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Monday, October 3, 2011

My little sewing world

Sara asked me what my sewing room looked like and when she asked it was a complete and utter MESS, the usual state of the sewing/play room.  I share my room with the wee people of the house so I can keep an eye on what is happening while I am trying to sew.  Lots of false starts this weekend for sure!

I took a break from the head banging of my anti sewing experience to clean my mess and took a couple of photos.

This is not a true representation of what this room normally looks like, you can ask any of the neighbor kids ;o)

This is the room from the kitchen, it is supposed to be a formal dining room but we do not have formal dining in this house :o) Someone had better change that lightbulb soon!

This is the view from the foyer. I love love love sewing in front of the windows! My most all time favorite fabric is framed and right next to me. Alexander Henry Paloma in Black...AWESOMENESS!

This was a mirror my friend Andy and I brought in from the garage to take photos of my Jamie tunic. It has become my second set of eyes ( I can see Adam behind me goofing off) and my organization and inspiration center. Plus it is too heavy to move,LOL!

The bag on the right Heather and Megan from Quilt Story made for me and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I sent them a few scraps of Heather Ross and this is what they completely SURPRISED me with!!!! It came to my house the day I had my wisdom teeth out so it was a much needed bright spot in my day!!! Thank you SOOOOO much ladies you are wonderful!

The bag on the left is from Sara at Sew Sweetness and well, if you have been here for any amount of time you know I love her!!!!!

I have yet to use either bag for fear of causing some damage to them...they are inspirational to me!

The little guy on the mirror is my son Matthew, who is in his 20's now and lives in OK with his fabulous wife Heather and my two grandsons. He made that in Kindergarten. And the Marilyn was bought  by my son Michael who is off in the Air Force so I kindly borrowed her for my space since she is just too cool!  

My cutting area is two old Ethan Allen entertainment centers pushed back to back which have excellent storage and they are the perfect height for fabric cutting. The ceiling still needs to be painted and the walls are still pretty empty but I will get around to that later...

Right now I have to get back to getting this beauty together. Hopefully without hurting my head too much :o)

Where do you all sew?


Melinda said...

Well, my 'sewing room/craft room' is a room in the basement. However, my hubby would say it is two rooms; that one plus the bedroom in the basement because all my projects are placed haphazardly all over the bed in that room!

Jeff said...

Wow Kim that is really an amazing looking rook! Its so organized even will all that STUFF in it.. Looks like a very relaxing and inspiring place to do work. I am impressed! (I do most of my work in the garage.. in piles of SANDING DUST so all that clean-ness looks awesome!!)

Jeff said...

rook = room

Belinda said...

What an awesome sewing space. Mine is so cramped and crowded and this looks so open and fun!

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