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Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm IT!

The very talented, super cute Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy very sweetly tagged me in a game and I am so happy to play!!!! Elizabeth will be teaching with Lee from Freshly Pieced at Sewing Summit, you know, the sold out, couldn't go even if I wanted to event of the year, but I may still have a creative chance at being there and in on some fun ;o) Be sure to check out Elizabeth's tag answers on her blog.

Don't you just love her work!?!?! I DO!
{ photo from Miss Elizabeth's on Don't Call Me Betsy}

On to the game and after reading my own answers...I think I need to take up skydiving or snowbaording or something!!!!!

1. Do you have other hobbies other than quilting?

 I am not sure if they are really hobbies but I love running,  I am not as fast and cannot run as far as I could in my 30's, which is when I started, but nothing feels like a good few miles!!! I cook and love food, I am a vegetarian ( lazy vegan) and try to find and try as many recipes as I can that look and taste amazing. And I love to have my hands in dirt!!!!!! I love yard work and growing things. It has taken a back seat to my sewing lately but I make sure to get out there and get me some outdoor green love!!!!

2. What's the smallest size scrap you save when quilting?

Is there a smallest size? LOL!  True story...I was sweeping up and about to put the trash in the bin and  Adam was screaming at me "NO MOM!" He came running up and said "YOUR FAVRIC ( that is how he says fabric)" I looked in the dustpan and there was the 1/4 scrap of FMF...HA!!!! I took it out and he calmed down. I have obviously done something to this child to have such a connection to favric! There is always mod podge...right? 

3. How many of your quilts do you actually own?

I have only three finished and three unfinished ( quilt top done) in the house right now. I like making them to give to special people and organizations like Project Linus or Soldiers Angels ( I will be finishing up one of these, maybe two)  with the help of my sewing bee group and Sara, YAAY!!!!

4. Are you a pre-washer, or do you wash your fabrics after the quilt is finished? 
I am not a pre-washer unless it is red flannel! I have had bad experience with red flannel!!!! I do use those shout color catchers now and they are very cool ( thanks Amy).

5. What do you do while you sew?  Listen to music?  Watch TV?  Enjoy the silence?

I do have music on when I sew unless it is at night and then it is just quiet, which is rare and lovely in this house! I will do some cutting while watch tv but I cannot sew and watch, I would end up with more mistakes than I already make,LOL! Last year we started Sirius radio and between the Next Wave channel and Coffee House I am a very happy mama!!!! Best money I have ever spent!

6. How many blogs do you read?

 All of them I can. I love my old favorites and enjoy finding new ones that I have not seen before. Everyone has something amazing to offer and I am so thankful that people are spending the time to share their love for sewing and encouraging others to start. If it were not for others blogging I would never have had the courage to sew as much as I do!  I am a bad girl and spend MORE time reading than actually sewing :o(  I love blogs, I do not comment as much as I used to but that is because I cannot read the bleeping verification codes any longer. When they changed them to the two words and made them all funky I just cannot see them. The misspelled words were hard enough. Oh the question was not do you comment :o) 

7. What is your favorite food?

Guacomole, hands down fresh chunky guac is the best single food EVER!!!! My favorite food is Indian. My friend Emma introduced me to Indian food in the Bay Area ages ago and I was hooked. Come to think of it she was also the first person to ever show me English paper piecing. She was using boiled wool to make a hand sewn patchwork quilt. I do miss Emma, she moved back to Ireland many years ago, so I have not seen her in ages :o(   When I worked in the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego there was a tiny Indian place called Star of India that had the best lunch buffet, we would all go there once a week and have our fill and then I would want to take a nap, it was amazing!!!!

8. Are you a morning person or a night person?

 I am a night person that gets things done in the morning. When I had the kids they sort of dictated what my schedule was going to be. I am usually a night person as in up ALL NIGHT but those kids have to go to school, soccer, tennis, and all sorts of things that aren't happening at midnight so I must comply for now :o) This is my reason for drinking LOTS of coffee! 

I am tagging 
Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations
Amy from Sukie Don't you know who I am 
Adrianne from Little Bluebell
Katie from Swim Bike Quilt

and here are the questions

1. How machines do you/have you owned and what is your favorite machine?
2. What is your favorite quilt block?  Please link up the pattern/tutorial I love adding to my to do list :o)
3. What is you favorite fabric line {or two if you can just not decide}?
4. If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?
5. Do you have any unusual talents?
6. What is your worst habit { I bite my nails}?
7. What is your cannot live without sewing gadget? Again please provide a link so we all can see :o)

I hope everyone can play along!!!!!


jlk said...

Fun answers! Guac is a favorite at our house, too. It's a vegetable, right?

Katy Cameron said...

Hee hee, fun answers, that 1/4" scrap has given me an idea though...

Elizabeth said...

Question about a fabric in your photo of your quilt pile. What is the fabric on the top quilt that looks grey with the white/blue flowers? I have seend in it a few quilts and have loved the tone of the colors.

Go-Go Kim said...

Elizabeth, It is from the City Weekend line by Liesl Gibson for Moda fabrics :o)

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Super fun answers, Kim :) I'm so glad you participated and tagged some new friends! Love the idea of your son rescuing some tiny FMF scraps, I could totally see my son doing that too :)

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