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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This may be the last one...I think...maybe...

I had no idea how many photos I took, man oh man, this is crazy! On to the other fabulousness of market. I am starting to feel like one of those slideshow people and the Grand Canyon ;o) I will make popcorn and that will make it all better!

This is so funny, I was sitting with Jeni and she said, " Oh, there is Jana!" I have been online friends with Jana for awhile and she is someone I REALLY wanted to meet in real life and there she was on the phone talking to her kids, saying things like, " No, models aren not as pretty with their make-up off."

When she got off the phone she was so funny! It was something along the line of "KIM NEWAISUBAJAKCSBAMCBDCGD"  If you know my last name this is a pretty fair and accurate description:o)

Jana is AWESOME and Amy this hug was from you too!!!!!

Jana's Izzy & Ivy booth was so cute!!!!!

One of my favorite booths was this one filled with retro goodness. Melody Miller is DA BOMB! I loved everything in her booth!!!!

And I had the pleasure of meeting she and Mr. Melody Miller ( seriously, that is what was on his name tag) later at the KCMQG meetup. What a pleasure that was. Especially when I found out they are from my old stomping grounds.

I was going to post about this later but I opened the door to the Kansas City Modern Quilting Guild and so I need to say... WOW!!!!! They put together an amazing meeting and invited everyone to come on in, win a prize, have a drink and socialize. Their kindness and hospitality was most appreciated and I thank them for being so lovely!!!! You guys make me want to MOVE to Kansas City!!!!!

The gift table...faint!

While there, I had the thrill of meeting Thomas Knauer( the male equivalent of gogokim) and Elizabeth Hartman . Everyone notice I am wearing a color other than black please!!!!!

And I could not pass up the opportunity to grab a photo with this crew :o)

And this girl is so hard to track down for a photo!!!!! Adrieanne ( little bluebell) and the word sweet does not even begin to describe her!!!!

Well, as it turns out  there is to be one more post because I have kids to run around and there is a couple more things I HAVE to show you!!!!


jlk said...

I met you at the MQG meet-up, and I LOVED your top! So dang cute :)

Kristin said...

We would LOVE you to move to Kansas City - we are a super fun group. (BTW - I'm the girl with the awesome knitted sock.)

Go-Go Kim said...

Kristin, I have been looking for YOU!!!!! I am so happy you posted here :o)

Dayna at Driving Miss Daisy said...

It was a fun night thanks for including me in your picture . You gals were all really sweet!

Katy Cameron said...

So much to post, so little time ;o)

Katie said...

I love seeing all the market pictures, makes me really want to work harder to find a way to go when Market comes to Portland next year!
I laughed at your last-name story, and I realized who you are (on FB) I've seen that name, we have a couple of mutual friends!!

amylouwhosews said...

true, you aren't wearing black. ON TOP. But you still have a black tank on underneath. ;)

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