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Monday, May 21, 2012

Amazing designers EVERYWHERE

Nothing can prepare you for the greatness that is among you at market, really nothing. I understand that these are just people like I am but they are extremely passionate people with a hell of a lot of talent!  They are genuine and lovely and it was an honor to meet them. You all ROCK!!!!! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us mere mortals!!!! These are in order of how I took them :o)

First, adding to my list of crushes is Anna Maria Horner, good golly, what can I say! A chic with a large family, can hand stitch stuff, talented artist and loves coffee...I am totally crushin!!!!! Her new line is Field Study and is one of the most beautiful MUST HAVES!!!!

I wish I had taken more photos at this booth it was stunning!

I was also able to meet the lovely Denyse Schmidt. I HOARD her fabric but sssshhhhhhh, that is our little secret ;o)  Her new line is Chicopee and the colors are similar to Hope Valley but instead of muted is is rich and really really amazing!

Then OMG!!!! TULA PINK!!!!!! The booth was awesome!!! The new line...DIVINE!!!!! It is not called divine though it is called Nightshade and can I just say...WOW! I was so awestruck, I forgot to ask if I won the Time Capsule raffle,LOL!!!!!

I spotted the CUTEST bag in Tula's booth and it turns out it belongs to one of the sweetest designers...Sheri of Sheri McCulley Studio!  Did I mention the designers are EVERYWHERE!?!?!

Okay, time for a coffee break and hugs from a boy that missed his mama.



Deborah said...

Thanks for the wonderful peak into Market! How fabulous!

Kelly said...

I definitely want Field Study and The Birds and The Bees. And the more I see - the longer my list is growing!!

suemac said...

Chicopee is great. I have some Hope Valley that I still have not found the perfect project for.

Michele said...

I'm loving all the pics everyone is sharing from market. It looks like it would have been visual overload.

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