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Sunday, September 11, 2011

May they rest in peace...

My heart goes out to all of the people that were lost on this day ten years ago, their families and friends. I am overwhelmed by the heroic efforts by the first responders and average citizens to help others in such a chaotic situation.

  This memorial is amazing in it's beauty and significance. The story was on Science Channel (and will be again tonight).  It is called Rebuilding Ground Zero and was directed by Stephen Spielberg. 

The design has the water falling into a void, a place where the people that lost someone will never be filled, all the names that are engraved were placed in a way that if someone is connected by family or friendship, they were placed together. All the small seemingly insignificant things were added to make this personal, caring and respectful.  One of the things that touched me the most was how many people that had a loss were making certain this memorial was being built and completed on time for others to have a place to come since many were never recovered.

Today, I am making sure that those that I love know it, people that I do not know are added in my prayers and that hopefully we will have peace.


Unknown said...

It is an amazing monument to all those who lost their lives that day. May they rest in peace.

Beth said...

I saw the same documentary, a week ago, and was really touched by it. Like you, I was taken by the attention to small things--did you hear where they said the metal is warmed from within, so that when someone touches the name of their loved one it will never be a cold experience?

After watching this show, I wrote to my close friends and family and recommended that if anyone was going to watch a September 11th tribute, this be the one.

Thank you for sharing your impressions--you reached more people than I did, I have no doubt.

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