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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sick kids and sewing progress or lack thereof

This is what it looks like in my sewing room today...GAH!
Seriously keeping it real...

Last Thursday the little man and I had a great day filled with turtles, tadpoles and salamanders!  He was great until the last hour or so he was not himself and then it happened...right before dinner...in the kitchen trashcan...GAH! Poor guy caught something more than cute pond creatures :o(

This was the last good shot and fun of the day!

It really puts a damper on things with sick ones in the house especially when then it travels to the other kids in the house...she was struck HARD!  The poor dear!

So since last Thursday I have been the keeper of the sickies...hoping they will be better tomorrow since I have so much to do and now not so much time left to do it all in!

I was able to start these on Sunday

Today I will be back and forth between my little loves and this room to try to take care of it all...we'll see how that works out ;o)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This special quilt is for my son's teacher that was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo. The children participated in the making of the quilt for their teacher and I cannot wait for the children to see their quilt that will give Ms.V so much comfort. I will be taking it  into the class to show them and I know they will love it!

I used a Lori Holt Riley Blake Polka Dot Stitches jelly roll and Moda Bella White.  The piecing and quilting were all done with Aurifil 50wt. The batting used was Pellon Nature's Touch.

See the sweet handprints?   I could NOT have done this without the help of the a very lovely and talented lady, who I happen to adore!  Laurie Tigner!  She volunteered to quilt this quilt before it was even a real design, that is pretty incredible in my book and I ADORE and LOVE her to BITS!!!!  She brought this quilt ( all quilts in fact) to life!  THANK YOU LAURIE!

I asked Laurie if it was possible to include the children's names in the blocks with the prints and she DID IT!  I sent a listing of the names and a diagram of where each print was and she wrote each of the names with the print that goes with it.


I am sure this will be loved for many many years!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Playing with Pat Sloan!

Okay, I WISH I was playing with Pat Sloan but I have the second best thing...her NEW fabric line for Moda!!!!!!! Bobbins and Bits is so colorful and has DOTS!!!!!  I have a special place in my heart for dots and cannot seem to resist them.

Pat asked me a few weeks ago if I would like to play with her new line and I may have been more than a little excited at the chance.  So, this week it came in the mail and WOWIE WOW WOW!

Check this out!

I have been cutting like a fool and have this to show so far.  Here's to hoping for no mistakes,LOL!!!

and it even makes pretty scraps!

Back to work I go to make something hopefully and FABULOUS as Pat herself ;o)

Monday, April 15, 2013

I really love my Magic in the Middle!

I knew about Pellon and had been using their products for quite some time before I noticed their motto is "The Magic in the Middle", who could not just fall in love with a company with so much spunk!  Recently, they updated their PellonProjects.com site and it looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!! There are hundreds of projects for beginner, intermediate and advanced sewers. All of the projects are free for your use.

Pellon invited me ( they obviously need some comedy in their day) and other talented Pellon Project designers to make a short video for the Pellon Youtube channel demonstrating our favorite product.  I was so confused as to which product was my favorite!  I ended up choosing 805 Wonder Under.  I love the versatility and ease of use of this product and know you will too!

Go look at the new site, check out and subscribe to the super useful Youtube channel and find your Magic in the Middle LOVE!  Did I forget to mention the CEO is nicknamed Chief Cutie Pie?  LOVE PELLON!!!!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Aurifil April Designer BOM

The Aurifil Designer BOM for April is designed by the fun and talented Katy Jones from Monkey Do. I had it completed a couple of weeks ago and completely forgot to post about it, must have been having a senior, blonde, mom, or just a gogomoment :o)

I am using Kate Spain's Serenade from Moda Fabrics for my entire quilt and am so happy with my choice.  I love this block, it is so easy and super sweet!

All the blocks together.  There are enough to be on their very own wall now.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Little Helping Hands mean so much!

Right before Spring Break, I was in my usual rush of trying to get everything done or at least 25% of it. I was dropping my youngest off at school and he forgot his backpack at home but had his binder.  He did not wish to carry it, as usual,  and that is what I am for anyway... right?   A piece of paper kept being blown by the breeze and finally I opened up his binder to see what it was and my eyes went directly  to two words... BREAST CANCER!  My mouth dropped open and I had to stop to read what this paper actually said.  My little guy's teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer!  She was going to try to finish out the year but it was just not possible.  I could not imagine having to deal with breast cancer or any cancer for that matter. My father-in-law passed away from small cell lung cancer almost eleven years ago.  Over the years we have had too many people we know diagnosed with cancer.  CANCER SUCKS!

Back to my guy's teacher, I knew I had to do something.  She is practically those children's second mom.  She has them every single day for six and a half hours and not only teaches them but loves them.  Kindergarten teachers are special that way.  I wanted to do something that would let her feeled loved by her kids and a way for the kids to feel like they are helping her somehow.  I started playing with ideas and before I even came up with a concrete idea my dear friend Laurie Tigner volunteered to quilt it!  I am so amazed at the love I get from my quilty friends!

I had the idea that I would have blocks that had the outline of the children's hands but it was not really quite right...have I mentioned how much I LOVE instagram and facebook?  I made a couple of horrible samples, posted and then had great responses to help guide me...

I talked to the most AWESOME lady in the front office at the school, a cute sassy gal that always has a smile and something nice to say.  She was a huge help in organizing my effort  to make this quilt a reality!

We needed to wait until after Spring Break to get it organized so in that time, I chose the fabric and had to come up with an idea of what I was going to do with the blocks when I had them.  It had to be something colorful, not over the top childlike ( that is just not her) and something special, just like her!

I came up with what I think is the perfect quilt and was able to get it together in a very short time ( for me).

On April 8th I decided to use a Riley Blake Polka Dot Stitches by Lori Holt jelly roll my mom had sent to me for Christmas. Thanks Mom!

On April 9th is when I actually came up with the idea for the quilt and made a sample Irish Chain to see if it would work! And it DID!

Then I was hoping that my LQS had a Moda Bella Jelly Roll in white.  Sadly they did not but I remembered that I have an Accuquilt Go at home and that I had just purchased 4 yds of white from Bloomerie in the last solids sale!

By that afternoon I was ready to go!

By the end of The Voice Monday night I had sets started!

April 10th I started the morning out with a cup of coffee and some sewing

I met up with this cute guy and brought him lunch

Then I was helped out at the school by the lovely Ms.F getting all the kids hands traced. No absences that day which worked out perfectly.  The kids asked if we were making turkeys,LOL!  I cannot wait to show them the finished quilt.

by yesterday evening I had it all up on the board

and today...I FINISHED the quilt top!!!! I am so happy everything fell into place and so I will be able to have this in the mail to Laurie TOMORROW!

Look at all those sweet hands!!!!

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