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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whirling dervish

Oh my, I know it seems as though I have been quiet and absent. I have been absent but I am NEVER quiet :o)  There have been so many things going on with Purse Palooza and my honored position as the Giveaway Fairy or Fairy Giftmutha, I have been woking overtime to get all the posts started so I not get behind ( seriously, there are THAT MANY).

Aside from that, I finished my bag which will be shared Monday!!!!

I have my father and step-mother visiting this week and they brought me treasures from my grandparent's house. My grandmother passed last fall and the house was sold so all the treasures inside had to find new homes and some have some to live with me.

I had been planning to start embroidery ( REALLY, it is true) and this little set that was my great grandmother's has made want to start even more!

This adorable thimble was in the really small basket

There was also this vintage lovely

I was also being inspired by nature and playing with a new design

 I have been admiring all the BEAUTIFUL blocks sent to me by the MOST WONDERFUL people EVER!!!!!!  You guys are the BEST and I LOVE YOU for helping me with this project!!!!!! I am hoping to have the rest of my blocks soon so I can start putting this together!!!! THANK YOU ladies!!!!!

And finally, getting my Denyse Schmidt charm swaps ready!

So, if I am absent for a few more days you can be assured I am working like a whirling dervish to bring you really great stuff in the following weeks (including tutorials for some new projects)!!!!!!

And in preparation of Purse Palooza check out Sara's post on interfacing ( the photo alone is worth a click)


Dayna at Driving Miss Daisy said...

I love the treasures from your grandmother...what an awesome little basket. Is she who taught you to sew?

Katy Cameron said...

Oddly enough I didn't believe you were being quiet ;o) Love the wee thimble basket and other treasures though

Aunt Spicy said...

ohhhhh, one of my favorite gifts from my mom was a sewing basket that had been my grandma's filled with vintage trims! I am totally loving your treasures! Glad that the squares are going to work for your quilt!

Richard Healey said...

I love that flag block pretty cool.


Guerrero said...

I love the treasures from your grandmother...what an awesome little basket. Is she who taught you to sew?

Maggie said...

So great that you have those treasures to hold on to from your Grandma.

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