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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dolls deserve good diapers too!

Doll diapers from American Girl suck big time! They are flimsy, not made very well and dang it they are just not cute enough to be on Katy's doll Nora. 

I found all my doll diaper making stuff and printed out this pattern. I used print knits and organic bamboo velour. Most dolls will never feel the joys of obv but it is simply divine! The pattern and instructions from the site linked are great, I am just adding something little to make it more like a real fitted diaper.

Quick glance at my charms of Summer In The City and Nest...YUM!

I take out my Swedish Tracing paper and trace the pattern just a bit larger than original.

Pin down the pattern on the fold. I added dots for where the elastic will start and stop.

Cut it out and place it on the obv. I rotary cut around the obv just a bit larger. You may not need to do this but I do since I find that the knits and obv like to shift. PIN like mad!!!!!

With the right sides together sew around the diaper. Leave a space at the back so you can turn the diaper to topstitch.

Trim the obv.

Grab your elastic, I think I used 1/4in, and place it where the dot at the top of the leg is in the pic that is 4 up from this one. It does not have to be perfect, I guessed at mine :o) Sew across it to secure and then zigzag down to the other dot and secure with a straight stitch.

After both legs are complete, turn it right side out and it will look like a crumpled mess! 

Topstitch the entire diaper making sure to allow for the elastic in the legs.

Sew on the velcro

And you have a super cute and stylish baby doll diaper!

Nora is much happier:o)

No more flat butt !

Fluffy butt! 
I did add a bit of elastic in the back for a better fit. I like the look of a really fitted diaper.

Hopefully that was pretty clear. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. These are a bit tricker to put on for the younger set ( less than 3 year olds) but it is a great fit! And I think they are super cute!

Kim :o)


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Cute! I like that you added the elastic in the back! Really cute! Where did you find that Hello Kitty fabric?

Go-Go Kim said...

Sara, I don;t remember *blush* It has been in my stash for about two years. It needed to be used!

**nicke... said...

what a cute idea!

Unknown said...

I really ought to make some of these for alison. That hello kitty knit is adorable!! Maybe now that Maggie isn't so messy I should try cloth diapers?? where would I start?

Unknown said...

oh, and that red with the white birds? TO. DIE. FOR.

Go-Go Kim said...

Thanks!!!! I have fun making these. I am a complete doll cloth diaper snob *giggle*

Amy, I will talk to you soon about cding! Maggie would be so cute with a fluffy bum!!!!

Jeff said...

Kim, do these come in leather?

.. um for my darth vader dolls. yeah.

Sonja♥ said...

I should try to sew one of the kind for Sweetie's doll:)

V and Co. said...

Oh my gosh, I was making some, BUT yours are way cuter...may have to stop mine, and start making these instead! Thanks for the link

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