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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas Swap in July!!!!!!!

I know with ALL the HOT as Hades weather we have all been having the last thing we all really thinking about is Christmas!!!!!  My friend and online bee mate is hosting a Christmas In July 5in charm swap!!! She is a smart girl and is very kind to be helping the less than stellar planners, like myself, to at least LOOK like they are preparing for the holidays that are ALWAYS here a month or two TOO EARLY for last minute planning,LOL!!

So to join up, go visit Manda's blog, Manda Made Quilts, and participate in the flickr group. There are already 20 good planners so try not to miss out on this one!!!!



Katy Cameron said...

It kind of feels like it might soon be Christmas with the icky weather here *sigh*

Manda said...


You are a rockstar. Thanks so much for getting the word out! 5 more swappers added. Almost halfway ;)

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