Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Stash #199 Moda Zen Chic Luster

That sound you heard may have been my gasp aloud swoon when I laid my eyes upon the new addition by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics!

Modern Backgrounds has been my background fabric of choice for all of my blocks for The Splendid Sampler and it has made its way into various other projects for the past nine months.  I have been keeping track of my pieces to make sure I have enough to complete the 100 block quilt ( mine may be a few short but it will be fabulous!).

I had heard that they would be reprinting Modern Backgrounds but I had NO IDEA that it would be like this...

When I started looking through the fabrics, the theme song from the James Bond movie Goldfinger was playing in my head.  I may have been singing it also ;O)  But just look at all of the stunning prints embellished with gold!  Pure luxury and elegance! 

The metallic gold is so gorgeous in this collection filled with text, designs and maps!  The range variety is spectacular! 

I chose six Aurifil thread colors for this collection.  From left to right: #2692 in 12 wt cotton ( red spool), #5004 in 50 wt ( orange spool), #2620, #2610, #4060 ( a fabulous variegated) and #2026.  These would all work perfectly with the Modern Background Luster!

This collection is available now at your favorite local or online quilt shop! 

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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Splendid Sampler Blocks 70-71

I have a very limited Liberty of London stash in my sewing room.  Most of the pieces are just over 5 in squares although some are bigger but not many.  I have been hoarding  collecting them for years and have only been using small pieces here and there for something very special.  They are the equivalent to the good china and silver only brought out for special occasions.

When I realized how stunning they are with the Modern Backgrounds fabrics by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics, they moved to the top of the list for my blocks for The Splendid Sampler!

In an attempt to catch up with my blocks for The Splendid Sampler, I dove into my Liberty stash and came up with these beauties!

This stunning block is a paper pieced designed by Kerry Green from Very Kerry Berry .  First Stitch is block 71 in The Splendid Sampler Series. You can find the free pdf pattern here.

The next block I made was designed by my sweet friend and one of The Splendid Sampler organizers, Jane Davidson!  

Bows is block 70 and is another paper pieced pattern.  I love the accuracy of paper pieced blocks!  You can make the smallest angles and points perfect without crying tears of frustration! 

If you have not joined in on The Splendid Sampler, there is still time!  There are 100 blocks in total and they are released every Sunday and Thursday.  The blocks are free to download from the website There is a link party with every block for you to show off your Splendid Beauty and a very active Facebook group with so many supportive people, including the designers of The Splendid Sampler!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WIP Wednesday 100 Modern Blocks

I was asked how many quilts I have in progress currently the other day and I honestly could not answer.  There seem to be many sew along quilts or I just happen to like that block quilts going on in the studio at the moment.  I suppose there needs to be an intervention at some point to organize what is currently happening to have more direction going forward...or not!

The best news is that I am over half way completed with not one but TWO of the quilts from Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Blocks!

The blocks are in the 60's and going forward will be a breeze barring the kids bringing any sort of kiddie crud home from school.  **looking for wood to knock**

The first set is the fussy cut set.  I am trying to make 100 completely different blocks.  So far so good!

I have had other sewing projects, I stared painting the TV room and so this week I am a little behind in my up cycled garment blocks!  I will get caught back up soon!

Here a a photo of a group of a few of them together!  There are over 60 now!  All of the blocks in this set are thrifted, gifted or found garments of all different kinds!  I started out using only men's cotton shirts but there is now every kind of fabric with the exception of knits.

At this point I am open for any and everything!

This one is special because all of the fabric ( except for the red block) came from Julie from Procrasticraft! She sent these all the way from Australia for me to use in the up cycled garments quilt! Thank you Jules!!!!!

I piece all of my blocks using Aurifil 50wt thread.  For perfect seams and a clean machine I always grab my Aurifil!

If you want to see more of my blocks as they happen, you can visit my gogokim Instagram feed!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Motivation { inspirational quotes}

Welcome Back to Monday Motivation!  This week is inspirational quotes about being creative!

Sometimes we all need the right words to help to motivate us into areas that we are stuck. I was buried this weekend in a pile...truth be told, several piles of fabric!  I really had no space left on my cutting mat to really even make even small cuts.

Ruts are not a good place for creatives!  Piles are not a good place for me! I grabbed my very loving teenaged daughter and asked for help in making the piles into folded stacks that were more manageable.

I find that in my life, I can have piles in my brain too!  Ideas coming from all directions, so many areas that need attention all at once. It can be overwhelming.

These are some of my favorite quotes for creative minds that make me smile, help me focus and remind me that this is the path I love!

Being creative is a passion!  Love what you do and embrace the process even when it is sometimes frustrating!  I hope you enjoy these quotes! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Stash #198 V and Co. Spectrum

It is time for Sunday Stash #198!  This week is a colorful collection by Vanessa Christenson from  V& Co. for Moda Fabrics!

Vanessa always has the best colors and she does not disappoint with her upcoming line Spectrum! This fantastic line will be available in your local quilt shops and your favorite online shops in January 2017!  You can find out more about this fabric collection by visiting Moda Fabrics.

Vanessas has created some incredible new patterns to coincide with these new fabrics!

****The following photos are from the V and Co. site.***

Parasol Mini is a PERFECT for making for your friends in a swap or for yourself to add to your mini wall in your sewing room!

Parasol mini pattern is available here.

Nana's Afghan is a lovely patchwork that would be super easy to sew up for someone you love! 

Nana's Afghan pattern is available here.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Thrifted, Gifted or Found 100 Modern Blocks

For the 100 Days 100 Blocks event on Instagram, hosted by Gnome Angel, I have been sewing two sets of blocks.  

One set is fussy cut blocks and the second is blocks made completely from used garments. These are my thrifted, gifted or found blocks. 

I started out using only garments I had purchased at the local Goodwill blue bins.  There they sell clothing by the pound.  You put in time by sorting through the piles but at the end of it, you can get an amazing value.  

The gifted part is when I asked friends on my Facebook page if they would consider sending clothing that they are no longer in need of in their closet.  I had a few wonderful friends send me shirts.  

The found are me going through the closets here in my home to find even more fabrics! Five people have a lot of clothing. 

Here are some of the blocks I have made in the past week using these fabrics.

These buttons were found at a local thrift shop and I could not resist!

I have been trying to add special touches with vintage items.  My Singer 401 had some great attachments perfect for photographs!

These tools and photos belonged to my Father-in-law.  He was a general contractor and carpenter.  He passed away Oct over a decade ago from cancer.  We have almost all of his tools.  They are really wonderful and still incredibly useful.

These 6 inch finished blocks do require a perfect scant 1/4 in seam.  I have been using Aurifil 50wt.  It is not bulky and makes all of my blocks perfect ( with the exception of the ones I REALLY mess up on sewing)!

These blocks sew up very fast!  You can still join in the fun on Instagram!  Look for the #100days100blocks hashtag to see what everyone is making!  It is pretty incredible!

Hope you are having a fab weekend of sewing! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Cathedral Window Pincushions

A few weeks ago I shared the new fabric collection Urban Artifacts by Leslie Tucker Jenison for RJR Fabrics for Sunday Stash.

Leslie asked me if I would make a cathedral window pincushion for her booth at International Quilt Market week after next.  I told her I would be thrilled to make some for her ( she is super sweet and really amazing)! Since it has been awhile since I have made any pincushions, I looked back at my tutorial.  When I don't make something and I am even a little unsure, I do like to look back to see if I am doing it correctly!

I grabbed some fabrics and started sewing them yesterday.  I could not be more pleased with the results!

So far I have completed two pincushions.  I had forgotten how easy they are to stitch up! You can find my tutorial here.

The fun part of sewing these beauties up is the ease of the perfect curves.  It looks like it would be a royal pain to sew but it is really very simple!

I made a short video that I shared on my gogokim Instagram yesterday ( bad nails and all) to share how easy this step is to do! I did this one handed and looking through my phone so I apologize for the iffy quality.  I used the inside of the #37 Bernina foot as my guide.  I like a 2.8 stitch length and use Aurifil 50wt thread to stitch.

To get better accuracy, go slow.  I do not use pins, I have found that they get in the way.  the curved pieces will fall naturally into place.

For starting at the top, sometimes I will use a stiletto to help keep the tip of the fold down.

For the hand stitching to close the back I used Aurifil 50wt in a coordinating color.  It melts into the fabric so you can see only design!  For the button I used Aurifil 12wt cotton.  Button sewing requires a heavier weight.  The 12wt is thick and very sturdy to hold up to lots of tugging!

This is the second pincushion I made!  The teal and dots received a huge thumbs up from the people of this house!

If you missed the Sunday Stash post, here are the gorgeous fabric and some coordinating threads!

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