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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The replacement of missing items

In my house things seem to sprout legs and walk away. I used think it was an unusual occurrence until I read Tom Robbins Skinny Legs and All.

I was not mystified any longer. So when I walked outside yesterday and saw this in the play structure area I was not shocked in the least. I have been missing many spoons to the point that the spoon to fork ratio is way off!

There have been other things that have left too, the latest has been my pot holders and oven mitts. I did have scads of them and I am down to one pathetic and tired one.  I decided they had left to find their fortune elsewhere and so I have to come up with something new or burn my hands! I found lots of tutorials online ( thank you google). I decided on these two.

They were easy to follow and made it super easy peasy to pop these out! Now I just need to finish the second ones so I have two of each.

I like the idea that even inanimate objects have some life to them.

Kim :o)


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

That really is the perfect fabric for the oven mitts...I really love it in the green colorway, it's very cute! And those (Japanese?) prints for the hot pads is so cute...I love how you used the red trim and quilted them! I bet they look so pretty in your kitchen! :-)

Go-Go Kim said...

Those are Japanese :o) The ants are one of my all time favorites. I made bibs from them and it was so much fun! I am not sure I want to use them,LOL!

Mary said...

Super cute fabric! Love the picture of the missing spoon ;-)

amylouwhosews said...

love love love! And I wonder if my 3 missing forks are hanging out with your spoons. Or maybe little hands thought they needed to go in the trash. probably the latter.

Rhonda the Rambler said...

You know funny thing...when my daughter was small I always had fewer spoons than forks!

Sonja♥ said...

It's always nice to use on a daily basis little sewing projects:)

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