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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

10 Fun and Fab Holiday Projects!

Not quite July but close enough to get on the ball to have all of your holiday projects completed in time this year! 

Okay, maybe not ALL but enough to make your family and friends pretty happy.

All the way back in 2011, I made my very first Drunkard's Path project. This tree skirt was a blast to make and even has a little bonus project for a stocking stuffer!

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Brighten up any table with The Scrappy Table Runner with a tutorial by Kristin Esser!

Christmas Table Runner Pattern

Stocking are at the top of everyone's list for an updated look or a quick project! GEDesigns video walks you through how to make an adorable scrappy mini stocking! She has two free Stocking Patterns available. 

The All is Bright pattern and tutorial by Joanna Marsh is perfect for your holiday home decor!

Holiday Star Block Pattern

What are the holidays without cards? Even little hands can help out with the Fast and Fun Holiday cards!!!!

Scandinavian Hearts can be made for year round love! Check out the tutorial for to make the Hanging Scandinavian Heart on We All Sew.

Scandinavian Heart Pattern

Crazy Mom Quilts has mastered this Snowflake Block and shows you how easy it is to make for either a cushion cover or a quilt (just make more of the block).

Snowflake Block Pattern

Drop only two turtle doves when you can create a full flock of these fantastic birds with a free tutorial + pattern by Tilda's World. 

Bird Ornaments Pattern

Quilting Daily's delightfully festive One Happy Family Jewish Wall Hanging includes a free tutorial ready for you to make to celebrate the Festival of Lights in style! 

Hanukkah Wall Hanging Pattern

The sweet Red Heart Gift of Gelt bag is an easy and free crochet pattern perfect for gold chocolate coins! 

Hanukkah Crochet Bag Pattern

I am in AWE at all o the Hanukkah projects on Debby Kratovil's blog! Her free Dreidel Block pattern can be used in so many ways including this gift bag! 

Dreidel Block Pattern

Sign up on Stitch People to download this precious Hanukkah embroidery pattern! Totally cute, right!?!

Hanukkah Embroidery Pattern

You can find more ideas for the Holidays by visiting:

Looking for more about what Natalie and I are up to? Visit us on all of our social media or wherever you are already hanging out!



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