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Monday, March 12, 2012

The beginnings of SPRING!!!!

I am really really ready for Spring. It really has not been a bad winter but I am just in the mood to be outside in the fresh air without cold ears :o)

I finished my New York Beauty Block 5 yesterday after my sewing machine decided it has a major case of pms and the tension would not behave ( lots of ugly seam ripping). Anyway, I did finish!!!! The block has not been properly ironed but I am calling it done for now!!

Don't forget that the tutorial for Block 5, the second in the series is on Sew Sweetness today!!!!

I had to be done so I could so choose some paint. In my house spring means PAINTING!!!!

This is the space...sigh...I am afraid of heights so this will be one not so fun task for me! The light fixture is horrible and will someday be changed out too!

With the samples in the house to play with later this week I needed an outside break to see...SPRING!

Muddy shoes

Katy's fairy basket

Weeds, I had forgotten about those!

New little flowers

buds of ALL kinds

and little bracelets

This is going to be a VERY good week!!!!


Debbie said...

What an amazing block! WOW. Just beautiful! And sure hope you have the great week you are planning on! Good luck with the painting - yikes!

Needled Mom said...

That block looks incredible.

Teje Karjalainen said...

The same here - your block is just amazing - oh those little pieces in the center!
I miss the spring so much! We have the coldest and longest winter in 50 years! And again today it's raining too much!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring photos!
x Teje

Michele said...

Amazing block! Wow!

Vanesa said...

gorgeous new york beauty! Love your fabric choices.

Jennifer said...

that block is gorgeous! Hopefully you'll get some great weather this week! Enjoy!

Lee said...

Love the block, Kim! Can't wait to get started on mine! And you aren't seriously painting that space YOURSELF, are you? That looks terrifying!!

Katy Cameron said...

Love your block, happy spring!

Deborah said...

Such a lovely block. It looks a little scary but I'm going to give it a try! Come on Spring! I'm ready, too.

Sara said...

Pretty everything all around,your block, the flowers,the bracelet:) Ahhh yes Spring!

sewhappychick said...

Your block is beautiful!! I had picked my fabric but wasnt getting excited....until today!!! A rep came in and had a great piece I felt totally inspired by. I will be getting a late start but hope to get it done next week! =)

Laura said...

Love your block! I am following along (in my mind!) but I am afraid to jump in!

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