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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Almost there...I hope.

This was last Friday at my house...

The birds were singing, the sky was blue and all the people were HAPPY! Happy because Spring was here and we could be outside again. Planning gardens, running in the sunshine and not be wet or cold.

This is this morning...

Cold, wet and a great day to stay inside. I could be sad or grumpy but I thought about the things I can be doing inside ( other than cleaning of course).

A beautiful stack of Amy Butler for my daughter's quilt. Katy must be a kindred spirit with Miss Amy at who loves blue and green Amy Butler :o)

Some Fandango circles for a toddler quilt I will be starting for a little princess I know.

And my friend Sara at sent me these and they are begging to be used so I found the perfect tutorial for them.

But first I am going to enjoy a cup of tea and relax since I will not be going anywhere for the rest of the day.

Have a lovely day!!!!!!



Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Oooo I love that stack of fabric for Katy's quilt! She picked all those out herself? That is so funny, I was wondering if you still had that ladybug fabric! I was dreaming out it the other day, lol!!

Go-Go Kim said...

Katy loves ALL blue/green fabric. We went through it all and she picked them out :o)

I have been holding onto the ladybug and a, still uncertain if I can use it. I may just frame it.

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