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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quilts for Kayla Rose { #theyearofgiving}

The Falling Leaves Quilt top was completed in November 2011.  A stunning top made with Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley.  I remember this quilt top very well because it was my first lesson in measure twice cut once!  I cut all of the center blocks 1/4in too small!  The fabric was out of print, of course, but luckily enough, it was indeed found ( on Etsy) and I finished this beautiful top.  It was never quilted since I had no idea how to quilt such a beauty.

So the quilt top has been folded on my vintage ladder in my sewing room, looking rather sad and unloved until I read a post from my friend Penny Barnes.

If you do not know Penny, you should!  This lady rocked my little world last year by making a quilt for my son in Afghanistan.  She, her son and his class of second graders made the most wonderful  surprise quilt for Michael. She is honestly the most giving person of her time, her talent and, mostly, her love.

When I saw on Facebook that Penny was collecting quilt tops and quilts for Kayla Rose. Kayla's family lost her to cancer in November 2003.   These quilts in her memory to be delivered to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital on Feb 14, the day Kayla was born.  This is the photo of Kayla that her family shared.  I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to watch my children suffer through cancer treatments. I cannot imagine losing a child.  My heart goes out to this family and any family with children that are sick or have been lost.

When I saw Penny's post, I knew the quilt top was meant for her. I cannot imagine a more appropriate  place to give such a beautiful bright quilt. It is the very least I can do.

Penny quilted it up and brought it to life ( as talented longarmers seem to do) and here is the finished quilt that will be joining many others ( thank you everyone) to provide love to children in need.

Here is Penny with a stack of beauties of the quilts to be shipped!  Thank you Penny for organizing such a beautiful memorial to a swat girl and quilt drive!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Four is perfect for a weekend sew :o)

I was able to finish four little dresses this weekend.  The first took the longest since no matter how hard I try, I am not a pattern reader.  I like to see things done so it takes me a try or two ( sometimes three) to be able to *see* what I am reading.  After I figured out what I supposed to be doing I had an assembly like ready to go.  It only took a few hours not much more to make the three remaining dresses give or take 30 minutes since apparently people living here want to eat and still need laundry washed.  Hopefully there will be a playdate organized soon ( I am trying) to have many hands making these adorable dresses to send to some very deserving girls.

Alexander Henry Kleo is one of my all time favorites. I have a skirt in the black/red colorway.

Ginger Blossom Tiles by Sandy Henderson!  I can see a little girl feeling like a princess in this dress!

Amy Butler Love is one of the happiest fabric lines EVER and this one makes my heart sing!

The love for making these prompted a stash raid!  Everything has been properly washed and dried and is waiting to be ironed ( any volunteers?) It may be time to teach the kids to iron,LOL!

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