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Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Motivation { fussy cuts, up cycling & pat sloan}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation!  This week includes so many exciting things!  Fussy cuts, up cycling and Pat Sloan...OH MY!

I will be a guest on Pat Sloan's American Patchwork and Quilting radio show this afternoon at 4pm EST!  Pat and I will have fun chatting about SEWING ( I know you are all surprised!)!

Pat and I will be chatting about my favorites!  She knows I am a fussy cutting fiend!  I will fussy cut just about anything!  

For many of my blocks for The Splendid Sampler, I added fussy cuts like this incredible paper pieced block!

I have also been slowly adding to my economy blocks with fussy cut centers.  I have a tutorial on how to create a template for these fussy cuts with a video included by visiting here.

For really tiny pieces, this pincushion center was 1/4" finished, I use a stiletto.

I also try to take full advantage of the fabrics in my stash!  Try making a template with parchment paper and try different angles for more variety! 

I have been sewing along with The Fussy Cut Sampler on Instagram and here are my latest blocks.  There are 48 total and we are on number 13 this week! 

Finally, I was going to have this quilt top finished yesterday but the final block went MISSING!  I was counting as I was sewing up to a certain point but then lost track and LOST a block.  Not quite sure what happened to it or where is is hiding.  I will have to send in diggers to find it so I can finish this top!

This is made from 100% what I call thrifted, gifted and found textiles.  It is mostly shirts from the thrift store but friends have sent me garments and i will dive into my own closet to add to the stash if need be.

I have tons of links to sewing projects with up cycled garments that you can find by visiting here

I hope you find inspiration in these tutorials and make some creative time for yourself! 

Please join me for more fabulous tutorials, inspirations and humor that I share everyday on:


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Sewing { Fussy Cut Sampler Sew Along}

This past week started the Fussy Cut Sampler Sew Along!  My friends Elisabeth and Nichole wrote this fantastic book about something that is near and dear to my heart...fussy cut quilt blocks!

If I can add a fussy cut, you know I will 😉

Fussy cuts are a way to add an element of surprise, bring a block to life or tell your personal story.

You can start your fussy cut stash by looking in your existing fabrics!  There really is fussy cut potential in almost all small print fabrics! if you do not have a huge stash, you can start asking your friends if they would like to swap or find organized swaps online.  And even I am not above buying scrap packs from time to time!  You can find scrap packs in Etsy shops or sometimes in fabric destashes on Instagram.

We had the first chapter fly by this week!  Here are my first blocks...

Block One is a fun fussy cut fabric sent to me by +Pat Sloan!  Vintage FAB!

Block Two won votes on my Instagram stories!  The Heather Ross vans are always a winner!  I chose them and and his dog for the center and the campers for the outer two spaces to keep it less cluttered and to give a more complete overall look.  It compliments instead of competes.

The chickens were another Instagram viewers choice winner!  There is a cat in the upper left corner too ( someone has to keep the chickens in line) but she is very difficult to see hiding in plain view ( as cats do)!

I simply could not resist all of the crazy HOT PINK and red dots when I found this tiny piece of cake! 

When working with small pieces and bias cut fabrics, I use two things to make my piecing more accurate:

1. Spray starch!  I LOVE starch!  I may overuse it but it helps the fabric keep its shape and gives you crisp blocks.

2. Aurifil 50wt.  This is the most popular and best piecing thread.  It is strong, thin and will not let you down.  This thread melts into the fabric to give you the most accurate seams and the flattest backs you have ever seen.  Not all 50 wt threads are the same.  The weight is the raw material, not the final product.

I hope you will join the fun of this sew along with these fast beautiful blocks!

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