Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Motivation {free fall projects}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation!

The leaves have already started to turn to gorgeous shades of red, orange are gold in Virginia!  The mornings are cooling off and the kids will be back to school in two weeks.  I am usually not overly excited by Autumn but it sounds really lovely this year.

There are so many ways to get into the mood for this changing of the season with these free projects and printables from top designers and bloggers!

Scrappy Acorn Potholders are the perfect way to bring Fall right into your kitchen!  Jedi Craft Girl has a free pattern and tutorial featured on Thermoweb!

I posted this one the other day but could not help myself sharing it again!  It is a fun Witch Silhouette cushion cover by Melissa from Polka Dot Chair with a free pattern!  

With a chill in the air warm throws are a necessity!  The Girl Inspired has a fast and easy tutorial for making gorgeous flannel throws with pom pons.  

If you love to crochet, grab your hook and make these darling pumpkins with this fab tutorial by Cynthia Banessa!

Knitted shawls are perfect in those Fall days that can start off cool.  Caryl Pierre designed Sweet November as the perfect pattern for you to make a cozy shawl in your favorite color!

Loving these vintage fabric pumpkins with a tutorial by Beth from  Revolution from Home! 

Ann from One Sutton Place has a collection of free Fall printables for you!  

Mollie from Wild Olive always has the best cute embroidery patterns available for free for every season and celebration!  The Celebrate Color pattern is just precious!

Another great project featured on Thermoweb!  This fun appliqué table runner tutorial is by Andy from A Bright Corner.

Grab your scraps to make this little acorn quilt block with a tutorial by Stubbornly Crafty.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Is it really Wednesday?  Not sure if I feel like it should be Monday or Friday some weeks!

So many projects are happening all at once and so the executive decision was made last night that I would add one more fun project into the mix!

Angie from Gnome Angel is hosting a fun ( affiliate link)  Tula Pink Modern City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks   Instagram Sew Along!

Find out how to participate for fun and prizes by visiting 100 days 100 Blocks Sew Along!

I started off in grand style by choosing the first block based on what color thread I currently had on my machine and bobbin.  I am that sewist! I will take the path of least resistance every single time!

The thread was left over from a pencil pouch I made for Katy's new school year!  It is kind of a tradition that started when she was in fourth grade.  This year I made a Cat Eye Pouch using the free pattern from Thread Riding Hood!  Great pattern!

Even after the first block was completed, I still had a ton of purple thread left on my bobbin ( Aurifil 50wt is  thin and fill a bobbin!).  so I made the executive decision to make a blue and white quilt using thrifted shirts!

I have always loved the look of blue and white quilts and the purple thread does not show at all!

My constant Work In Progress is my sewing studio!  I can never find the perfect set up or the perfect amount of space, so it is constantly changing.  Katy was kind enough to help me out to tidy it up last weekend. The kids grandmother is visiting and my sewing was taking over the entire house ( at least the bottom floor).  

There is more to do, there always is, but at least it looks good for now.

Finally, I cannot remember if I shared my block for The Splendid Sampler.  I am really far behind!

Traveling, out of town guests and Summer Break have cut deep into my sewing schedule.  My groove will be back very soon!

What have you been working on to get your WIP's under control or have you added new ones?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Motivation { Back to School}

Welcome back to Monday Motivation! 

All over the country our wonderful children are headed back to school.  My children are still home for the next few weeks so now is the perfect time to start making these fun craft and sewing projects with them! I might even be able to convince them to help out with a few! 

The infinite question of "Where are my pencils, markers or ruler?"  becomes a non issue with this clever Homework Station by Simple Made Pretty using Dollar Store finds!  It could also be used for sorting fabric scraps ( small ones)!

Adorable way to begin the school year!  The Notebook Paper DIY top by Tutus and Tea Parties is a free tutorial!  Hand embroidering or machine free motion addition of a name or a quote would be a perfect addition to this shirt!

Simple design make this DIY Pencil Pouch the perfect go to by Alice and Lois!  This pouch would be fabulous made with Robert Kaufman denim or linen. Another idea is to up cycle last years outgrown jeans into a new item! 

This is the paper book cover I made for Katy in the 7th grade!  It is a free Moda Bake Shop tutorial! This is one of the only projects she has asked me to make more than twice! It is an inexpensive and great way to protect books!

Here is another SUPER COOL paper book cover with a free tutorial from Urban Threads!  This would be amazing using Aurifil embroidery floss!

Grab your needles and some yarn to make this adorable granny square backpack with a free pattern from Yarn Plaza!  

This is just so clever!  A DIY Pencil clutch!  Get this free tutorial by visiting Hands Occupied!

This would be a great book bag for a teen or college student ( we have both in this house).  This is a Moop knockoff bag tutorial by Wendy from the Corvidarium.  

I love the clean lines of this Messenger Bag Tutorial by Obsessive Crafting Disorder!  

This might be a good bag for a younger or middle school student.  The Messenger Bag tutorial by Aleah from  No Time to Sew is simple and quite lovely. 

Caroline from Sew Can She has a free tutorial for this darling DIY Toaster Lunchbox.  

The Lunch Box Bag Pattern from Craft Passion features a drawstring!  It is quilt lovely and has tons of room for goodies ( I am thinking cookies)! 

If your kids need to have their epi pens or other medications, this is a fantastic bag to be able to keep them together!  This is also a great idea for anyone that needs to carry an epi pen!  I am constantly forgetting mine!  Loving this free tutorial from Delia Creates

If you like Bento boxes for your kids' lunches and need a bag for ease of use, Smashed Peas and Carrots has this sweet DIY Bento Lunch Bag tutorial!  

This small coin wallet tutorial by Handmade DIYA is perfect for lunch money and student id cards.  It does not have written directions but looks easy to follow with very good photos!  

Many kids now have laptops to keep up with as well as their regular books.  The free Laptop Bag Pattern by Crazy Little Projects would be very useful in helping protect those expensive laptops! 

Inexpensive and inspirational for your student or yourself!  Eighteen25 has free printables and a tutorial to show you how to create these composition notebook covers! 

These Upcycled Soda Box Pencil Cases are just too much fun!  For the template and tutorial please visit Creative Itch! 

These are not a mandatory but they sure are pretty!  Great way to start the new school year with something pretty :o)  You can make these gorgeous macrame bracelets by visiting Honestly WTF

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Stash #189

Welcome back to Sunday Stash!

Last week was missed due to an exciting whirl of activity attending a lovely wedding in Ohio. One of my dearest friends I have not seen in 20 years was getting married. Katy and I drove up to Ohio, went shopping, had some laughs and enjoyed seeing ( meeting for Katy) old ( we all aged in the past 20 years!) friends!  We all had a blast but I ended up getting behind on my posts.

This week Sunday Stash is another amazing collection by Jen Kingwell for Moda Fabrics!  This beautiful stack of color is Moving On Lawns! I matched these lovely fabrics with Aurifil 50wt threads that compliment the bright colors perfectly!

Be sure to start looking for Moving On Lawns in your local quilt shop or your favorite online fabric shop starting in September.  If you shop does not have them, they can order them from Moda Fabrics or their preferred distributor!

I am linking up to Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Trip Around the World Quilt

Were you part of the Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt craze that happened about three years ago?  It may have been two years, it is all a blur now.

The free tutorial is by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville and is available here!

I made mine completely scrappy.  It was more like Blue is Bleu's Vomit Quiltwith just everything!  The people of the house would walk through the sewing studio, look at it while it was in progress and  comment that it was "just too busy."  Whatever that means!

To appease them, I broke it up and made it a little less busy.  The colors are still fabulous!

I love the craziness of all of the different fabrics together!

The people of the house may have opinions about the quilt designs but they also are very willing to help out when I am three inches too short and unable to pin the quilt to the barn door ;o)

There are three and a half weeks until school is back in session.  My wish is to make another Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt when they are back in school. This time I would like to plan it out more beforehand.

I am getting excited!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Quilter's Planner

At the beginning of the 2016, I was ready to create something new in my life.  Order!  I had the best of intentions to have everything all mapped out in pretty moleskin notebooks with pretty stamps and colorful pens. It was pretty so it HAD to work...right?

What then happened after I was fully prepped with paper and glitter is what always happens...LIFE! It takes a lot of time to keep up with all of the notebooks and drawings with a family, a blog, sewing deadlines and being the only person to do all of the tasks!

I have finally learned that, for me, simplicity is the key to planning.  I do need to know what is happening and when.  I am the everything in this house and for my blog.  To have it all in one place that is manageable at a glance is key!

I came across The Quilter's Planner  and realized it has all of the features I need to keep my days a little less crazy and a touch more fun ( read sewing)!

This planner features a month at a glance calendar that includes a quilt block pattern ( BONUS block of the month).  It also has the week at a glance is my favorite!  Each week has a section at the bottom for personal, work, quilting to do lists and then a section for random notes.  It is perfect to have a dedicated place for each of the areas to help keep each area of life manageable!

At the end of each month is a planning area.  A grid filled wonderland of endless possibilities for your mind to go crazy with ideas! I have about ten random books that I have been keeping ideas in over the years. In all honesty, I either forget about the ideas or just lose them.  I am much more likely to keep these ideas if they are in my planner! 

This is fantastic! 

The Quilter's Planner by Stephanie Palmer is now ready with the 2017 version that I will most definitely have to order!  You can read more about this fabulous Planner and pre order by visiting The Quilter's Planner.

The 2017 planner is updated with NEW features and beautiful quilt photographs by Kitty Wilkin from Night Quilter!

Here is a short list of all that the 2017 Planner will include!  Pretty impressive!

The Quilter’s Planner includes:

This year’s edition is full of improvements made from the comments and suggestions you provided, including:
Weekly and monthly calendar pages
Laminated cover and tabs to last all year NEW!
Gorgeous quilt photography by Kitty Wilkin, of Night Quilter NEW!
More Project Planning Pages
More quilt patterns by top designers (14 to be exact!), 2 in the planner and 12 in a digital download ebook NEW!
Stickers for adding flare to your planning pages NEW!
A pocket on the back cover NEW!
Weekly block designs (with links to full online tutorials)
Weekly free motion quilting designs (and links to how-to videos!) NEW!

I am very thrilled to have this tool to keep my days a little less filled with insanity!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Week in the Summer Life of a Sewing Blogger!

You know that part of Summer when you are past the lull of the slower pace ( that never really happened here) and then you are hit with a flurry of places to go, things to do and visitors ( that is totally happening now)?

This past week has been filled with awesomeness that I have not even had a chance to stop and share!

One of my dearest friends had a wedding last weekend ( YAY!).  Katy and I drove up to Ohio on Friday for the wedding on Saturday and drove home Sunday!  Craziness!

There were many Barn Quilts on the way there and back. I was only able to get shots of a couple since we did not have much time to lollygag along the way.

This one is really pretty!

Both of these were found in Ohio.  I need to add making a barn quilt for my house to my list of things to do!

While we were in Ohio,  we visited Jesy Anderson in her shop Sew Dayton.  We were there for the last Sip N Sew since the shop will be closing soon. Jesy and her partner Tracy will be both opening shops again soon so Dayton will have DOUBLE the sewing fun!

Be sure to visit their shop for some amazing closing deals!

Jesy's new shop is Needle Ink and Thread and will be sewing classes!  I am hoping to be able to snag some teaching gigs!  So keep your eyes peeled for me returning to Ohio soon!  If you have not had the great pleasure to meet Jesy, you will LOVE HER!  She is fun and funny!  There may have been some singing and theatrics going on while I was there.  You never know with me.  The first time Jesy and I met, I was wearing a HOT PINK crinoline on my head.

Life is too short...I like to enjoy my every moment!

Art Gallery Fabrics designer Sharon Holland was too sweet and also drove into Dayton to see the shop and me ( BIG HEARTS)!  I was able to feel Art Gallery knits for the first time and, I have to say, they are FABULOUS!  I am looking forward to taking the big plunge into some garment sewing with Art Gallery knits!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Sharon will be teaching at Jesy's shop too!  She is brilliant and I know I could learn so much from her!

I did not get a photo with Sharon so I snagged a photo of her beautiful fabrics from her site ;o)  The dandelions in a knit...Oh MY!

And in the past week I have sewn very little. Driving, visiting, wedding, the teenager had a birthday so we also went shopping and when we returned home, both the 25 year old and the nine year old are ill and the icing on the mother in law is coming for a week...arriving today!

It all happens at once...always!

I do not let life get in my way so I  did take the time to figure out how to sew a log cabin circle.  This has been on my dream list forever!

The fabrics are thrifted shirts from the Goodwill and I pieced this block with Aurifil 50wt thread.

Last week, prior to leaving, I also made these adorable Economy Blocks!

This was my crazy week, how about you? How do you manage your many schedules when you have a avalanche of activity take over?

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