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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The winner is...and some hexi love

Thank you everyone and I am sorry I did not have time to respond to all the warm wonderful congratulations and really good suggestions. I will be working on those this week after some more painting. With guests coming next week, I am on a MISSION to have some things done before the arrival of the Lou Who clan and Katie is trekking out to my neck of the woods so we can all have a little sewing day!!!! How excited am I !?!?!!! VERY!!!!!! 

Not to mention that I have found the hexi LOVE! For {FREE} templates check out this fab site *Snippets and Blabbery*

Here is some of what I have made so far. Perfect project for taking along somewhere when you have to wait! I am becoming a convert of the hand sewers *gasp* These are pretty dang easy and cool :o)

Back to the winner. Sorry, I am easily distracted today *giggle* 

Again, thank you and HUGE HUGS to everyone for being so lovely and supportive this past year!!!! You are all AWESOME!!!!!


I will be sending you an email to get all your info so I can send this little package off to you this week!

Cathy said...

Hi there
I am a follower :)



Deborah said...

I love hexes, too! Thanks for the link!

Deborah said...

Oops! I don't love hexes! I love HEXIES!

Go-Go Kim said...

I messed up Lou Who so I think we BOTH need some coffee or at least chocolate:o)

Katy Cameron said...

Heh, I've just been embracing the hexie love. I've been feeling crap all day, but I have managed to sew some hexies!

Chrissy said...

I love hexies but have never got around to trying them. Thanks for the push I needed

Susan said...

Hand sewing is the best!

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