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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A sewing playdate and some running excitement!

I have been one of the most fortunate people in the world!!!!! I have had the opportunity to actually meet and sew with some of the people I have met and adore in the online blogging community. Yesterday Em from Sewing By Moonlight stopped by with her two sweetie pie girls ( LOVE THEM) to do some sewing but there was another reason they were here...

One of Em's new blocks...stay tuned in for that one...it is a BEAUTY!!!!

Did I happen to mention that I will be running my very first half marathon?  I have been a runner since my mid thirties and thought it was over when we moved to VA and I had fallen down the stairs ( if you know this story you can skip ahead) with Adam, broken my ankle,two surgeries ( hardware in and hardware out), eight months (total) in a walking boot and was told I may not be able to do my running any longer...ummmm try again...gogokim will run her first 13.1 mile run almost 3 years to the day from when she first broke her ankle!!!!!

The really great part is that Em, who has run more than one half, will be running 20 weeks PREGNANT!!!!! And you all thought I was crazy!!!!!! Not to mention she is adorable pregnant, I look like a pumpkin pregnant ( true story).

And it gets even better...we have a WHOLE group of  really fantastic ladies that have been the best support on facebook a girl could have!!!!

WE CAN DO THIS!!!! The tutus help...a LOT!!!!! 

We decided to get a shot before the Nov 10th run while we are NOT sweaty and stinky,LOL!!!!


Shan said...

I love the shapes. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Katy Cameron said...

Yay, have fun! I ran 3 back in my early 20s before my doc banned me from running altogether - at least I can say I have though :o)

Anne's House said...

Oh Kim, I know I would fit right in with your group! How wonderful! How fun! Hugs!

Lindsay Conner said...

Hah! That picture makes me laugh! You girls are fierce.

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