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Friday, March 31, 2017

Freestyle Friday!

Is Freestyle Friday a thing?  No not really. At least until today!

Blogging can be hard work and sometimes everyone has to take a short break to get caught up with work ( did someone say tax season?), kids (tennis season started), doctor's appointments and getting caught up sewing projects for friends and Quilt Market!

Although I cannot share the projects for friends and Quilt Market, I was able to whip up some other fast projects to share here!

The title of this #talltalesblockis Inspire!

When the older kids were younger ( a very very very long time ago) I would crank Bob Marley on the single guy speakers (  the speakers that the in house engineer bought before we were married hence the "single guy" part).

It would be me, the boys and Bob ❤

Three Little Birds was a favorite and was inspiration to just be in the moment to enjoy where you are and who you are with. It means so much more now to me than ever with the kids being older and flying this way or the other. With other changes that are taking life this way and that with the wind predicting the direction.

"Don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright."

  • I am sure you cannot see the title of this story made using @katebasti's #talltalesblock pattern.

    It is called " Jump as off a diving board"

    There are many things in life that you have to just close your eyes and take the plunge! Many things you are also just pushed in for the side of the pool rather unexpectedly! .

    Either way, you hit the cold water and gasp for a second or two before you can start enjoying the water. 

    Once you start enjoying the water you totally forget about that initial first response and embrace the good. 

    Unless you cannot swim in which case wear life vests ALL THE TIME, especially around the cousins you know will push you in! .

    Anyway, the book covers are from my #100days100blocks collection made from a variety of fabrics,  the pages are upcycled shirts and my thread is always Aurifil ❤

I also made another bib for  my grand daughterHazel 🌰 Beautiful butterfly πŸ¦‹fabric  and ribbon with a purple chenille backing πŸ’œIt will be perfect for her! 

And Spring happened in the past week with all kinds of plants blooming!  

Tomorrow I am considering driving up to the AQS Show in Lancaster, PA with Katy so there is a possibility of Saturday Sewing including tons of beautiful quilt photos! 

What have you been sewing this week?


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Sewing

I have been a bad blogger this week.  There was a last minute business trip to Ohio to visit +Checker Distributors that put me behind schedule on sewing and posting.  It was so fast that I did not even get the opportunity to take photos.  It is an amazing facility and all of the team there were so incredibly gracious.  Even though I am now playing catch-up, it was really so very worth it!

This week I did add to my Tall Tales blocks.  Only by one but something is always better than nothing.

Yes, even though I do not eat thighs, breasts or even 🍳 eggs on Sundays, I WANT chickens! I can feed the eggs to the people that live here or just give them away! 

Along with the chickens I would have a goat 🐐 named Pricilla and ducks πŸ¦† Ringo, πŸ¦† George πŸ¦† John and πŸ¦† Mick. Mick because I never really was all that into Paul but Jagger is the BOMB! .

I would also have a garden with πŸ…, potatoes πŸ₯” hot 🌢 and 🌽❤❤❤

The chickens would be allowed to roam free in the garden to eat the 🐜 bugs and horn πŸ› that like to eat tomato 🌱 Naughty worms! .

I have dreamt of this garden since I was 6. There may have also been some long skirts and big hats involved too but now that I realize how difficult big skirts are that is not happening! I am however fully embracing a big old hat! 

The make from a combination of my #100days100blocks and @katebasti #talltalesblock and stitch with +Aurifil .

I am also making baby bibs for my granddaughter! She has been using the bibs I made for her brothers YEARS ago!  It was time for a change! 

And because no trip is complete without the last minute insanity of things, I had to fix my bag strap for my Cathedral Windows bag!

What have you been sewing this week?


Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Motivation { free bag patterns}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation and a very hearty welcome to SPRING!  I am the happiest in warmer weather so the official change to Spring makes my heart sing with delight at the approaching days filled with warmth, the sun being up much longer and the carefree days of sewing outside!

I also like to make new bags and pouches for Spring.  Simple things I can grab as I am running out the door.  This collection contains everything from tiny zip pouches to a fancy bag for special occasions since sometimes those happen too!

Love this simple mini make-up pouch with a free tutorial by Alice and Lois available here.

The Open Wide Zipper pouch from Noodlehead has been my go-to bag forever! I have one in each size and use them daily! Get the tutorial here.

The simplicity of the Basket Tote and pattern from Sew Can She here.

Super CUTE box pouch pattern from Sew Desu Ne!  You can find the pattern and tutorial by visiting here.

All About Ami has two sweet crochet pouches to make using her free tutorial here.  Make one for you and one for a friend! 

Swoon Patterns has a fun clutch and wristlet pattern!  Heidi is a small bag with big dreams! perfect for date night! Find the free pattern by visiting here

Warmer weather means grab and go! You can make and take this Zipper Card Pouch featured on Craft Passion with the free pattern here

Need a fancy bag?  Emmaline's Bags has the upscale Miss Maggie's Handbag as a free pattern by visiting here.

I hope you find inspiration in these tutorials and make some creative time for yourself! 

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Sewing { story book blocks free pattern link}

Happy National Quilting Day!

How will you be celebrating today?  I hope you will be sewing up a storm!

I am sure there will be sewing at some point in the day.  Fabrics have been chosen for various projects ( always) and I am looking forward to some one on one time with my machine.

Earlier this week, I spent time making Tall Tale Book Blocks.  The free pattern is by Kate Basti and can be found here.

I used a variety of fabrics for my blocks and the pages of the books are made with up cycled men's shirts or seersucker slacks. All of my blocks are paper pieced using +Aurifil thread.

This block is the story of my son.  My first child. My baby.

This one is the story of my baby that was 29 on St.Patrick's Day. I know...I can someone SO YOUNG have a 29 year old? Well, that is easy...I got pregnant! 

I was not supposed to be able to get pregnant but it happened anyway ( doctors can be wrong just so you know). I received a + pregnancy test and acceptance into Hospital Corpsman school on the same morning. I had the highest score that had ever gotten to test into the school. I was told I had to make a choice. I could have a baby or go to school. I could not do both. 

I said thanks but no thanks. When you are 20 and told that you will never be able to have a baby naturally, it is a game changer, a life shaker. I knew that I wanted my baby more than anything.

I had no idea how much that one decision would change the rest of my life.

The baby boy that was born March 17th is my everything. I would never have and will still never trade my time with him for anything else is the world. He shifted my views on the world, on love on relationships. He has taught me the meaning of love, forgiveness and has known more loss than I will ever understand.

All of the choices made in life are made based on what we know at the time. 

The boy in the in the book is my boy, my love and my dream come true and the best St.Patricks Day gift ever! 

The second block I made was a fun one remembering the times I had with my two older boys while they were growing up! 

  • "The princess longed for a simpler life..."

    I spent so much time with my boys when they were younger. We lived in Sunnyvale, then Jacksonville and then San Diego. I would always find outdoor activities to keep them running! Those days at the beach, the zoo and a variety of museums also left me more tired than them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I dreamed of one day having a small homestead with chickens, a garden ( or avocado πŸ₯‘ grove) and maybe some ducks πŸ¦† A simpler life...

    That dream is not happening like EVER now but I can go visit +PersimonDreams  at her orchard instead and pretend ❤

    Finally, I made this sweet little bird Economy Block just for fun!

    I hope you have a FABULOUSLY FUN Quilter's holiday!  If you are looking for me you may be able to find me here...


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WIP Wednesday { true confessions}

How many unquilted quilt tops do you have in your sewing room?  Two? Ten? More?

This is the point where I have to openly admit to being a block piecing addict.  This is the part where I need to look at what is in my Go-Go Studio and really take stock on what is there. What has been completed, the what the Heck was I thinking and the why did I start that one? I have found literally hundreds of blocks...HUNDREDS of blocks.  They are pieced perfectly and look amazing but when will I stitch them up into an actual quilt top...I have no clue...I have other blocks I am looking forward to making

I have a problem!

Isn't that what happens every time we reorganize, clean up, clear out or move to a new house and have to pack up everything that is on the room, only to find 25 unquilted tops, 3,256 blocks created from at least 432 different unidentable fabrics ( good luck to you trying to match that one lovely floral print you found on clearance seven years ago now).

I had to remind myself of what a finished quilt top even looks like!  I found these within three nano seconds of walking into the studio.  There are more hiding in nooks and crannies or this and other rooms in the house.  It is shameful...

This was my first quilt along with p.s.i quilt. It is Katie Jump Rope Fabrics and really just delightful!  I started meandering and then seemed to have lost interest.  I will have to pick it up again and finish it before Summer!  This is the perfect picnic quilt!

This one was for the Jacqueline Steves Maggi's First Dance Sew Along last year.  I taught myself how to thread paint!

You can find my tips for thread painting here. I used Aurifil thread in a variety of colors and weights. I loved the results.  Still unsure how to quilt this one so it sits in the pile of to be quilted later...

This one is a not bound one.  I made this one for a swap.  The pattern is by +Sarah Fielke .  It is for my friend +Jules Procrasticraft ( if she is still speaking to me...LOL).  I pieced and quilted this lovely quilt using Aurifil 50wt.

It may or may not have binding by this Summer.  

So that is my true confession for the day.

I feel better about sharing my piecing problem and maybe just maybe I will be able to garb some blocks and FINISH a quilt sometime this year...after I make just a few more blocks...

What part of quilt making is your favorite?


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Sewing Economy Blocks { free pattern link }

Have you been sewing this week?  I am really pounding out my Economy Blocks!  At least I am trying to get through a bunch of these blocks so I can see an end in sight and maybe come up with a plan for setting them!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

All of my blocks were made using the free pattern on Generations Quilt Patterns here. They have a 2", 3" and 4" finished.  The one I have been using is 4" finished. 

For all of my centers, I am making fussy cuts.  

Many of my fussy cuts are from out of print and hard to find fabrics. There is nothing worse than thinking you have a great fussy cut only to realize that you are way off! 

On Wednesday I shared how I make these both easily and inexpensively.  You can find this tutorial by visiting here. There is no reason to waste the good fabrics with bad fussy cuts! 

The center fabrics are a lovely variety and the surrounding fabrics are mostly Liberty of London. All of my blocks are paper pieced using +Aurifil  50wt thread.  I paper piece on my Bernina using a 1.5 inch stitch length and am LOVING the Schmetz Chrome needles! 

Here are the newest additions to the Economy Block Village! 

The most wonderful part is that some of my friends have been sending me some fun fussy cut fabrics to be part of this grand quilt!   I LOVE the happy and unexpected happy mail I have been receiving these past few weeks from +Pat Sloan+Amanda Leins and Sharon Holland!   Thank you all for helping me grow my village!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday { fussy cut template video}

WIP Wednesday will include my economy blocks for a few more weeks.  I do want to finish these beauties up before moving on to something new.

This week I am sharing my tips for making the lovely fussy cut centers.  I never need to blind cut or even guesstimate with my rulers when I have a simple and inexpensive template!

The template I am going to show you how to make can be used for many different blocks.  You can customized to fit your piecing needs!

I am going to show you how to make this template using the current blocks I have been working on using the Economy Block pattern from Generations Quilt Patterns.  I am using the 4" finished block at the pattern can be found here.

For the template you will need:

Your pattern
Parchment paper ( not freezer paper)
A ruler
A fine tip Sharpie or pen

Print up your pattern and trim. Cut a piece a parchment paper larger than the area you want you for your fussy cut.  This is not exact since these can be used for almost any fussy cut block.

With your sharpie or pen and a ruler, trace the center block, the 1/4 seam mark and I add another 1/4 seam on the outside.

I always like to create a little wiggle room for my fussy cuts.  Most of mine are from out of print fabrics and if I cut too much, it is wasted fabric.  I have never been disappointed in adding a little wiggle room!

Select a fabric you LOVE!  I love this Munki Munki  Figaro print!

If you do not know the difference in parchment and freezer paper, this is why it needs to be parchment and not freezer.

Freezer paper is thicker and more difficult to see through.  It is FABULOUS for other tricks in the sewing room but this paper needs to sit on the bench for this game!

Parchment paper on the other hand is the best way to see what you are doing when making the fussy cut template.

With the parchment paper, you can see through the template well enough to see that sweet Figaro fits perfectly into the square!

I like to use a sharp flat head pin to secure the template over the desired fussy cut. Sometime I will move it once or twice to make sure it is exactly where I want it to be.

Then take a deep breath and trim!  I have a broken ruler that I use for this type of trimming.  I do not need a big ruler and I LOVE that I can still make use of one that was broken.

Before you know it, you will have a whole stack of adorable fussy cuts ready to be made into blocks!

I also made a super short video for how I make my template pattern.

This is an easy and inexpensive way to safe your precious fabrics and possibly some sanity too!

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Motivation { sewing studio reorganization}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation!

Blooming flowers, random freak snow showers and the sun being up longer everyday can only mean one thing...that SPRING is finally going to be here! The Spring cleaning fever hit hard last week!  It was time to do something about my space!  Monday Motivation this week is taking time to tidy up your studio, space or room to help you be more productive!

Here are some peeks at what has been happening in the studio to create a better of thought and ideas!

It has been so much work.  I am sure it will be well worth all of the efforts!~

This is a china cabinet from a thrift store I bought years ago.  I eventually took off the doors, sealed the holes and painted the entire this white!  It has bee a very useful storage unit in my studio.

The top I have now stored most of my Heather Ross Collection, some baskets and odds and ends.  Every sewing room has those odds and ends that you can never find JUST the right spot.  SO they are all ending up on these shelves!

The drawers below are where I have always stored by office supplies and stationary items.  Hopefully soon I will purge those drawers too.  They have become a bit of a mess.

The wire baskets I purchased from +Target  last year on clearance ( SCORE) and hold so much fabric! They fit perfectly in the cabinet but also fit the Billy Book shelves!

I removed the big black mirror that was in the corner.  It will find another place in the room but that will require anchors, stud finding and all kinds of nonsense I do not have time for this week.  Maybe next weekend.

In this lovely light corner is an +IKEA USA Billy shelf holding many of my sewing books, my mannequin wearing my dress from Me Made May last year ( you can see the dress here) and my favorite vintage painter's ladder.  The ladder is holding my late father-in-law's cameras, some quilt tops that STILL need to be quilted ( I am so bad).

And on the bottom rungs are a variety of baskets that are holding many pincushions, spools of thread and other baskets of quilt blocks that someday are destined to become quilt tops ( did I mention I am bad πŸ˜‰)

I also made room for my stamp collection. Yes, I have a stamp collection!  They are tiny little pieces of art, history and culture.  I do have interests other than sewing LOL!

I am hoping to be back on a more normal schedule next week!

While I am still painting, organizing and purging in my sewing studio, I am also taking time to play along with Amy from +Amy Ellis from Amy's Creative Side for her Instagram #IGfest!  I have been sharing bits and pieces of my redo and posting for her daily challenges!  It has been fun! I hope you will come play along!

Today's prompt was Pillow Finish!  These are my two favorites! One is from a vintage sampler purchased from a thrift shop in 1992.  I had no idea how to sew but I still managed to figure out how to sew it up, stuff it and hand stitch it closed.  It is not pretty and it now has marker drawings from one of the kids on the back which makes it more precious and priceless to me.

The other pillow on the left is one I saw House of A La Mode make and I HAD to make one too!  Heather is the COOLEST chic I know and so who would not want to be part of that club?

The pattern is by BubbleStitch and can be purchased the Etsy shop here. It was one of the very first paper pieced blocks I had ever made.  I decided against putting a face on her.  Mostly it was because I am not the best at embroidery and then she could have been stuck with a really messed up look.  I could not do that to a poor doll!

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Sewing

Do you sew everyday?

I try my best to make sure to sew something daily but when that plan fails, I always sew on Saturday. The normal running around and tasks of weekday life sew down slightly on Saturday and Sunday to the point that I can ignore most of the noise and focus on creativity!

This week I added in the reorganization of my Go-Go Studio into the mix of crazy!  I am adding in a proper desk for my laptop and printer.  I have never had a proper office space to take care of business.  I am set excited to have a dedicated space to help keep me organized and make it so I am not running all over the place to get things done!

That means moving EVERYTHING!

I moved the big mirror out and replaced it with this IKEA shelf and my favorite painters ladder.

I will have more photos sometime next week for more updates.  My daughter has agreed to helping me out today with fabric organization. I have to act fast to take advantage of her offer!  I need all the help I can get!

Meanwhile, here are some of the things I made the past few days.

This one is for World Book Day and the pattern is FREE by Kate Basti and the link for the pattern is available through a link on her Instagram feed here.

This one is made with Heather Ross Mendocino, the selvedge is from Lightening Bugs and other Mysteries.  I was going for a Reader's Digest book look!  The pages are an up cycled shirt!  Mix your fabrics up and have fun!

This block was paper pieced using +Aurifil 50 wt thread.

The newest addition to my Economy Blocks has a fussy cut from Sharon Holland Designs for +Art Gallery Fabrics! It is surrounded by +Liberty London ( of course).

And speaking of fussy cut fabric, I received the most lovely parcel from +Blair Stocker, Wise Craft Handmade!  Inside was this gorgeous up cycled pincushion, a sweet note and some fussy cut squares that I do not already have in my stash!

OMG!  So wonderful! Thank you so much Blair, I LOVE everything!

Blair has a new book called Wise Craft Quilts!  Her quilts are made with my favorite fabrics...UPCYCLED textiles!

"I am so excited to share my newest book with you! Wise Craft Quilts: A Guide To Turning Beloved Fabrics into Personal Patchwork is a primer for making the quilts for that celebrate our family, memories, and special moments in our lives. Of all the quilts I have made, the ones that were made from special pieces- a loved ones’ clothing, a favorite vintage fabric, a lush floral print that reminded me of my grandmother- are the ones that I truly cherish. The memories they evoke, and the stories they tell, become quilts that have souls. These quilts are meant to be out in our homes and used every day. To make us smile and keep us warm, literally and metaphorically. I wrote a little blog postabout the beginning seeds of this book.
The pages include 21 unique projects made with vintage, upcycled, and collected fabrics. The projects are specifically designed to showcase these fabrics, and are geared towards both the first-time quilter, as well as the seasoned quilter looking for new inspiration. All the projects are beautifully photographed by Stephanie Congdon Barnes of 3191, with a forward written by Denyse Schmidt. The pages of this book were made with love, and I hope you love it!"

If you are looking for a place to start with making with up cycled, this is a great place to start! You can learn more about Blair's books ( there is more than one) by visiting here.

Hope you are having a FABULOUS Saturday!

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