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Friday, December 23, 2011

Baking in sensible shoes

I finally completed my cookie baking yesterday. I tried some new recipes from America's Test Kitchen 2010 Holiday Cookies book that I had purchased last year and just did not get around to using.

I pre-made all the dough on Wednesday and had them rest overnight while I rested watching Midnight In Paris. Beautiful costuming in the movie made me reflect on how DULL my clothing choices tend to be on a daily basis.

So back to baking...

I had to pull out the MUST wear apron that my G-ma gave me years ago and I wear it every year when doing the Christmas baking/cooking! Notice the sensible shoes...UGH! At least they are RED! And I did remember to wear my glasses when reading the recipe. Did not want to mess these up like the gnocchi.

I was lucky enough to have some help in the kitchen with the rolling of the cookies which was very nice

Powdered sugar HEAVEN. Adam asked if he could just have a spoon and this bowl.

This was the first round... Hazelnut Chewies

The second round was Cherry Cheesecake, can I just say...OMG!!!!! These NEED to leave my house!!!!

When I was gearing up for the next round our babysitter came by to say hello and I asked if she could take a pic of me and the kids. Since there is the huge age gap I do not have the opportunity to have more than two together at one time. This is what happened and it was the oldest one that was the goofball!

This was the best one.

The third round was Chocolate turtles, the carmel ended up being too hard but the cookie part was delicious!

Finally, whew! I made my favorite cookie, simple and the perfect coffee cookie... The Mexican wedding cookie ( the book calls it a Russian wedding cookie). Little puffs of heaven!

Then I boxed some up and off they went!!!!

This morning my feet are sore and I decided that next year when I get my Martha on I will not be wearing my boring sensible shoes but these!!!!! I think I can rock the apron and stilettos too :o)

Have a great day!!!!

Kim :o)


Shelly said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Your cookies look so great and yummy, and look at how nicely boxed you made them!!! What a very nice presentation. And I think you were very smart to wear those shoes, but I cannot wait til you get your Martha on next year!!!!!!

Toni said...

So, your "sensible" shoes are still much cuter than the ones I'm wearing while I bake today! Your treats look delicious and your family super-cute! Merry Christmas, Kim!

Anita said...

Your cookies look delicious. Are all of the recipes from Americas Test Kitchen?

Happy holidays!

Rhonda the Rambler said...

Not only am I impressed with your baking and your beautiful family but I am thoroughly impressed with the fact that your legs are shaved this time of year!! My husband says when it turns cold my razor goes into hibernation...true that!...somethings gotta hold my socks up.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Kim! I would like to join the earlier comment which made me laugh...I am wearing warm socks and woollen 'homeshoes'! Your photos are so happy and wonderful and oh all that baking looks so delicious! I think I need to bake some more ...
Have a lovely Christmas time! x Teje

Katy Cameron said...

Well if you want them out of the house, just send those cheesecakes over here :oD Glad you all had such a fun day, and the shoes weren't TOO boringly sensible (since the were red and all)

Katy Cameron said...

Oh, ps, meant to say, I made up one of those pincushions yesterday, super easy, thank you! Pics are on my blog :o)

Jenelle said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun making up all of these yummies. :) I will have to track down some of these recipes!

Quiltstory said...

I want to eat those cookies, mmm!!! :) Your kids are darling!

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