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Friday, November 15, 2019

Holiday Hangover Pouch Swap Sign Up!

Welcome to the Holiday Hangover Pouch Swap! 

Natalie and I had so much fun during #missingmarket; we thought it would be fabulous fun to have another party with you! We are delighted to bring you a fun way to celebrate AFTER the insanity of the holidays is over. It is the perfect way to keep connected to our online friends and celebrate the joy of NOT having to do more holiday stuff.


No skimming allowed!!!! Please keep both eyes (add glasses as needed) on all of the text until you have read all the words (we can see that tab open to Pinterest, close it). Your eyes (as tired as they may be) are needed to read through this entire post carefully! 

For this swap, we are making zipper pouches/cases. This keeps the project not super time-consuming, allowing for adding special touches. We hope you agree! Helpful links are listed at the end of the post as a starting point/inspiration to get you going. 

  • This swap will be open internationally (we always love to include everyone). When filling out the form, please mark if you will be willing to ship internationally. We will be trying to keep partners geographically feasible, but that may not always be possible. Be prepared to have a brilliant international partner (receiving packages from overseas is really fun, promise).

  • This is a direct swap between a pair. All pairs will be assigned. We will not be doing a not a secret swap because Uncle Ted dancing to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer after one too many hot toddies last Christmas was enough to surprise for a LIFETIME! 

  • For the inaugural swap, spaces will be limited! Get excited to take part and sign up today to lock down your spot (do this only AFTER you have read the rules). Once the spots are filled with happy swappers, the sign-up form will be taken down.

  • Say hello to your partner by December 6th when you receive more details about your fab match. 

  • Get penpal ready! Everybody loves REAL MAIL! (bills + sales excluded)  Send a card (via snail mail) to your partner, including a big HOWDY, and five things about me to get acquainted! Handmade cards would be spectacular, so get your inner artist on if the mood strikes you! Block printing, watercolor, hand lettering, and glitter is ALWAYS acceptable! If not, Hallmark has some pretty cool ones too. Mailing date for your card + your 5 things about me is December 15th. 

  • Swap parcels are to be posted by January 10, 2020.

What to include for your partner's special unboxing: 
-Parcels need to be posted by Jan 10, 2020

  • A fab and functional handmade pouch!  Please use quilt shop quality fabric (no digging in the bin for that fabric piece that you hate) and make something that you would be proud of and would LOVE to receive yourself!

  • Sweets/chocolate/candy for your partner to enjoy. Please ensure that these are packaged goods to comply with customs and quarantine laws and that your partner has no allergies. 

  • A card (handmade if possible).

  • Your contact details (email & return address) so your partner can thank you when their parcel arrives.

  • We are encouraging extras! No $$ limit on the add on gifts. However, do not feel pressure to make it expensive. This is not about price - it’s about meaning, intent, and connection. Oh, and CANDY!!!!! CANDY is a must!

  • Encourage meaningful gifts ( find out MORE about your partner by asking about their other interests). Do they thrift? Do they enjoy vintage? Do they like stripes? Do they shop for Target? Favorite color? Think outside the “sewing world.” People are multidimensional.

  • Look for your own talents to create non-sewing gifts: 
                  Hand-painted cards
          Cookies from scratch
          A small embroidery
          Something special from your town or region 

Calling all Angels too! If you are willing to be that special someone to step in if something goes wrong, please check the Angel box! 

This swap is all about community and JOY!  

Please sign up with an open heart and rainbow thoughts. There will be different levels of Sewists joining and all different backgrounds. All in all, we want for this to be the start of a series of REALLY amazing swaps for you! 

Lastly(ish), we have started a Facebook group for us to get together, get to know each other better, share some laughs, and share our love of all things sewing! The link to the Facebook Group will be sent with the welcome letter. 

Helpful Links, Pattern Ideas, and Inspiration:

Pouch Pattern ideas:

Triangle pouch            by Shiny Happy World       

Easy Zipper Cases     by Natalie Santini    

Dumpling Pouch         by Michelle Patterns        

Banana Hammock       by Sincerely Jen  

Faux Fur Zip Case      by Natalie Santini  
My Favorite Pouch        by Amy Ellis  (paper pieced log cabin)
Double Zip pouch         by LBG Studio
Citrus Pouch                 by Charise Creates
Tea cup pouch              by Patchwork Pottery

Cat Eye Pouch                  by Little Thread Riding Hood 


Video Tutorials:

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