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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Everyday I wake up and say to myself,  "Self you are going to blog today!"

Everyday that has not been happening.  In late July was my last post and here it is SEPTEMBER and I am just getting back into the swing of some things.  I have had things to say and sewing to share. I am on Instagram as Gogokim and try to at the very least post some things there to keep connected.  I may also be very guilty of overgramming on occasion.

There was a very long car trip (2600 miles is a long trip right?)  with two kids and me this summer to see the oldest son, his ( I cannot say this enough) WONDERFUL wife , who so kindly puts up with me, and the two sweetest grandsons ever.  There was also the stops through to see the spare older son  to and back from seeing the oldest.  It was a very last minute decision and I could not have been happier!

And Gary...OMG!!!!  I love this guy!!!! In OK we visited Lost Creek Safari  and we allowed to hold a baby kangaroo named Jack and kiss a baby camel named Gilbert.  If you are in Stillwater...GO to this place!  I lived in San Diego and had a membership to the Zoo/ Wild Animal Park and this place was better as far as exposure to the animals.  I still love and miss San Diego Zoo but I cannot wait to go back and see Gary again!!!

With the trip I bought home the latest and not so greatest crud that was in OK and even left some in TN ( Sorry Michael) .  So there was another 12 days of my life...GONE!!!!  Still, no blogging.

School started for everyone and with that came new schedules, new drop off and pick up times and juggling how to be every where at once.

Something HAD to give!  sadly, it was my blog.  My connection to the quilting community.  So here I am, after way too long, to start back to doing what I love.  Connecting to my online quilting friends.

I am discontinuing SEWjo Saturday.  I cannot give it the attention it really deserves.  I loved hosting it and I may bring it back next summer.  I do appreciate all the great link ups from everyone.  I hope you had fun too.

For now, I am working on a few projects, one is a tutorial for a new quilt I have designed ( that will be coming out at the end of Oct if all goes as planned...fingers crossed and it is STUNNING), a couple  of quilts for a friend and this one in the photo being the most important to me.   There will be 200 log cabins and I am about half way there. It is all clothing sized from newborn to XXL.  It is an incredible learning experience  using all of the different textures.  There is rayon, cotton, silk, poly, different cords, satin, microsuede and just about anything else you can imagine.  I have started on the second 100+ blocks and hoping I will have this completed soon.  Again, if everything goes as planned.  And as this past six weeks has shown me, I am not in control.

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