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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A bit of costume sewing and it is not even Halloween, lucky me!

I have a dear friend that is working on a Darth Vader costume to wear for charity work with kids and other events. He has done an amazing job but needed my help with a few small sewing details. He called yesterday and asked if I could help. I have been sick with kiddie crap for the past week but I said YES! The chance to work on a cool costume was just too exciting to pass up!  He is a brilliant artist but does not sew...yet...I will bring to the dark side some day...muwahahhahhahhaha...

First I have to show you how AWESOME my Bernina is...thick layers and did not even hiccup! I love my Bernina!

Darth Vader is completely frustrated with the cape that was sewn incorrectly the first time!

How many people get to have Darth Vader AND Boba Fett in their sewing room :o)

This is Jeff's drawing for my sweet Sara for her birthday! Hysterical!!!!

So, with my voice returning ( the people of the house are not thrilled at this news) and hopefully well children for more than one day, I will be able to finish my fishy friend quilt in a few days!!! I have an awesome idea for the quilting using some new thread from Auriful!!!! I am so excited I cannot wait for the rain to stop so I can get good photos!!!!


Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Did you make that Darth Vader costume? OMG! It is amazing- you are a rock star!

Go-Go Kim said...

No, I just did some simple pleats and some finishing work on the cape, small things really. I think we are going to make the inner coat and the cape from scratch, they were not done correctly,imo and they are driving me CRAZY!

Jeff did make the helmet and it is stunning!!!!

Maureen T. said...

Fantastic photos! Those costumes are fabulous! The drawing is great.

Dolores said...

Max (5) said that your Darth Vader friend is scary. Max is having a Star Wars birthday party on Saturday, I have been tweaking a Luke Skywalker costume and googling lightsaber cakes. May the force be with you.... :-)

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, visitors from across the galaxy there, how nice of them to try and fight off your evil germs for you whilst Darth's costume was undergoing surgery...

Hope you're coming through from the dark side on the germ front (I'm also voiceless at the moment, and can I say, there was a little too much glee on the part of my 2 project managers at work when they discovered this...)

Eryn said...

I don't think I've ever wanted something so bad in my entire life as that Darth Vader at the sewing machine picture. My screen name for many things is madam vader. I have a "minor" Star Wars obsession seconded only by my modern fabric obsession. If you ever make prints to sell, let me know and I'll be first in line!!

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