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Monday, June 11, 2012

Happiness is...

Happiness is whatever makes you happy! I know you guys make me happy ALL THE TIME!!!!!  From your support here, facebook,and twitter to other things like...

I had two surprise packages this weekend and they both made me SQUEAL with JOY!!!!!

The first is from Lindsey at LRstitched!!!!!! WOW!!!!! I was part of a New York Beauty pillow swap and I cannot believe my beautiful pillow!!!!!! Everything about it is PERFECT!!!!! There was also a sweet little Heather Ross surprise in the package. I am one LUCKY girl!!!!!!


GORGEOUS quilting!!!!!

The perfect pillow will live here for the time being so I can see it from my sewing machine and be happy and inspired and hopefully Adam will not wear it as a hat!

The second package is from Sally,who I had my first ever fabric swap in January, she lives in Australia and is over the top sweet! I had NO idea she was sending me anything at all!!!!! Many heartfelt thanks to you Sally, you are so thoughtful and kind :o)

There was something for everyone, as you can see Adam was VERY quick to notice the package for himself!

Adam's was opened speedy quick and it was a dinosaur egg!!!!!  He was so excited!!!!! This was the best photo I could get, he is moving very fast these days!!!!!

There were these goodies for ME!!!!!  The top two are delicious smelling soap and lotion from a shop in Austrlia that I cannot get here. Sally sent me a bar of soap from this shop in Jan and it sits in my sewing room...SMELLS DEVINE!!!!!! They must start shipping internationally or I may have to move down under ;o)

The fabrics are these beautiful fabrics by Saffron Craig and Layla Campbell for M&S Textiles . Katy says the Purple dots would be a perfect wallet and I have to agree!!!!!

 In Katy's package were some lovely smelling sachets 

and these adorable hair pins ( perfect for summer) by fibberitigibbet!

 I am very grateful for all of my happiness and thank you all so much!!!!!!


Unknown said...

What lovely things you have received! Enjoy! Be careful, that Saffron Craig fabric can be addictive.

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Lucky you! Definitely some amazing packages, especially that gorgeous pillow from Lindsey! Wow!!

Katy Cameron said...

I feel I need to title the reply 'jealousy is...' ;o) Enjoy all your new goodies :o)

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