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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun with pleather (fake leather).

Pleather or fake leather or whatever you wish to call it is awesome. It has the look and (almost) feel of leather but I think it is easier to handle and sew and if you are vegan and do not buy or use any animal products it can give you the look with out the guilt.

I had an idea for a wallet thanks to this lovely blog. It is an AWESOME tutorial and many thanks to Liz for  doing such an fabulous job!!!!

I went through the mash (massive stash) and found some different choices. I may end up making three since all the choices are beyond cool to me :o)

I put the newer Bernina away and brought out my true love. They simply do not make machines like this anymore. It is not fancy or even really nice to look at but it sews ANYTHING! I bought her from a man in San Diego that was taking care of his mother's estate. She was an amazing seamstress and kept this machine in perfect condition. So it came with some good sewing Karma. Hey, I 'll take it where ever I can get it ;o) If you ever have the opportunity to have one of these machines do not pass it up!

I used a heavy duty leather needle since I would be sewing through multiple layers.

I cut a small piece and did a few practice runs to make sure the old girl could handle it ( I am referring to myself here since the machine can handle anything). Perfect stitches!!!!

Here is the wallet!

I decided on the Timeless Treasures Tape fabric that I purchased here and Amy Butler Moon Dots from here. I messed up the placement of the credit card holders but it still works just fine for me. They should have been down about 1/2 inch more :o( Next time I will get it right. Live and learn.

Inside the zippered pocket

I had to rip out this and replace it so it looks messy now :/ 
I wanted to take pics quickly since it looks like rain. 

The back of the wallet

I had fun doing this one. I think the next one will be the Alexander Henry Tattoo fabric.

Kim :o)


Lola Patchwork said...

Lovely, Kim! It's really nice!!

Jeff said...

Kim is doing research to help me out. It's all about my Darth Vader Suit.. First she made diapers.. then she experimented with pleather.. Soon she will be making my Pleather Diaper (see link:

Go-Go Kim said...

LOL! I will NOT be making leather diapers! What is the link to? It is not coming up as a link????? I am looking forward to making the cape thingy!!!!!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Really cute!! I have a small scrap of that cassette tape fabric left, it's really cool and one of my favorites. :-) I got really excited to seeing you sew with the pleather, with your heavy duty needle on, how was it? roflmao pleather diapers

Go-Go Kim said...

Sara, the leather needle makes all the difference! Like a hot knife through butter. You cannot make mistakes though b/c once the pleather is sewn through you will have holes where the needle went through. I found that out the hard way :o) Overall, it was fun and I will be doing some other projects with it other than pleather diapers for Darth Vader,LOL!

Go-Go Kim said...

Thank you Lola!!!!!!!

Jeff said...

Kim, the link was to a 'Darth Vader Codpiece' Its not really a diaper (theres no back) but that sounded more amusing. I guess its not allowed for security reasons to have active links in comments on here. that is probably wise for security.

Sonja♥ said...

I also have a Bernina... what a pleasure to sew with this mac!

Leather Blazers for sale said...

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