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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Motivation has arrived!!!!

Does your sewing room floor look like this?

Are your scraps your second stash?

Rachel over at Stitched in Color is having having a scrap attack!

Great way to use up your little lovelies :o)

First a little more organizing, when I cleaned up the sewing room I found some wip's I had long forgotten about *blush*

Time to kick this new year into high gear!!!!!!

Thanks Rachel :o)


sukie said...

I'm kind of jealous of your scraps! I have scraps too! I'm hoping to put most of them in a quilt soon.

Teje Karjalainen said...

... no my floor never looks like that, unfortunately, because there is always Nero's hairs and I need to keep all the scraps and patches well on the table, on the trays and in their boxes and baskets. I wish they were as beautiful as yours! x Teje

JuneBug said...

love your goldfish blocks! and your scraps look great - looking forward to seeing what you make of them :)

Katy Cameron said...

I want your scraps lol And if you want motivation on the finishes, pop over to Quilter In The Gap and join the finish along, then you can win prizes whilst feeling oh so virtuous ;o)

Jenny said...

that is too funny...why YES, my scraps are my second stash!!

Teresa said...

I don't have many scraps right now. But I'm working on the increasing part. LOL

Anna said...

My scraps are my second stash too! I get rather greedy with scraps...I don't like throwing even the tiniest little pieces away if I think there could be any possible use for them. You've inspired me! I need to get some of those scraps, and unfinished projects, out and get to making things!

Debbie said...

yup, mine are all in a pile on the floor right now....but I AM working on a couple of scrappy projects, so that's good.

Angela (Bessie Tales) said...

Love your scraps! Mine are a jumble. I keep meaning to organize them but I never seem to get to it! Ha!

I am fascinated by the WIP on your design wall on the top left -- the adorable HSTs? Is it a pattern or just something you're doing? I can just imagine a whole quilt with just that in my family room! :-)


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