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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This year's model

One of the traditions I have started in my house is a new handmade pencil bag every year. This year's model is my favorite by FAR!!!!!

Sara ( THANK YOU SARA!!!!) sent me some AMAZINGLY beautiful Tula Pink The Birds and Bees for my birthday and after seeing Annie Lennox's performance at the closing ceremonies for the Olympics which looked like Nightshade come to life I was inspired to do some TULA!!!!!

I made a variation of a nine patch for the front

For my little ladybug :o)

The lining I used was the cute laminate!!!!

I secretly wish she hated it so I could keep it for ME!!!!!


Katy Cameron said...

Yay Tula, love it!

sherry said...

these are so cute...when i was a small child our family did not have a great deal of money so when we got new lunch boxes my mother could only afford plain ones...she would then paint them for us...i did not appreciate them as much then as i treasure those memories now...i think this pencil cases are treasured and will become treasured memories for your children

Beth said...

So cute! I love that green!

Katherine said...

I love all the little ladybugs! :) So cute!

Unknown said...

Adorable. Love the colors.

Now I want to make a few. ;)

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Kim! So beautiful pouch and I would love to keep it, too! Wonderful colours! x Teje

peacedgoods said...

Just sent my teacher sister a pencil case for the new year. Where can I learn how you put the zip in? I think I can figure it out by looking, but might be faster with instructions.

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