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Sunday, November 4, 2012

On to Market but first...Help for Hurricane Sandy victims

I want to start off to say that International Quilt Market is by for the most incredible experience that any sewer can have bar none!  To be surrounded by people that have the love of fabric and sewing, that get your little oooooooo's and ahhhhhhh's over the newest fabrics line and thread colors is very wonderful. I hope that every gets at least one chance to experience this nirvana of the sewing world!

This Market was a bit different than the one I was able to attend with my dearest Sara and Laurie Tigner. This Market had many east coasters not only trying to do normal business but also trying to get home, change flights, make last minute hotel reservations and worrying about family members. Hurricane Sandy made this Market a little more difficult.  I have to say, I was AMAZED at all the kindness that was offered to me when I was to stay in Houston...this is the NUMBER ONE reason I LOVE the quilting community...we are family...other quilters treat you as family...MANY thanks to all those that were so kind!

There were many that had to extend their stay in Houston but one lady, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, was already jumping into action, even while her own hame and family in NYC was preparing for the worst,  organizing a quilt drive to provide comfort to those who have lost so much. I hope you will consider donating a quilt to this very worthy project!  Victoria has teamed up with Luana at equilter to organize a quilt drive.

Thank you!

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