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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have had the best January !

I had this GORGEOUS package show up at my door Saturday. Saturdays seem to be the best post days for me :o) I did a swap with the sweet and fabulous Brooke from April Two Eighty.  She is so beautiful and creative and cool and everything I wish I had been at her age! When I grow up I want to be Brooke :o) 

I also happened upon something I have wanted/needed for quite some time, a proper sewing table. Mine was a Ethan Allen sofa table that I love but my knees would hit every time I would sew and that is not fun.  I was in a local thrift store and was looking at a vintage Kenmore and when I picked it up I saw it was sitting on this table.

 The tag said $15 but the lady told me all furniture was 1/2 off!!!!!! I brought her home for $7.50...** HAPPY DANCE** A few modifications and some paint and she will be PERFECT! I am so happy my  sewing room on a budget is coming together!!!!

The most exciting news...

I get to play with some of this very very soon!!!! OMG! So pretty!!!!! I cannot wait to share what I am making with this beautiful line :o)
         {photo from simplify}

Back to organizing and sewing in between :o)

The vintage Kenmore did not come home with me { I know at least a couple of you are wondering}


Lee said...

What a score on that sewing table! Why don't I ever have good thrifting luck like that? : ) Enjoy it!

sukie said...

I agree with lee! great find!

Toni said...

Great table!! And those fabrics from your swap with April look so fun!

Anonymous said...

My goodness! I'd almost be jealous of that table, except I don't have any room...so instead, I'll be super happy for your find! =) I love thrift stores. =)

Ruby is so pretty!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Kim! I am so happy for your extra great January! Wow that table is amazing and with unbelievable prize! And those fabrics...what can I say, enjoy!
x Teje

Katy Cameron said...

I am in awe of your room on a budget - we don't really have thrift stores like that here, so Ikea it is for me! Have fun with your new fabric :o)

Sharon said...

Super find -- my mother's singer is still in that cabinet sitting in her bedroom. Fabulous fabrics too!

Anonymous said...

All I'm seeing are the BOLTS of heather Ross in the corner! Lol.

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