Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rainbow Quilt Top Finish!

I have been working on so many small blocks and projects, I have not had a finish of any kind in forever! 

Sewing without a finish makes me feel even further behind with sewing projects!  They are all piling up and no end in sight! 

Until today! I was able to finish this top in less than a day! SAY WHAT!?! 

Read more to find out how! 

Last weekend I went to Pineapple Fabrics for their Outlet Sale!  It was insanely busy and a ton of fun!  I wanted to bring home EVERYTHING but I was smart enough to pick up these two rolls! One is a Best Of Allison Glass ( everything she does is BEST OF in my opinion) and a roll of Tone on Tone strips.  

I did not have a plan in mind but decided on simple is better! 

Within an evening I had completed so much!  Then Heather from The Sewing Loft threw down a CHALLENGE to see who could finish first and it was ON! 

To be fair she had a full days start on her project LOL!

She did finish before me but everyone in the house ( including me) is pretty impressed with the stunning colors and that it is done!

It is very simple to make! Strips sewn in groups of 3 or 4 and then trimmed to 5" rectangles then sewn as rows! It is stupid easy!  I am in LOVE!!!!!

I pieced the quilt top using my FAVORITE Aurifil 50wt #2600 that I am renaming Go-Go Grey! It is my hands down Go-To thread for all of my projects! Love this color!

I picked up some other goodies from the sale and will be dazzling you even more soon!

have you had any fast finish projects lately?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WIP Wednesday The Splendid Sampler!

Did you know that yesterday was the One Year Anniversary of The Splendid Sampler?

ONE FULL YEAR  ago we all started the fun block making madness with Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson!  Really crazy!

I have not finished all of the blocks but here is what I have up on the design wall!

Pat and Jane are going to restart and host a Sew Along with everyone so I will be joining in that fun to finish up the sixty blocks that I fell behind on! The life of a quilter always one block ( or sixty) behind 😉

Looking through the forty I completed, here are some of my FAVORITES...

Pat and Jane are hosting a CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY HERE

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Motivation {Spring}

Welcome Back to Monday Motivation!  New Year's Day whizzed by, Valentine's Day is tomorrow!  Next in line is SPRING!  Only about 35 days until the official start of SPRING!

It is no secret that I am the biggest Winter Wimp that has ever lived.  Snow should only be experienced in photos from a warm beach somewhere that also provides fun tropical drinks with colorful umbrellas and has warm white sands! I am beyond pathetic in the cold and freeze if the temperature dips below 75 degrees!

That being laid out, you can surly understand how incredibly excited I am by Spring! Summer is better but at least I know Summer is closer!

Today's Monday Motivation is SPRING!

Life is beautiful with this free embroidery pattern from Bakercourt available here.

Master your French Knots with Down Grapevine Lane with this free Bunny in a Hoop pattern here.

This fun and colorful crocheted Maya Purse is a free pattern by Fabienne Chabrolin here.

This  crocheted garland is a beginners pattern and is free from Silly Old Suitcase here.

Country Living has an amazing collection of free cross stitch patterns including this adorable bee hive. Find all of the patterns here.

Glory Bee has floral fun with this free Spring pattern here.

I am completely in love with these Spring Cactus with a free pattern here from Makers Society.

Bijou Lovely's version of the Amsterdam quilt for Cloud 9 Fabrics is perfect for Spring! You can find the link for the free pattern here.

The lovely Apple Bloom Log Cabin Quilt is a free pattern from Tildas World here.

These lovely tulips are a free pieced pattern by Podunk Pretties.  Find this free pattern here.

Bring on the sunshine, flowers, longer daylight hours and kids playing outside! Come on Spring! 

Please join me for more fabulous tutorials, inspirations and humor that I share everyday on:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Splendid Sampler Block 100!

The Splendid Sampler has been going strong for a full year!

So many fun blocks from so many talented designers!  It was so sweet of Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson to organize and run this entire year! Thank you both so much for inviting me to play along!

The Splendid Sampler Block number 100 is by the lovely and epically talented designer Kate Spain. Kate is a wonderful lady and makes the most beautiful fabrics for Moda Fabrics!

The center of the block is a Lizzy House for Andover fussy cut mouse that I adore! I surround the center with Liberty of London florals because Kate Spain has the most beautiful garden and I thought she would like the field of flowers!

All of my blocks for The Splendid Sampler were pieced, paper pieced, appliquéd or embroidered using Aurifil threads!

I did miss some of the blocks but no worries!  The Splendid Sampler BOOK is already available for preorder and will be released on April 4, 2017! You can find out more about the release and ordering by visiting Martingale here.

And my block is on the cover ( bottom right) 💗

THANK YOU Pat and Jane for an experience like no other!  I love you both to bits!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WIP Wednesday { Project Merge}

Wednesdays are for WIP's!  I have them everywhere and today I started something new!

Okay, not new just making two WIP's into one...with additions...of course! Time for Project MERGE!

It started off innocently enough when I was putting some OTHER WIP's up on the wall and I looked at my latest block for The Splendid Sampler by Cheryl Arkison and is available here and I loved how the Liberty of London and the Modern Backgrounds by Zen Chic for Moda looked great together and then...I took a SHOWER and had a BRILLIANT idea! 

I have also been making economy blocks with fussy cut centers and Liberty of London...stay with me...I SWEAR I am going somewhere! 

Something CLICKED inside my head or maybe it just finally snapped but I saw the blocks that I made last Feb with the Modern Backgrounds and a variety of reds and thought...OH WOW that would look really good around the Economy Blocks! And you know what...IT DOES!!!!!!

I have decided that I am going to make a Medallion Quilt!  Nice way to make a NEW WIP out of some old  ( current) WIP's!  Do you agree?

What are some big blocks that you have tried for a Medallion Quilt?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Button Cards!

It is so very easy to trip and fall down the hole on Pinterest!

Vintage button cards!  I was looking for sewing cards and somehow, somewhere, someway ended up being completely enamored by Vintage Button Cards!

All of the creative fun that went into making these cards is amazing!

I have started a new Pinterest Board just for Buttons ( because I had too 😉) You can find ALL of my boards HERE.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Orange Peel Quilt Block and Template Tip!

Some weeks are very slow and steady with plenty of time to accomplish my tasks, sew, write and sometimes even clean a little.

This week whizzed by with so much as a "How do you do?"

I blinked and it was Friday!  There was very little slacking this week so I will blame the Snow Day on Monday for altering reality.

Thank goodness I was able to sneak some sewing in yesterday afternoon and also made a short video on a quick tip for tracing templates!  The Orange Peel Template is from Fat Quarter Shop!

I decided to try the 3" template.  I made this block with four very different colors of solid pink/red and appliquéd the pieces using my Bernina 440 QE and only one color of Aurifil thread. The one color of thread blended perfectly with all of the colors I chose!

When I went looking for my marking pen to trace the peel, I realized I had the PERFECT way to trace that did not require a pen or chalk at all!

My Dritz pattern wheel!

It is fast, easy and so far my kids have not taken it from me!

A video posted by Kim Niedzwiecki (@gogokim) on
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