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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Babylove Quilt finish and a new Accuquilt fabric die cutting review

I have really enjoyed making this quilt! From start to finish the process reminded me of why I love to sew.

It really started when the nice people for Accuquilt contacted me to ask if  I would like to review a collection of their new fabric cutting dies.  I  had previously reviewed some for them and made the Rockin Retro Tree Skirt  {free tutorial}.

Based on that great experience,I immediately said YES!  I am apparently a girl that just cannot say no ;o)

The things I LOVE about these fabric cutting dies...

I LOVE that is is now two colors of foam!!! So much easier to SEE!  The old die (the drunkards path) is only one color.  When it was low light, it was hard for me to see.  The one on the right I can see anytime :o)

The second and most winning feature of the Accuquilt for me is that a child can do it...better yet...MY child can do it!

He helped me with all of the blocks. He loves to do it and I always welcome the help!

This quilt was amazingly easy to put together and really the quilt top was done in about a week of part time sewing.  The hardest part of the entire process was choosing the fabrics.  I wanted it to be completely scrappy, so going through all of these was a bunch of time but in a really fun too!  The quilt has Dear Stella, Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross, Kokka, Moda, Thomas Knauer...and many many more!

I think the scrappy was a success!  I was digging how my coffee mug matched the colors!

The quilt was pieced, quilted by me on my Bernina 440qe ( please do not notice the completely imperfect circles) and bound with Aurifil thread. I used 50wt for the piecing.

This lovely 40wt for the quilting

and I hand bound this sweet quilt using this awesome Aurifil 50wt gray!  The Bohin needles are a size 11 and the most amazing needle ever.  Kelly Ann from Kelly Ann's Quilt Shop  told me these are the best and she was COMPLETELY CORRECT! They are affordable and I have had not one single bent needle.  I was going through at least three when I was using another brand.  For extra FULL FLUFF I added two layers of Pellon Nature's Touch.  Cannot have a quilt with The Magic in the Middle ( I swear, I do giggle every single time I say it).

So now it is time to say Adieu, since this is off to France to become hopefully a very loved quilt for a sweet new baby boy.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Crafty Traveler Series on Ellison Lane

In all of my brain fog, I completely forgot to post about the amazing event happening over at Ellison Lane Quilts!  Jennifer has put together a super fun series featuring tutorials and reviews for anything having to do with bags you can travel with.  Considering how many retreats are popping up all over the country, many people want to travel handmade when in route and while at events like Sew South, Stash Bash, Sew Down, Sew OK ,Sewtopia or Quilter's Take Manhattan  QUILTCON 2015!  

So look at the great sponsors...prizes ( YAAY) check out some of the links to the fun bags you can make and link up on Ellison Lane Quilts for some GOODIES you can win!
The Crafty Traveler Blog Hop is brought to you by these Sew South sponsors:
CT sponsors
My Crafty Traveler Bag series was the perfect introduction to the blog hop. I shared a favorite pattern with you and now several of my sweet and talented blogging friends are sharing their favorites with you!
From now until Sew South (March 20) I’ll be showcasing some wonderful patterns and tutorials for handmade bags and accessories. Exactly what you need to travel handmade. Whether you’re joining me for Sew South or not, I hope you’ll check out the series and enter to win one of the three great prizes!

Prizes? Did she say prizes? YES!

CT prizes
#1: Free Spirit Fabric (Crafty Traveler Tote supplies & 4 selections from Joel Dewberry’s new line Botanique), a new Omnigrid rotary cutter and mini mat
#2: A variety box of 50 threads from Coats & Clark
#3: An assortment of interfacings and batting from Pellon
To enter to win, there will be a link-up here at Ellison Lane from March 6-12. Simply use the link tool link up your version of a travel handmade item- a bag, a purse, a tote, a clutch, a pouch, or a travel accessory. Link from a NEW blog post or your Flickr account, Threadbias account or Facebook page. 
US residents only (my apologies to my overseas friends.)
The blog hop kicks off today with a visit to  Patchwork Posse & Fabric Mutt.
Check out Becky’s fabulous messenger bag tutorial:
and then hop over to see Heidi’s adorable travel case tutorial:
Want to look ahead?
Here’s the Blog Hop Schedule:
3/6: Link-up opens at www.ellisonlane.com
3/13: Winners announced!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Charm Pack Cherry Quilt from Fat Quarter Shop

I love quilts that can be for any level of sewer!  My goal is to have EVERYONE sewing so when Fat Quarter Shop asked if I would make a quilt using this pattern, I said  "ABSOLUTELY!"  Let me tell you, it goes together so fast, it is one of those " I need a gift right now!", I want to make something quick just for me ( this is what I did), or if you just need to get your sewjo back after a sewing lull, this is a project you can feel good about making and completing with no fuss and muss.

I chose to use Kate Spain Sunnyside for Moda Fabrics and Moda Bella Solids in Silver.  I LOVE how this turned out!  It is a warm fuzzy quilt for me to help keep me toasty warm for the rest of the winter.  Katy said she was going to take it from me and I hope she is joking!

As per our usual photo sessions, there was laughing since the wind would not stop blowing and one of these days, I suppose we should find a new spot to try to photograph!  In this pic, you can see the yummy fuzzy backing and the quilting that is there to hold the backing in place but is not tight at all.

The pattern for The Charm Pack Cherry is a free pattern  available on the Fat Quarter Shop website. Kimberly Jolly from Fat Quarter Shop made a youtube video to share how very easy it is to make this quilt.  If you are a beginner quilter, this would be a great starter quilt!  Grab the pattern, your charm packs, and let Kimberly walk you through the steps!

If you do not happen to have charm packs in your stash or you are looking for some new fun fabrics (  Kate Spain Daydreams is now out), you will not want to miss the Charm pack sale!  An amazing deal at 20% off ALL charm  packs!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

#loveiseverywhere...or why showing up to quilt guild meetings are a good idea!

If you are a friend on instagram  may have seen my  hashtag #loveiseverywhere.

It started in April 2011, way before I was even on instagram,  when I was taking down trees in the front yard with a chainsaw ( it was my anniversary present) and I had never seen anything like this before...right in the middle of this tree was a perfect little heart.  I have been seeing hearts ever since.  I do not look for them, I have never even really liked heart anything but there they are. They remind me that even on my crappy days, when I look awful and cannot seem to get out of my own way...there it is...always...LOVE...

So, back to the pillow that really is the reason you are here...

The Fredericksburg Modern Quilt Guild is held either on a weeknight, which I cannot do until the in house engineer finishes his Master's program ( SEVEN MORE MONTHS), or on the weekend.  I have missed more than one from having to do the mama thing but I promised Becky from Sarcastic Quilter  that I would make this one!

I have been working on the binding for the Baby Love quilt so I grabbed it and off I went.

I was not even remotely on time but there were still some fun to be had for sure and Rhonda at The Crazy Cousin was amazingly kind to let us use the bright and spacious classroom for our meeting. If you are in Fredericksburg, stop in and do some shopping!

This is me and Becky in the FAB classroom!!!

We had some laughs and I was able to get a ton of my binding on! So much so, that I may be completed with my quilt this weekend. Amazing what one can accomplish with uninterrupted sewing time.

So we were doing a little sew and tell and Becky brought out the pillow...OMG!!!! I said LOOK  #loveiseverywhere!!!!  Is that for me ( I was seriously joking)?  When she said yes, I about fell over!!!!

Did I happen to mention that I have been blessed with the MOST AMAZING group of friends EVER!?!

Becky has a FREE  Heart Block tutorial on her blog for this beauty!  She is really amazing and I love her!

Now it is stuffed an on my sofa as a reminder that #loveiseverywhere and show up to your Quilt Guild meetings, you just never know what surprises await you :o)


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sew My Stash Challenge

Heather Valentine from The Sewing Loft asked me if I would be interested in a fun little challenge with a kit she was putting together.  I am always up for a challenge and said yes immediately!

She sent me the kit and asked for two of the items in the kit be included in the final project.  It is very easy to come up with a MILLION things to do with Anna Maria Horner fabric, so that one was EASY PEASY!  I look through and pondered what could be done and really the possibilities were endless.

Since I have had kids under my feet and in my hair since early December ( the snow situation has gotten way out of hand, this is the side entry to my house!)

I am behind on everything so I put this project off until the last minute ( please do not judge) but I had an AHA! moment and realized that I have the perfect project right here on my blog!  BABY BIBS!

My good friend Erin from Pellon had a sweet baby last October and I have been meaning to outfit her sweet Miss Bean in stylish Best Bib on the Block  ( FREE bib tutorial) bibs and this was the little nudge I needed to have these made before the baby starts college!

I used the fabric and the sweet ribbon for the bib.  I cannot remember ever using ribbon before but am loving the look so much, I may have a new addiction ( the in house engineer will be thrilled).  I also went through my stash of Aurifil thread and found my trusty 50wt and a gorgeous 40wt for topstitching.

To add the ribbon is SUPER easy! In the instruction right after you sew the two pieces of bib front fabric together just take your piece of ribbon, center it, pin it in place (I need to pin) and topstitch about 1/8 in from either edge.  Then just sew the rest of the bib as shown in the tutorial :o)

I will be making more bibs for Miss Bean and I found I can make two with these two fat quarters and have scraps left over for my scrap bins...LOVE!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Great Destash Giveaway ( winner announced)

Seems like forever ago now that is started cleaning my sewing room!  I am getting closer to where I am satisfied with what I have and where it is all placed ( meaning I can walk in my room and not trip over piles any longer). I had mentioned a destash giveaway on instagram and there was plenty of support so here is the first...

This giveaway is a  STUNNING Dear Stella fat quarter bundle and two spools of Aurifil thread, the orange spool is 50wt #5001 and the green spool is 40wt #2240.

Thank you everyone!  Loved reading all the plans for the summer! More snow and school delays here.

Congratulations to

 Denise Clason said...
We love having picnics and pool party's.
February 19, 2014 at 9:02 PM

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kitchen Stitches Coupon Keeper!

When Heather from The Sewing Loft and I talked about doing a fun little blog hop I immediately jumped in with " I want to do your project!"

I am not a bag maker, I have made a few and I am still not a bag maker but that being said I love to challenge myself and expand my sewing experiences to include all sewing.  Each time I try something new I learn and I think it builds my creativity.

This is my version of the  the fabulous Valentine's Day Coupon Keeper by Heather Valentine!

The pattern is easy well written and I was able to put the bag together in one day ( including interruption from kids, dog, and general life stuff).  The book provides enough photographs for this visual sewer to "get" what is going on without crying or pulling out hair. I need the visual help ALL the time!

The mini dresden I HAD to HAVE! I looked all over for a free pattern but ended up just purchasing this mini pattern from elegantius on Craftsy.  I hand stitched the mini down with some beautiful Aurifil floss!  The bag is also completely assembled with Aurifil 50wt.  I would have used 40wt for an extra wow with the topstitching but I apparently ran out and forgot.

I am not a pink girl so I went with more of the reds for the mini that were all pulled from the now organized scrap bins.  The reds look so fantabulous with the gray dots! The dots I chose are Patty Young  from Mod Kid that are sold at Joann's ( get outta town)!  I have to say I am super happy about Fabric Traditions stepping up their game with modern designers and better quality base fabrics.  It helps  to have more choices locally.

I made sure to use my "Magic in the Middle" Pellon Wonder Under to secure the dresden in place and Fusible Fleece to give the bag body and stability!

There is TONS of room on the inside of this bag for all of your stuff!  There is even extra room for the emergency Aurifloss...LOL! And yes, I still have a stupid phone.

The front pocket is great for those extra coupons for your Wegmans almond milk... YUMMY savings!

and Heather was my CHEERLEADER for the video by Martingale!  I could not have done it without her awesome support :o)

Here is her tips and tricks video on reinforcing corners, which I used on this bag.

Please stop by and visit the rest of  blogs this week sharing the Valentine's Day inspired projects from the book Kitchen Stitches.

2/4   Becky at the Patchwork Posse 
Kim at My Go-Go life
2/5   Amy at FormWork Designs
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Kitchen Stitches Blog Hop

In January ( I lie, it was December) Heather Valentine contacted me about possibly doing some fun things with the book projects so that everyone could see that these projects are for everyone...you can make each and everyone one of these projects to suit you and anyone can sew them!  I promise, if I can sew them, anyone can!

It only took three weeks and Christmas break and snow days ( lots of snow days) for us to get back together and she was awesome and organized a fun little blog hop!  Our theme is Valentine's Day and I cannot wait to share with you what I can working on :o)  Here is a sampling of the fun things  you can be sewing for your Valentine!

Heather from The Sewing Loft  made my Pan Holders and added some FUNTASTIC free motion quilting!  LOVE!

Please visit these other great sites this week to see some of the projects featured above can look in different fabric choices.

2/4   Becky at the Patchwork Posse 
Kim at My Go-Go life
2/5   Amy at FormWork Designs
Deby at So Sew Easy
2/6  Rebecca at Ruby Blue Quilts
Jackie at Jabot Quilts
2/7  Melissa at Happy Melissa Quilting
2/8 Kari at Fresh Cut Quilts

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