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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My oopsy and a new url mystery!

I was researching names and came up with was available and I am such a techno dweeb that I got it not realizing that it would instantly become my new blog url!!! Exciting for me and not so exciting for my google friend connect :P

Mysteriously,Blogger is not showing my followers at . If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Even my on the phone technogeek cannot solve this one! Or maybe it will fix itself?

Oh and not to friends are still showing up on new url so there will be no issues with the GO! Baby giveaway, thank goodness!



Katy Cameron said...

Hmm, you showed up in my blogger feed still as 'My Go Go Life', but it brought me here okay

Melissa said...

You showed up in my feed just fine too. Have you added the new address to your google friend connect account. I had to do this when I set up my new blog on wordpress. Apparently google friend connect is a completely separate thing from blogger. go to - you should find some answers there.

Go-Go Kim said...

Thank you so much!!!!! Good to know I am still showing up in reader and I will go check the friend connect out :o)

Indianna said...

I tried to stop following a couple of blogs by deleting them from Google reader and for months they kept showing up again and again. Then I realised that Blogger was separate and I had to delete them in Blogger as Google just copies everything from there. As you can tell-you weren't deleted-I was just reading far to much stuff!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Kim! Your post came to my blogger reader also! I'm not very good and I have 'self learnt' all the blogging, but was thinking could you change the name again with the same way you did and get again the old one or what name you like? I'm thinking to change the theme but worried how to bring all the material to the new one.
Have a great time and I hope you find the solution!
xxx Teje

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