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Friday, May 27, 2011

A treasure in Richmond, Virginia

I have had a friend Jeff FOREVER or at least since I was 32 which is really about the same as forever!
We met in San Diego when we were both working in the Historic Gaslamp Quarter and we would go have lunch almost everyday with a group of people. He ended up leaving and moving back to VA, met a beautiful woman and she agreed to marry him :o) Years later we found out that we too were relocating back to VA. Not the same city but we figured out that a short drive away is the middle, Richmond, VA! Now we can get our families together and I am so happy!

We decided to meet up at Maymont. It is a beautiful place and if you ever get the chance to go, it is well worth the stop!!!!

These goats have figured out how to try to get more attention and food.

The bridge in the Japanese Garden

Japanese garden

Adam at the carriage house

The horse drawn buggy with the bridal party :o)

On top of the world...

Lilly pad jumping!

And what fun is any trip when a child does not fall into the water! It was super hot so she dried out quickly

Being there inspired me to try a new idea but I cannot seem to find this print... if anyone knows where I can find some could you please send me a message!!!!! Thank you :o)

It is Alexander Henry Sumie (ink drawing)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

Kim :o)


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow!! Beautiful pictures...I especially love the Japanese garden and the waterfall!! Looks like a really wonderful time! I wish I had that print to send you :-(

Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...

That looks amazing! Too bad I'm moving away from Virginia this weekend! I'll have to have my family visit.

Go-Go Kim said...

Sara, the pictures do not do it justice, it was amazing and there is an italian garden too. I did not get many photos b/c that is where the wedding was being held. i wish you had some of that fabric too,LOL! I NEED it badly!!!!!

Jennie, aw man!!!!!! maybe when you come back to visit we can meet up there ;o) I plan on going often now that I know it is there. have a safe move!!!!!

Jeff said...

I hope you call us when you plan on going back. Maymont was a blast! Thanks for the kind words. It's so nice to have such a good friend nearby. Adam i mean (You and Katy too tho.) I had so much fun and Emily did too! Shannon wants to go to Maymont so we should plan to do it again.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a beautiful place to visit! the kids made me smile...I can imagine my DS falling into the water too. =) LOL. Very beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful place! And I love the dress on the first pic ~ what pattern did you use for that?

Go-Go Kim said...

OBLB, I am so sorry but E's dress was store bought. She is not mine so I would have to ask where they purchased it. It was super cute and she paired it with boots :o)

Jeff said...

It's from Target -Dad.

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