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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where it all began...

My friend Emily at Mommy's Nap Time has started a new linky party called Sew Thinky Thursday!!!! It is a question and answer link up so all us on the internet can share our stories and get to know each other better!!! What a great idea Emily!!!!!

Many years ago in a galaxy far far away...or at least in Southern California, there was a girl ( 40 years young), a new baby boy and not a whole lot of fashion going on.  Well, almost, there was fashion for boys but it was usually expensive or just plain ugly!

This is why I started sewing...isn't he a doll! 
Retro Rocket Rascals by Michael Miller is STILL a favorite print!

The truth is my grandmother was an excellent seamstress, as are my Aunt and my cousins.  My sister sews but she is a natural artist, I got the height ( am over 5-6 and she is a maybe 5-2)  she was given the MOST amazing artistic talent!  I think she got the better end of that deal!  My mother did not sew, well, that is not true...she did make a few things but has never really liked sewing or unsewing mostly. She had an old Singer in her bedroom that I would look at from time to time but it went unloved by anyone that could actually sew. So my grandmother would make clothes for my sister and me and they were always put together so quickly and perfectly, it was like magic.

My grandmother was an excellent seamstress but she was a very impatient teacher.  She did let me play at her machine a few times but I was not a natural at the machine so she would shoo me off to go find something else to do.  I was, however;  very very good at going to the fabric store and looking through the books of Simplicity, Vogue and McCalls patterns and could have walked through the isles of different fabrics and notions forever!  When the question was "Who wants to go to the fabric store?" the answer was ALWAYS..."ME!"

Fast forward to the year 2006...me pregnant and on bedrest for three and a half months with a sweet little boy that needed some more time.  I had TONS of time and the internet, so many things to see for babies and so many things to make!  I thought I would crochet a blanket but honestly had completely forgotten how...I was a victim of pregnancy brain! That skill has never come back to me but has now been replaced with another creative outlet that I love even more!


After the wee one was born, I was bitten by the sewing bug even more! I would lurk and stalk blogs...I would visit fabric shops and drool at the fabrics and try to figure out what exactly I would make but first I needed a sewing machine!  I am a genius aren't I, LOL!  I bought a Singer from the local Kmart and honestly, it was a piece of CRAP!  I bought a different machine from Walmart and took that one back too!  I decided to do a little more research and after reading many reviews I visited a Sew and Vac.  I tried out many machines but I was hoping for something that would sew through layers. I could not get anything like that for less than a million dollars but the guy at the shop showed me an old Bernina that someone had brought in for a trade in. It was not an attractive machine and there was nothing on it that looked amazing but I trusted him. So me and my new (old) machine went home and it sat...what the Hell was I thinking...

I had bought some fabric some thread and that was about it, I tried some straight stitches and took the big leap into zig zag...WOO HOO!!!! This was fun but what now?  I realized that I needed a project, a real project so show to people and to complete so that I could justify buying this machine to the in house engineer that thought I was crazy.  So I decided to embellish some prefolds of the babes. I cloth diapered and loved my prefolds but why not make them FUN! So, I did! I successfully made something!

I went crazy after that and decided I could do SO MUCH MORE with this brilliant machine by making other things too!  I hated all the bibs I saw or did not want to fork out the money for them so I made my own pattern for them and made a bunch. They were cute and well loved and I wanted to make MORE! And that is the whole story :o)

I had a need that turned into a PASSION that I love to share!!!!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

YAAY ME...WIP!!!!!

This week I WILL have this in...at the VERY LAST minute but I do have a sweet baby girl at home today who is ill ( yes again) with what her brother would call PUKING!  He will only use that word and so it has kinda stuck.

I was able to get some things completed this week and I am SO HAPPY  but still so much left to do and will be adding to the list at the start of the month on Friday!!!! Where the heck did January go!?!

My Bee a {modern} swapper wonky star blocks are completed!!!! So happy with the way these turned out!

Here they are side by side. I was hoping to ship today but will have to wait until Little Miss has recovered.

I also was able to get the printer back up and running so the Lucky Stars Jan block is finished!!!!!

The intro and the Jan block...LOVE!!!!! I am super excited for February!!!!!

With all the sewing I have been doing for the past three or so months my favorite Aurifil spool is almost out! It has been on my machine so long I want to name it, LOL!  Maybe Sophia...or Nicola...she has been so good to me!!!!!

Progress update...
The Lucky Stars...practice block DONE, Jan block DONE!!!!!
Aurifil BOM...DONE!!!!!
Gen X BOM...no progress, will start tomorrow :-)
Skill Builder BOM ( starting Jan 17)
do. Good stitches Believe Blocks...DONE
Bee a {modern} swapper Jan blocks DONE
#scrappytripalong quilt top...DONE...now to baste and quilt

Lattice sofa pillows because I am crazy! still need to finish!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy mail, good choices and Fredericksburg has a MQG

I LOVE getting mail, I think everyone does. It seems to happen less frequently with computers and and other widgets.  I am like a KID when I see something in the box for me!!!  Jane  from Want it,Need It,Quilt! posted the MOST adorable VW bus fabric on Instagram and I was drooling all over my screen, which my in house engineer says is not really good for it, and she is such a DOLL...she SENT me some!!!

How CUTE!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH JANE!!!!! BIG QUILTY LOVE YOUR WAY (and a few drinks in Houston...wink...wink)

Then Lindsay from Lindsay Sews was destashing and posted some vintage zippers in cool colors...YES PLEASE!!!!

and, sweetheart that she is...she added in some adorable fabric earrings!!!!! MUWAH!!!!!

The printer is back online so I can get back to making progress (if the kids ever go back to school) on some of my blocks. I was able to pick some fabric for the Jan Lucky Star block...WOOT WOOT!!!!

and Fredericksburg has had it's first Modern Quilting Guild meeting!!!!!  So excited to be part of this group and looking forward to the next meeting already!!!!

I was so happy to see a familiar face sitting in the room when I walked in! Becky from Sarcastic Quilter saved a seat for me right in the front row,LOL!

Great bunch of very talented and fun gals in the group. I asked permission to photograph and share photos and everyone said YES...YAAY!

Here are just a couple I took

Becky made this fantabulous one!!!! We all wanted to take it home :o)


I fell in love with this one...amazing!

Here is the group (minus a couple of ladies that had to leave and me since I am taking the photo)

So, if you happen to be in Fredericksburg  in Feb...come on over and join in on the fun!!!! The next meeting will be at Quilt and Sew

Friday, January 25, 2013

Holidays, snow and scheduling

I have a schedule in my head.  It usually works out fine until something or someone messes with it, then I have major issues getting caught up.  The kidlets were off school Monday and so my Tuesday turned in to Monday, which meant that Wednesday was Tuesday and I completely forgot to post to WIP Wednesday...Thursday brought SNOW and with that comes SNOW DAYS and then my days are really flubbed...so here is my attempt to get caught up with sewing and posting...

Wish me luck!!!!

I was so happy with the way this block turned out!!!! It is the  Aurifil 2013 January BOM. It is a free pattern!!!  It is really well done and goes together easily!

The fabric collection I chose to use is Kate Spain Serenade that I purchased at Fat Quarter Shop . I love the colors so much!  I am very excited to see the entire quilt all together in this line!!!!!

I tried to work on the Lucky Stars block but my printer decided otherwise so I went back to the idea of making pillows for my sofa. I was going to use the #scrappytripalong blocks for them but then it got all outta control and I made a quilt,LOL!!!!

Sara sent me this beautiful jelly roll of Valori Wells and I knew what I wanted to do!!!!! Lattice blocks for the HUGE pillows with black pindot background fabric...WOO HOO!!!!

I finished one and am working on the second! I am fighting the urge to make a whole quilt with this too!!!!   The only pic I could get was in the snow,LOL!

Here is what I woke up to yesterday morning...

So I had to make time to do this...I am finding that layers are not a good look on me so am considering a move to Florida,LOL!

The one good thing was this beautiful inspiration out the kitchen window...

So my progress this week...
The Lucky Stars...practice block DONE, need to do Jan block, printer needs to work
Aurifil BOM...DONE!!!!!
Gen X BOM...no progress
Skill Builder BOM ( starting Jan 17)
do. Good stitches Believe Blocks...DONE
Bee a {modern} swapper Jan blocks...no progress
#scrappytripalong quilt top...DONE...now to baste and quilt

and adding to the list...
Lattice sofa pillows because I am crazy!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My WiP Wednesday

I am already liking have this weekly reminder of  "Oh, I need to get something done!"  Thank you Lee for hosting this every week...YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

Spent a better part of last Sunday...or was it Saturday ironing these babies :o)

And I have the top done with the exception of some minor trimming!!!! Please excuse the bad lighting and the GREEN tape.

I was also able to finish my do.Good Stitches Believe blocks...WOOT WOOT!!!!!  I was hoping for better pics but the rain has been nonstop for days here.

So my progress
The Lucky Stars...practice block DONE, need to do Jan block
Aurifil BOM...no progress, waiting for fabric
Gen X BOM...no progress
Skill Builder BOM ( starting Jan 17)
do. Good stitches Believe Blocks...DONE
Bee a {modern} swapper Jan blocks...no progress
#scrappytripalong quilt top...DONE...now to baste and quilt

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Monday, January 14, 2013

What the heck did I do and meet LOLA!

I was working on my Believe block for do.Good Stitches and I was following the tutorial...so I thought...

Looks all colorful,nice and pretty but it is .5 too small *headbang*. I was looking at the tutorial on my ipad( without my glasses) and thought I was using the SAME ruler to get the same results. It is not the same ruler and I SUCK!!!! So back to the bins I go to get more scraps...

The good news is I found a new baby!  Right there at the Goodwill was this UGLY case marked $9.99, I picked it up and it was kinda lightweight so I HAD to look!!!!

This is what was inside!!!!!  Isn't she LOVERLY!!!!! No instructions so I had to figure out how to thread her but I was able to figure it out ( I may not be able to follow a tutorial but I can thread ANY machine).

She sews beautifully!!!!

I think she needs a name...LOLA!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday for me and the WINNER!!!!

I have a list a mile long of things I intend to do. I have a list a mile long of what I should do. I have a list a mile and a half long of things I know I will never get to but want to try anyway... and I am going to keep them all posted every week to help keep my list from controlling ME!!!!

Today I did start one of my intend to do...which is now officially a WIP :) It is my first block for the Lucky Stars on Don't Call Me Betsy

I chose Amy Butler fabrics from my stash. I decided I LOVED the Solstice Stars Pineapple Princess Quilt that I made last year so much that I wanted to have one for my house. The Pineapple Princess is being loved in San Diego :o) So this star quilt will have the same feel but nowhere near as beautiful quilting since I am NO quilting master,LOL! Laurie Tigner did an amazing job!!!!

So I have...
The Lucky Stars started
The Aurifil BOM...no progress
The Gen X BOM
The Skill Builder BOM ( starting Jan 17)
do. Good stitches Believe Blocks...fabrics chosen...WOO HOO
Bee a {modern} swapper Jan blocks...no progress

and the #tripalong quilt is still hanging whilst I decide how to keep the scrappy peace and keep mama happy ;o)

Linked to W.i.P. Wednesday

I also need to announce the WINNER of the Giveaway!!!! Thanks everyone for participating :o) I have more great giveaways in mind.

I will be contacting you via email in the morning!!!!!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...
I've been thinking of joining the scrappy trip along. My strips are all different sizes and the thought of sorting them gives me a headache! Love your idea of using a jelly roll. Or hmmm... i have a honeybun laying around too!
January 2, 2013 7:56 PM


Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Scrappytripalong and a new toy!!!!

Oh, so exciting!!!!! I was able to get lost in the strips and sets of my #scrappytripalong quilt this weekend!!! Spent some time with Magnum, pi cutting these sweet fabrics!!

and with the help of a Joanns 40%off sale I bought my first OLFA rotary blade! I am IN LOVE...helps with my arthritic issues so much! I should have had one of these LONG ago!!!! Wishing I had gotten the 60 instead of the 45 but I am so thrilled at how much easier it is to cut fabric I am not going to whine!

 These were from Saturday!

This was the progress Sunday morning

The in house engineer said he was not loving the busy blocks so to keep the love I broke the blocks up and this is where I am now...I had to staple Pellon batting to the wall to hold all the blocks,LOL! It is seven feet wide and REALLY long. I am going to do something fun but I am still deciding what that fun will be...

Have you been working on your #scrappytripalong blocks?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scrappy Trip Along Aurifil and Tula Pink Giveaway

I was cutting strips and it dawned on me that the Scrappy Trip Along could be EASILY done with a Jelly Roll!!!!  I do have these A-HA moments every now and again ;o)

Don't you think Tula Pink The Birds and The Bees would make a FANTABULOUS Scrappy Trip Along quilt and of course you would need the perfect Aurifil colors to match.

Having recently purchased this Jelly Roll from Fat Quarter Shop ( LOVE THEM) I found the perfect colors to match from Aurifil and WOW!!!!!

The giveaway is for one fabulous Tula Pink jelly roll and three large spools of YUMMY Aurifil thread!

To enter for your chance in this giveaway:

1. Leave a comment letting me know if you have joined the Scrappy Trip Along yet ( you know you want to)

2. Become a new follower of my blog ( LOVE new friends) and leave a comment letting me know or if you are already a follower ( LOVE Y'ALL) leave a comment giving me a Happy New Year HUG
(the more love the better)!!!!!

The giveaway will be open until Jan 7th and a random winner will be chosen and announced by Jan 9th.

Good Luck and Happy Scrappy Trip Along!!!!!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The horrible terrible no good very bad sewing day with a happy #scrappytripalong ending!

I had one of THOSE sewing days a few days ago...

But first, pretty fabric strips which do work into the tale of sewing woe...

It was one of those days alright, in no more than 30 minutes, I broke my feed dog knob on my old Bernina, SOB!

Then I broke my needle

I proceeded to fmq my glove into my quilt...

looks like one single entry but

EEEEEPPPPPP! Thank goodness my finger was spared!!!!!

I was posting these especially cool shots on instagram and was ready to walk away from sewing (for at least an hour) and I saw it!!!!!

Heather's post on a new quilt she was working on and was hooked!!!!  So cool, but did I really need to start something so complicated when obviously I was sewing challenged for the day?  I asked if there was a pattern and she linked me to Lucy and Norman  where there is a It's a Scrappy Sew A Long!!!!! She is using the tutorial on Quiltville  that even I can follow so I was sucked completely in!!!!!

I grabbed some fabric and went to work...not too bad but WRONG!

That was fine,I cut more fabric

When I finished with three I  was feeling the groove

This is how far I have gotten as of this morning. I was going to make pillows but I think I will continue to make a whole quilt. I do think I need a larger design wall!!!!

So go drink the Scrappy Kool-Aide and join in on the fun!!!!

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