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Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I am doing instead of what I should be doing

What I should be doing is working on the set of accessories for my luggage to go visit my grandsons in Oklahoma in two weeks. I found a great tutorial for a box pouch on the plaid scottie and another on see kate sew. Thanks ladies for great inspiration!!!!!

I cut up a super wool suit and used some fabric that Sara sent to me ( lurve you Sara) that makes a great contrast!

I am very excited to finish these and add a simple make up bag and some shoe bags for my runners! My son is quite the cook so I will NEED to be running while I am there.

So that is what I should be doing but instead I am side tracked with something so cute I could not resist!

Fitted cloth diapers for the grandsons!!!! My daughter-in-law has decided to try cloth diapering ( I am jumping up and down) and so I found this pattern at Handmade by Rita. Who does not just love a free pattern!!!! I printed it up and gave it a go and I really like it!!!!! The flannel are easier to make and handle but I like the knit and velour feel much more.

I am hoping the grandsons like them!!!!!

If you have not entered the giveaway I am leaving it open until about 6pm ( or a bit later depending on when I get my run in)...so do not forget!!!!!!!

Back to diaper sewing I go...

Kim :o)


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Awesome! Wow, you have been busy...I love those diapers!! That gray one looks really interesting...is that drums on there, or am I blind? :-) Oh, the Tufted Tweets!! I can't wait to see how that turns out! What a great idea to cut up a wool suit, that's a gorgeous color.

It's funny, you can tell when we are both busy working on stuff, heehee. :-)

amylouwhosews said...

i wish I were brave enough to try cloth diapering. But maggie's been a little sick and am grateful for disposables when she makes a gross mess. TMI?

Super cute stuff!

Kelly Irene said...

The diapers are so cute! I use cloth for my daughter and looooove it. I hope your daughter in law enjoys it as well! (There are lots of "support groups" for cloth diapering if she has any questions...you can email me if you want more specific info.)

Melissa said...

I love cloth diapering! I wish your daughter-in-law all the luck in the world :)

Go-Go Kim said...

Melissa, I have loved it too!!!! That is why I am over the moon that she wants to try!!! Know she will love it too when she gives it a go :o)

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