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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back in the saddle again!

I am so ready to SEW!!!! I decided the best way to tackle this would be to take small steps and have guidance.  I love paper piecing and it has lines to follow so I cannot mess it up...right?

I picked up the newest issue of American Patchwork &Quilting at Costco last week

I found my inspiration to make something! Small and manageable with no worries if I mess up since it will be staying with me! These are seriously SO DANG CUTE!!!!

I was VERY careful using the sharp scissors and managed to keep all my other digits safe from harm!!!! I had some Kate Spain 12 Days of Christmas still waiting to be loved and knew this was the perfect project for those lovely pieces of fabric!

My first attempt

My second attempt

I have learned that I cannot sew a straight line yet even when it is printed on the paper,LOL :o)  I also realized that my left index finger is very important to my sewing!!!! I will practice more so that I can hurry up and get my bee blocks completed.  Those require a little more perfection than I can manage at the moment.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm Number ONE!!!!!! ( PSA and graphic post warning)

This is my story from yesterday, my PSA for all the sewers and quilters that do things a thousand times...come rain or shine...sometimes sleep deprived...sometimes just a bit distracted from kids or television ( do I hear Downton Abbey or Twilight in the background?) or deadlines that we place on ourselves ( Yes, Amy,Sara and Lisa...this includes YOU!)...I  was the number one idiot!!!!! 

I was working on my do.GoodStitches blocks in the most beautiful colors.  I woke yesterday with a throbber of a headache so was kinda out of sorts even beginning my day.  I should have known better...I did know better...but I could not resist these cuties...and I wanted to be on time this month...

I was trimming the little ends on this one...

With this blade...

And that is when it happened...
*************WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO*************

I did not yell, cry or throw up...I did say a four letter word and grabbed the paper towels...I called Amy and then cried since I was having a SH***Y day and then decided I did need to go to the er...

We all know what is really important ;o)

I waited around for quite a bit and had AMAZING support from my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter friends...I cried about that later too...I really am a VERY LUCKY girl!!!!!

Now I am the owner of four stitches in my finger. My biggest disappointment  is that I am not sewn up with Aurifil thread! I asked and they had NONE!!!!! WTH!?!?

The bonus is that the PA that did my stitches gave me the scissors to bring home!!!!!! SCORE!!!!!! The bag cracks me up!!!!

Today, being the planner that I am, I decided to figure out what color of Aurifil thread I am, order it and if I ever have this happen again, I am prone to accidents, I can go in prepared!

Really, I can't sew and this seems like a fun thing to do, LOL!

I am somewhere in between 2420

and 2410

But I think it would be super fun to have these variegated  threads as stitches!!!!!

Please be careful in your sewing!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Need ideas for that crafter in your life?

The season for giving is quickly approaching and I know I am always looking for something new and useful for that special quilter or sewer in my life. The wonderful organizers at Sew Mama Sew have put together a few ideas for those bee members, family members or friends that love the art of sewing! Go visit Sew Mama Sew to see these and other great ideas!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Three sweet things!

I feel so HAPPY! I was able to finish my October blocks for my do.Good Stitches bee group. I know it is November ( I am blushing) I had cut them out before I left and well then I put them together wrong, so I did some fancy unstitching and had them together by Friday! The Believe Bee that I am in was asked to do this Wonky Pinwheel, tutorial can be found at Greenleaf Goods

Block One

Block Two

The third SWEET thing is I am OFFICIALLY a HALF MARATHONER!!!!!! I finished with a time of 2:15:16!!!!!


Friday, November 9, 2012

So this is Planet Houston...Market Part One

I have been so busy doing I am not even sure what but I know there are kids involved and where there are children there is something to pick up or drive to and from or feed or something...anyway I am going to try in one post to share at least some of my fun at Market.

The first thing I have to say is...YES!!!!!!!  I think ALL fabric and fabric designers are brilliant, FABULOUS, FANTASTIC and WONDERFUL!!!!! They all have been driven to design for whatever reason, to put their personal ideas and reputations out there for others to love or criticize. I am not sure I could ever put myself in the position of that kind of public scrutiny. These are brave people! The other thing is they ARE people with families and husbands, wives, children, moms and dads. It is always so nice to meet the people behind the designs, to see their real personalties and place them with the fabrics...I do LOVE them all!!!!

The first booth that I made a B-line for is Laura Gunn! She designs for Michael Miller and her newest line Cosmos is Super bright and as vibrant as Laura herself!

Funny thing was, Laura was never there when I went to visit so it took about four times and I FINALLY caught up with her!!!!! She is TOO ADORABLE! And she is the MOST FABULOUS shopper EVER!!!!!!

At Market, I missed out on meeting Joel Dewberry, he was across from Denyse Schmidt and I just somehow never times it right, I am improving on my stalking skills and was able to catch him this go round! I am SO HAPPY I did! I seriously thought he had reached the nirvana of fabric when Heirloom came out but NNNNnnnnnnnnope! Notting Hill is really something else!

Did mention Joel is REALLY tall and super nice, he held up the samples for me to get a photo, although I may have been a bet bossy and said "Here...hold these!" Joel, I apologize if I was bossy, it was right before lunch!

I have more and thought I could get it all in one post but that is not going to this is Part One,LOL!


Sunday, November 4, 2012


Houston!!!!! So EXCITING!!!!! I am already looking forward to next October :o)

I am going to start off with my most exciting moment, Thomas Knauer! Thomas has been kind enough to share with me some of his super fun and cool fabrics from Andover Fabrics. His latest Frippery was over the top and I had to play with it IMMEDIATELY!  I knew I was going to make a quilt for his newest addition. I used Jeni Baker's giant star pattern and added a little funky scrappy twist. It was quilted by the OVER THE TOP awesome Lisa @that crazy quilt girl!!!! I love that girlie, her pink hair, her purple tutu and giving her piggy back rides ( true story and there are photos somewhere).

The quilt was made using Frippery and Kona solids. It was quilted with Aurifil 40wt using three colors.

I was able to nab it from the Andover booth ( they sure are a trusting bunch) and have the lovely Elena at Aurifil hold it up for me to grab some shots of the beautiful quilting!!!!!

I was also lucky enough to play with Savannah Bop! I made this adorable bib for the wee one too! The embroidery using Aurifil 12wt is a free pattern from Thomas on Sew Mama Sew and the bib pattern will be available soon on Pellon Projects.

I loved working on this quilt and for the record...all of my quilts are hugged before they leave me! Thank you Thomas and Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!!!!!!


On to Market but first...Help for Hurricane Sandy victims

I want to start off to say that International Quilt Market is by for the most incredible experience that any sewer can have bar none!  To be surrounded by people that have the love of fabric and sewing, that get your little oooooooo's and ahhhhhhh's over the newest fabrics line and thread colors is very wonderful. I hope that every gets at least one chance to experience this nirvana of the sewing world!

This Market was a bit different than the one I was able to attend with my dearest Sara and Laurie Tigner. This Market had many east coasters not only trying to do normal business but also trying to get home, change flights, make last minute hotel reservations and worrying about family members. Hurricane Sandy made this Market a little more difficult.  I have to say, I was AMAZED at all the kindness that was offered to me when I was to stay in Houston...this is the NUMBER ONE reason I LOVE the quilting community...we are family...other quilters treat you as family...MANY thanks to all those that were so kind!

There were many that had to extend their stay in Houston but one lady, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, was already jumping into action, even while her own hame and family in NYC was preparing for the worst,  organizing a quilt drive to provide comfort to those who have lost so much. I hope you will consider donating a quilt to this very worthy project!  Victoria has teamed up with Luana at equilter to organize a quilt drive.

Thank you!
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