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Monday, April 4, 2011

Time for a new sewing chair

I have needed a sewing chair for quite some time. I have been using our dining chairs for years and as comfortable as they are for a nice dinner they are not great for sewing. I have been searching the thrifts for a long time in search of that perfect chair. Something interesting, sturdy and comfortable. I found this chair for $7.99 and I was doing a happy dance!

A good solid wooden chair. With a really ugly seat cushion.  No matter, I can fix that ( I hope) with some tools and some new fabric. I looked in my tool bag that I bought after the older boys moved away from home. They always went into my toolbox until there were no tools left so I gave up until now. There I found what I thought I needed to make this better.

Then I set to work to take the old fabric off and it was a bit more than I was expecting.

Easy peasy here.

And here :o)

 STAPLES galore!!!!!!

A second set of double rowed staples!!!!

It felt like I took three thousand out but this is all there was.

Finally, a naked chair.

Adam is feeling much better today so he was my helper...

well kinda, he had his own ideas as to what the chair's purpose was going to be.

I chose Denyse Schmidt County Fair.

put the new clean foam and the batting on top .

Folded the fabric over and stapled it over the batting to give a clean look to the bottom. Please ignore my hands they have been washed about a million times a day since Adam was so sick last week.  No amount of lotion can help them at this point ( heavy sigh).

And here is my new sewing chair!!!!!!

I have been working on this room all weekend to get ready for Sew Sweetness dress sew along. I think I am ready now!!!!!


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow, thanks so much...I have always wanted to do this, thanks for your 'tutorial'! I will have to check at the thrift stores for a chair that I can makeover. I love the fabric you picked. The chair looks great in your sewing room! ::gasp:: Is that your HR bag in there?!? heehee!

Go-Go Kim said...

That is the fab Heather Ross that YOU made me!!!!! It stays in my sewing room to give me inspiration!!!! You are amazing!!!!!!

Sonja♥ said...

WaoW!!! Thank you for this excellent tutorial!!!! I also have an old chair which I want to receover but I didn't dare to try... Now I'm ready:)
Too cute, like Adam, Sweetie has a little place of her own in my workroom!

Anna Smith said...

I need some Chairs

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