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Monday, May 23, 2011

Necessary and fun sewing

First off and most important... Joel Dewberry, I adore your fabrics!!!!!! I know there is Amy Butler Moon Dots in there too but that is because they go with flippin EVERYTHING!!!!!! It is almost a mortal sin to sew a quilt without some color of Moon Dots :o)

I know we all have those necessary sewing projects that we must do. Not that they are not fun or we would not do them at all. I needed to make some little travel bags for my trip this week to see my grandsons ( meeting Blake for the first time) but decided to make diapers instead. I finally got around to sewing ONE bag.  ONE!!!!!!!!

This is how it turned out


Pretty sad considering I need three more and shoe bags to boot :o(

But instead of doing my bags I decided to start on another quilt! Mind you I am leaving in three days but  I could not resist these beautiful Joel Dewberry fabrics just asking to be sewn into something. Funny when the mood strikes it can be like a lightening bolt!

So I decided on the cute zig zag pattern using half square triangles on a quilt is nice.  

So I drew my lines. Do not look at the bottom I was listening to DMB Crush and well I was all distracted, what can I say ;o)

sewed 1/4 inch on either side of the corrected drawn line

Cut the drawn line with my handy dandy rotary cutter 

And then started putting the zig zags together which I think is way fun!!!!

So that is as far as I have gotten with the quilt this week. I am happy with my progress and I am looking forward to finishing it in the next few weeks.  Until then , I have some bags, some bibs and a hooter hider to sew...I'd better get crackin!!!!!

Kim :o)


Dawn said...

I'm right there with you on Joel Dewberry fabrics! I think he's my favorite!! :)

Go-Go Kim said...

They are just nom nom nom! The colors are so rich and perfect...thank you for joining me love fest :o)

Jeff said...

This really is Art! I can't tell you how challenging that looks to do. I am trying right now to work with some leather and my god is it difficult..

Fabric to me is like oil paints. It doesn't stay where i put it! It changes shape in the middle of the process!! Its maddening!

Anyway, Lookin good!

Go-Go Kim said...

Do not let the leather win Jeff! Use the force,LOL!

sewhappiness said...

What a cute bag:) I love it Kim!!! And that quilt of yours is already looking amazing!!!
Happy trip hope you have the best of time:)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hello Kim! That bag for your trip is wonderful and I love those fabrics! That new quilt is going to be fantastic!
Have a lovely time on your trip!

Unknown said...

Love the bags they are adorable. Have fun on your trip.

Stacy said...

Oh my! I just adore those fabrics & adore that quilt! It is going to turn out great! I made my daughter a patchwork skirt out of the pink shades of the Modern Meadow & I love it! :-)

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

That really was a great idea for the looks wonderful, especially with the topstitching! Cool fabrics, you'll have to open that bag up many times just so you can see the inside as often as possible. :-)

Go-Go Kim said...

Thanks so much everyone!!!! Your input keeps me going :o)

Deborah H. said...

I have some of that same Joel Dewberry fabric and LOVE it! Right now I'm trying to finish up a king-sized quilt for my bed in which several of the prints are featured prominently. So happy to have found you via Pat Sloan.

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