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Friday, June 22, 2012

Pretty pillow {Pellon Tutorial} and hat box progress

As unproductive as I thought summer was going to be I have been more productive than I normally am. I am going to take that and hope that it will continue!!!!

There had been requests for a pillow sized Cathedral Window Pillow like the pincushion tutorial, so I figured out the math and showed my idea to Pellon and they said GO FOR IT! I love when people say yes!  So the tutorial is for a 16 in pillow for your sofa, chair, best friend or yourself!!!!!

I used Pellon Wonder Under, Craft Fuse and did you know that Pellon makes pillow forms?  I did not until now!

The  stunning fabric  Joel Dewberry Heirloom

The thread Aurifil 50wt

For the tutorial go check out Pellon Projects to see how easy it is to make this beauty!!!!!

I have also made some progress on my Hat Box Block quilt and decided that it should be my first donation for 100 Quilts For Kids!  It is very exciting for me to make a quilt with NO WHITE (so far) ;o) Sorry for the bad photo, it is raining.

I was going to finish the Soldier's Angels but figured out that when I was driving up to Joann's that I forgot my coupons at HOME! GAH!!!!  This adds to my list of why I need a smartphone...if I can just CONVINCE the in house engineer my life would be SO GREAT!


Kelly said...

I love your gorgeous cushion Kim. And those blocks are lovely. Love how that quilt is turning out xxx

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, loving the giant cathedral window cushion

Jill Dorsey || Made with Moxie said...

Effing gorgeous! I can't wait to make one!

Di~ said...

I agree with your post title, only I'll add Very Very Pretty Pillow.
Thanks for the directions.

Kay said...

Simply stunning cushion.

Books_Bound said...

That pillow is really pretty! I'm not sure I believe you that it's easy to do, but I will be checking out the instructions, because I'd love to try it!

Kim said...

That pillow!! I've just made my dad a quilt in that fabric, so that pillow is an absolute must!

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