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Friday, July 22, 2011

An easy summer cathedral window!

I love the look of cathedral windows!!!!! I do not have the extra time it takes to stand and iron so I found a great and super easy tutorial that has a LOT less ironing and still has a great look! April over at Making Ends Meet has a great tutorial :o) Thank you so much April, you have made my lazy days of summer not too lazy!!!!!!

Measure out 10 inch squares

Fold in half and sew the two ends (1/4 inch)

Press seams open and line up the other side ( leaving a small opening to turn in the middle) and sew.

This is how it will look. Do not forget to press that second seam. Guess who did :o)

After you have turned it the right way out press the points to the middle. This will cover the small hole you had to turn the square.

Add a few stitches across to secure the ends

I forgot to take a pic of this next step...sigh...summer senior brain...

You take the squares and secure them but zig zaging them together. Just put them side by side and zag!

(This is what the back will look like after you have sewn the pretty fabric in the center)

Choose your fabric and for this one I cut a 3 inch square. Fold the sides of the squares over the center fabric and pin it down!

I machine sewed mine because I have no idea how to hand stitch *blush* I used the center of my foot as my guide. 

Let me just say...I LOVE Amy Butler fabric!!!!! Perfect blues and greens!!!!! I am only making a pillow or two using this method but it is a great way to get your feet wet in the windows without having to commit time for those that do not have any extra!!!!

This method is super fast and easy and thank you again April!!!!!!!


Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Ooooo it looks so pretty! I will have to look over that method, I am not sure how far it is from the block I made with that other tutorial. Yours seems like it was really easy!!

And this would be . . . . said...

Okay, i have not done this block as it takes a lot of time. However, this way looks way easier. I will have to try sometime soon. Thanks!

Go-Go Kim said...

I *think* there is less ironing and this summer I am not wanting the iron on a whole whole lot! I thought it was good for practicing the one we will be doing together later...

Dana said...

I couldnt get on with the method you used and found the traditional way much neater. I didnt find it quicker either as turning all those squares the right side around made them all creased so the time I saved folding was spent trying to iron those creases out plus the bulkier points meant the folds wernt as neat. The finished quilts on my blog if you want to see it, its great to see it working for you though :-)

Go-Go Kim said...

Thanks Dana, I have not tried the other way but intend to when i get more time :o) I look forward to seeing your quilt!!!!!

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