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Monday, April 30, 2012

View Master block {tutorial}

What started a months ago as just an idea is now a tutorial! I hope you make and enjoy this fun little block as much as I do!

There are three pages to print out for this tutorial.

Page One has four Part A/ Part B print one of these.  Page Two has three Part A/ Part B and one Part C.  Template C is for the circles that you will need to place the circle in the block. Why use a compass if you don't have to!

For the viewmaster reel you will need:

1 heptagon center cut, 56 1.5x3in pieces,  and 14 2x2 (approx size) center cuts. 

Cut the paper pieces from Page One and Page Two out. The Part A and B will be cut down the center. The seam allowance for the center line will be added later.

For the outer section of the block you will need a 12.5 in square of fabric,  12 in square of freezer paper, a glue stick and a small piece of poster board.

Please read all the instructions first before starting the block.

Put the fabric and paper up to the light so you can center your fussy cut right in the middle

Place the 2x1.5 solid fabric right sides facing and making sure you have enough of an overlap for 1/4 in seam

Sew between 1 and 2 on the line

fold the line over

and trim your 1/4 in seam. I am fortunate enough to have a small table right next to my machine, you can also trim this with scissors so you do not have to get up  ;o)

Place your next solid on top

flip and sew line between 1 and 3

flip over side and trim

If you have read any of my past paper piecing tutorials, I feel more comfortable prefolding and pretrimming.

Take a metal ruler and prefold lines 4 and 5

with the fabric open I fold the paper and trim to 1/4 in

Flip back over and place the next solid on the top

Sew line between 1 and 4

On the 4 and 5 lines you will sew to the end of the line and then do a securing back stitch

Now add 5

Again use a securing backstitch and sew line between one and five

Ta  Da!!!!!

Make one part A and one part B

On the inner section where you made the securing stitch, make sure to add a 1/4 in seam allowance. This is the only side you will have to add the seam allowance.  The seam allowance is already added  to the other sides.  Trim other sides.

Tear your paper off

When you have a Part A and Part B completed line them up...

This is not the correct alignment

 This one is :o)

Take a Part A and  a Part B and line the window tops and bottoms up, pin

and sew them together

Iron the seam open and this what your first section will look like! Can I hear and Awwwwww, how cute,LOL!  Make sure when you put the sections together that is is flat at the bottom as shown here.

Make six more of these sections using the same method above. When you have finished all seven sections. Place them how you would like them. If you will take notice of what happens when you sew the Part A and Part B together incorrectly lots of seam ripping! Don't be like Go-Go Kim...make flat bottom A and B connections ;o)

Again line up the center windows

Sew together

and you will have this dresden looking circle

Iron all the seams open

Cut a piece of poster board about 2 inches and draw a 1/4 in line across board.

Iron all sides down using the 1/4 in board as a guide. A spritz of sizing helps to keep it in place

Line the hept up and pin it in place.  You may have to spin it a couple of times to find the right spot. Pin at the lines to match up.

Sew it down. I used the inside of my 1/4 in seam foot

The method I used for the next section uses freezer paper.  Laurie Tigner told me about it and I could not be MORE pleased with the results there is one here and there is another here . I based mine on the second link but the first is great to have on hand!  It is BRILLIANT and makes a perfect circle with NO PINNING!   I am not going to re-do all of their fantastic work but will give you a couple of shots of how easy this was for me and if I can do it, I KNOW you can too!!!! I did not have the white school glue so I had to use my handy dandy glue stick and it seemed to work  :o)

Take your circle print out ( Page 3)  and your freezer paper.  The outer circle should measure 6 3/4 diameter.  Cut the freezer paper into a 12 in square and the fabric 12.5in  ( for my mini I made it a little different sized).  I found the center of the freezer paper and cut out the larger circle. Placed my freezer paper shiny side down and ironed. The smaller inner circle of the print out is the 1/2 in from the outer circle so you can use that cut out for a guide if you need it.

Find the center of the 12 in square freezer paper and draw your lines ( sorry for the bad lighting this was at 6am)

Center your print out circle and draw your alignment lines. Then draw your circle
Cut out your circle.

The one thing that was different was I placed the reel on the fabric, I flipped it to check the spacing and pinned it into place before gluing it on.

After you have sewn the reel into the circle ( using the methods in the links) you can add your special touches. Using disappearing marker, I marked what I thought I would like to see on the block.  I used my machine since I need to practice my hand sewing skills.

Make many blocks for a bigger quilt or just make a mini!!!!! I chose to make a mini...this time :o) I can see a whole quilt of this being VERY fun!

I was so happy when some Aurifil thread showed up at my door JUST in time for quilting!!!! I was very concerned since the Bernina is now a bit of a snob when it come to thread :o)  I tried the Pellon 50% cotton/ 50% soy batting and I am very impressed. I cannot wait to see how it works in some of the bigger projects I am doing.

I hope you will have fun making this block and I hope that this tutorial is very helpful :o)  If you have any question please send me an email to and I will be happy to help any way I can.

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I respectfully request that this pattern be for personal use only. 


Sara said...

How col and retro is this!!! Adore it Kim!

Finding Fifth said...

This is absolutely clever and cute all at once. Thank you for making it a tutorial. I will be back when I have adequate skills to make this.

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

this is so awesome!! i love everything about it :) and the quilting is perfection!

Kati said...

So cute! What a great tutorial.

Mama Spark said...

Great Tutorial Kim. Now you need to make it Printer Friendly so we can print it to go along with the pattern pieces!

Go-Go Kim said...

OH NO!!!! Are the links not working...GAH! I will go troubleshoot!!!!!

Thank you for letting me know!

Heidi Staples said...

This is the most adorable thing EVER! Love it!!

Michele said...

That is so cute! Thanks for showing us how.

Lee said...

Kim!!! This is so adorable!!! I absolutely love the tiny little fussy cut pictures. : ) Thanks for a great tutorial!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!

Nurseli said...

LOVE it!

diane said...

Great job, Kim! A very creative project! The quilt is adorable and the tutorial is very clear and understandable!

Katy Cameron said...

Oooh gorgeous! I'm totally pinning this, I think I've just found my paper piecing bee block :oD

Kirsten said...

This is amazing Kim - love the fussy cut fabrics for the windows!

LethargicLass said...

You might just be my new hero!!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

OMG, Kim, this is SO awesome! I'm so glad you made it into a tutorial, too, such a fantastic idea :) Definitely my fave project I've seen in a long while!

Jennie P. said...

Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

Nikki said...

wow fantastic stuff, love this project and a great tute too!

Auntie Pami said...

Fantabulous! I will definitely be making this (on a much larger scale), but just can't resist I Spy types of blocks!

Elsa said...

This is such a sweet tutorial ~ just love the block ~ thanks so much!

Dayna said...

What an incredible idea! Thanks for sharing!

Sachiko said...

How fun! I love your unique quilt, thank you for sharing!

JanetK said...

That is spectacular! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

Happy Turtle said...


Mike said...

Hi there Kim! I just wanted to let you know that I linked to this great blog post from my site all about View-Masters. You can see my post here:

This is a great looking project and very unique! Thanks for posting it.

deb/TX said...

As of today, I can't get the links to work for pages 1-3. Bummer!

cplatter said...

I love this - you are so creative and generous to offer it as a tutorial! I have been saving some of that viewmaster print and now have the perfect occasion to use it. And, your quilting is impeccable!

Aracelilyns said...

LOVE it!

Araceli Nunez said...

Thanks for this awesome tutorial!

Bit by a Quilting Bug said...

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I am going to have to make this for sure!!!!

Holli said...

I made this! It turned out great! It was for a swap, so I don't have it anymore, but I have pictures if you'd like me to post to Flickr. Thank you for the great instructions!! Love your blog.

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