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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sneak peek or peek a boo for Sew and Tell Friday!

Yesterday was rough, not gonna lie, but I had to have something to show for Sew and Tell Friday :o) The Heather Ross quilt was not going to be completed with sick little man working overtime giving me more laundry.

I remembered I had some of these left over from the p.s. i quilt quilt a long and had an idea ...


Can you tell I watched TOO much TV yesterday.

This is what I had on hand. I just cannot get enough of Katie Jump Rope. It is colorful and fun and makes me happy...really happy when I look at it. These are 2.5 in width of fabric cuts.

The groups together for the quilt I made.

This is my UFO quilt top that I will be getting to someday when I decide how to quilt it. Sometimes I think that is the hardest decision when quilting...HOW!?! I do not take many chances and do a lot of straight lines but they always seem to turn out nicely when complete. Any thoughts on this quilt would be helpful and very welcome :o)

Back to this project, I had this left over from the  above mentioned quilt. Aren't they just too happy!

Adam was right across from me giving me the okay to sew. He actually slept through the quilting which is amazing since it is very loud. Poor guy :o( He felt so poorly he was out of focus.

This is the part Katy liked. She wanted me to just have this be the final project but only if I added some green...or blue. She is so funny. This is the back but do not look too closely since I am still learning how to free motion and having almost NO sleep for the past two days did not help either.

Well, that is the sneak peek :o) Any guesses as to what I made ?

Kim :o)


Jeff said...


Go-Go Kim said...

I posted the brains quilting just for you, I know how much you like it,LOL!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

I'm so sorry Kim, I knew he was sick but I didn't know it was that bad. :-( Is he doing better today? He looks really worn out. I love that quilting...sometime I will try free motion. Did you make...a mug rug?

Go-Go Kim said...

Three full day of YUCK Sara! I am hopeful that it will bypass the rest of the household. Not a mug rug but I am going to do one for my friend with Moda Half Moon. It has some cool Japanese writing prints :o) I am trying to find just the right design. Good guess though!

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Henry John said...

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