just say howdy, hi or hello and let me know that you follow

I will be using to pick the winner Friday March 30th and will announce the winner Saturday March 31st.

Good luck and thank you so much for hanging out with me for the past year!!!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Step top is completed!!!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your comments yesterday (and the day before) I am so behind in getting back to anyone. I have been so hyper focused on getting this done I have been falling down on other important jobs, like saying thank you! 

I filled the entire foyer yesterday and was able to sew almost all the pieces together by midnight. 

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I had to get my 6 miles in and take a short break on the hammock...the shoes made me do it! I felt like such a slacker with so much sewing still to do!!!!

The finished top!!!!! It took two people and hanging it over the deck to get a photo :o) I am not sure how to get a pic of a big quilt and for it to look good,LOL! I really did not intend for it to be so big ( 78x87)  but I LOVE it!!!!!

Rachel at Stitched in Color added some more prizes to the awesomeness for Scrap Attack. You still have time to make a pillow, a mini or something else to link up!

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And stay tuned, I picked out some lovely things for the OMG I cannot believe I have been blogging a year giveaway!!!!


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I completely forgot it is my ONE year anniversary since starting this blog.  One year ago today Amy Lou Who and Sara talked me into starting a blog, thank you ladies ( and yes Amy you were right, I love blogging).  I have a giveaway in mind but it is not all put together yet, I was thinking I had another week, silly me.  It will be a giveaway for my followers, my friends, the wonderful people that keep me motivated to continue to try new things and learn more about what I love to do most ( being a novice I still have so much to learn).  I have had more fun this past year and have gotten so much accomplished thanks to the support I have received in my comments box and through email. You are all AMAZING!!!  Much love to all of you for all of your continued support!!!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An idea that I hope works

I had some time this morning, after a run with some awesome girls and a bit of boot camp to get my rear in shape for summer, to figure out how I want the quilt top.

Inspired by the Tokyo Subway Quilt by Oh Fransson! I like the colors staying together but still mixing it up a little.  This quilt top is much larger than I had originally thought it was going to be and I had to climb up on my cutting table to get a photo. Mind you I HATE heights of any sort :o) That is a LONG way down for me...what a wimp :o)

I also received a beautiful parcel yesterday from Mark Cesarik with the most vibrant fabric charms...eeek...really stunning colors! His new line Cosmic Burst  on will be available April 15th. I cannot wait to finish the quilt top to cut into these little beauties. Thank you Mark!

Off to sew the quilt top!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A rainbow on my deck

I was able to finish all the blocks { I can hear sighs of relief that these are FINALLY done, including}, not this weekend as I had planned but by this morning. It was too lovely outside on Saturday and Sunday and well the yard was screaming my name for some attention! It was nice to be outside and getting my hands a little dirty :o) 

My favorites of the reds

and the black/grays, I decided to lump these groups together

All lined up even though I am not convinced they will stay this way. Do you think it is better like this or random bursts of color all over?  This will be the hardest part for me I think.

Don't forget today is Week 3 of the New York Beauty QAL  being hosted by the very talented Megan at  Canoe Ridge Creations. I will be working on mine this week! Beautiful block Megan!
{photo from Canoe Ridge Creations}

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Ten little blocks

Ten more completed!!!!! I am so close to being done I am getting excited!!!! I am going to finish each color set instead of jumping around like I was before so I can have this wrapped up by March 26th.

Rachel at Stitched In Color announced some more of the giveaways for the Scrap Attack challenge. There is still time to get scrappy and enter for some great prizes!!!!!

I need a bigger board!

More spring has been coming to visit too, I have been spending more time outside with the kids and less time sewing. I think I need a featherweight and a little table for outside on the deck *giggle*

Katy found this perfect nest

We have been keeping an eye on this to see what comes out

and there is a POPCORN tree just a couple of houses away { and just about everywhere else here at the moment}

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's cookin?

With ALL this fantastic weather, I had to grill! There is something about a grill that just smells like good weather and sunshine:o) 

I threw onions, peppers, and fresh basil onto the grill { using a special grill pan}until they were perfectly done then added that to angel hair pasta with olive oil sauteed garlic and grated Pecorino Romano. The finishing touches were fresh tomato, a little more fresh basil and grated Romano. OH MY GOSH!!!!! YUMMMMM!!!!

What are you cookin up tonight?


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A spring Cathedral window pin cushion

Many of you have seen this pinnie tutorial but if you have not, here is one in SRPING colors with a super cute button on Moda Bake Shop. Great way to try your first cathedral window and catch the love of one of the most beautiful (and easy) blocks! Thank you Moda Bake Shop!!!!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

The beginnings of SPRING!!!!

I am really really ready for Spring. It really has not been a bad winter but I am just in the mood to be outside in the fresh air without cold ears :o)

I finished my New York Beauty Block 5 yesterday after my sewing machine decided it has a major case of pms and the tension would not behave ( lots of ugly seam ripping). Anyway, I did finish!!!! The block has not been properly ironed but I am calling it done for now!!

Don't forget that the tutorial for Block 5, the second in the series is on Sew Sweetness today!!!!

I had to be done so I could so choose some paint. In my house spring means PAINTING!!!!

This is the space...sigh...I am afraid of heights so this will be one not so fun task for me! The light fixture is horrible and will someday be changed out too!

With the samples in the house to play with later this week I needed an outside break to see...SPRING!

Muddy shoes

Katy's fairy basket

Weeds, I had forgotten about those!

New little flowers

buds of ALL kinds

and little bracelets

This is going to be a VERY good week!!!!
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